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Cruise to Dick's Classic Garage Museum
San Marcos, Texas

Pictures By Donut Gang Event Prez: Richard “Too Low” Haas
January 23, 2010



Too Low’s Thunderchicken (Thunderbird) leading the pack

It did not look good this morning at Jim's Restaurant! Oh, sure. There were 12 hot rods all ready to go cruisin' in a Southerly direction. Yeah, there were 18 Donuts standing by for the cruise. But................The sky was BLACK to the East. Where was the 80% chance of sunshine the prognosticators had promised?

With a lot of nervous looks at the sky and a lot of checking out the ol' iPhones, we hung around the Garage Mahal for a while, everybody nervous, but no one wanting to be the first to say "No way, I'm heading for the house before the storm hits."

Finally, we loaded up and headed out.
There was Dick Darnell, riding in Jim Newton's family car? It seems that the brakes were a no go on Jim's Chevy Sedan. Also along with Jim was his neighbor Terry Willis, who had made several Donut functions before.

Stan Webb was in the AMBR finalist Deuce roadster.........turned out that Stan had a broken rear shock mount......but did that stop him?  No Way!

Chester was there in his red, red, red Chevy coupe.

Tom Porter was there in his '56 Chevy, with Ken McDonald doing the co-pilot chores.

Jim Smith in his ever dependable white Chevy coupe.

Lee Wood actually broke out the '53/'54 Merc convertible.......looking good Lee.

Paul Brault had his "Bama Brown Special" '57 Chevy runnin' strong.

Roy Reeves had "Elvira" out, as a beacon of what dependability is all about!

Art Smith had his river fording '56 Chevy stroker sounding good!

Maurice Allen and his just plain beautiful Deuce coupe were standing tall.

Bobby Hohman broke out the "worlds finest garage car, his Oldsmobile.

Jeff Alder had his choice of several, but went with that bad to the bone '57 Chevy of his.

I went so far as to actually scrub the whitewalls on the Thunderchicken for the occasion!

Other Donuts who were riding with someone or another were Robert Courtney, Bill Ward, and Mr. Warren Matney.

Ya know what?  The weather turned out to be ideal! 

We all arrived at Dick's Garage in San Marcos, where I got severely chastised for not scheduling a stop to water the trees. The folks at the museum were super friendly and went out of their way to make us all feel welcome. The manager, Thom, walked around the whole thing with us, opening hoods, and giving us background info on all the rides.  We even got to look around in "the back" where the cars waiting their turn for restoration were setting ( slobber, slobber), and a look at the machine shop where whatever it was you needed could be made. There was something on display at Dick's to fire up everybody and a lot of "tire kickin'" went on.

After making the rounds, we hung around out front, while Thom took photos of OUR cars, then we headed on down the road to Center Point Station for some fine hamburgers. Some of us headed home and some decided they wanted to cruise on down to Autorama and see what was there. All in all..............not a bad time. Sure wish you could have made it!!

Too Low 

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Cruise to Dicks Garage  1-23-10 039

Cruise to Dicks Garage







Cruise to Dicks Garage  1-23-10 045


Cruise to Dicks Garage  1-23-10 121

Arriving at Parking lot

Cruise to Dicks Garage  1-23-10 061


Cruise to Dicks Garage  1-23-10 072




Cruise to Dicks Garage  1-23-10 082


Cruise to Dicks Garage  1-23-10 087


Cruise to Dicks Garage  1-23-10 104


Cruise to Dicks Garage  1-23-10 116

























Richard Haas-and-Ray

Thanks Too Low!





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