Hot Rod Roundup #27
Smokey River Ranch
Pigeon Forge, TN
September 11-12, 2009
Pictures By Butch pate
3 Pages

Shades of the Past has come and gone for 2009, but you can register for 2010 #28. The dates are Sept. 10 - 11, 2010. The Give-Away-Car is a finished ‘32 Ford Hi Boy Roadster By Alloway’s Hot Rod Shop. For more info you can go to http://www.shadesofthepast.com/

Check out Butch Pates Pics of this years Shades, Hot Rod Roundup #27. There were over 2700 registered this year.

Butch & Kim Pate

Butch & Kim Pate

Click on Photos to Enlarge

IMG_2305a (Medium)

IMG_2306a (Medium)

IMG_2307a (Medium)

IMG_2308a (Medium)

IMG_2309a (Medium)

IMG_2310a (Medium)

IMG_2311a (Medium)

IMG_2312a (Medium)

IMG_2313a (Medium)

IMG_2314a (Medium)

IMG_2315a (Medium)

IMG_2316a (Medium)

IMG_2317a (Medium)

IMG_2318a (Medium)

IMG_2319a (Medium)

IMG_2320a (Medium)

IMG_2321a (Medium)

IMG_2322a (Medium)

IMG_2323a (Medium)

IMG_2324a (Medium)

IMG_2325a (Medium)

IMG_2326a (Medium)

IMG_2327a (Medium)

IMG_2328a (Medium)

IMG_2329a (Medium)

IMG_2330a (Medium)

IMG_2332a (Medium)

IMG_2333a (Medium)

IMG_2334a (Medium)

IMG_2335a (Medium)

IMG_2336a (Medium)

IMG_2337a (Medium)

IMG_2338a (Medium)

IMG_2339a (Medium)

IMG_2340a (Medium)

IMG_2341a (Medium)

IMG_2342a (Medium)

IMG_2343a (Medium)

IMG_2344a (Medium)

IMG_2345a (Medium)

IMG_2346a (Medium)

IMG_2347a (Medium)

IMG_2348a (Medium)

IMG_2349a (Medium)

IMG_2350a (Medium)

IMG_2351a (Medium)

IMG_2353a (Medium)

IMG_2355a (Medium)

IMG_2356a (Medium)

IMG_2357a (Medium)

IMG_2358a (Medium)

IMG_2360a (Medium)

IMG_2361a (Medium)

IMG_2362a (Medium)

IMG_2363a (Medium)

IMG_2364a (Medium)

IMG_2365a (Medium)

IMG_2366a (Medium)

IMG_2367a (Medium)

IMG_2368a (Medium)

IMG_2369a (Medium)

IMG_2371a (Medium)

IMG_2372a (Medium)

IMG_2373a (Medium)

IMG_2375a (Medium)

IMG_2376a (Medium)

IMG_2377a (Medium)

IMG_2378a (Medium)

IMG_2380a (Medium)

IMG_2382a (Medium)

IMG_2383a (Medium)

IMG_2384a (Medium)

IMG_2385a (Medium)

IMG_2386a (Medium)

IMG_2387a (Medium)




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