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“I feel a very unusual sensation - if it is not indigestion, I think it must be gratitude” ~ Benjamin Disraeli


Thanks from the Lawfords and all of the Staff at Hotrodhotline.com

We want to start By expressing our gratitude to all our Roving Reporters for your support and the phenomenal amount of shows that you sent to us this past year. We can’t believe that in just a few days we will be entering our 13th YEAR online. WOW... it seems like just yesterday doesn’t it ??  We are so grateful for all that time doing what we love and for all of the friends we have gained over these years. We THANK you ALL for this great ride ...

We set another record for 2010 of 1417 shows. This is in addition to the many Press Releases and News articles, hundreds of New Products showcased and hundreds of other articles from our visitors and our contributing writers. Thanks to you ALL.... We hope 2011 is equally as fabulous. 

Photographers for 2010 By Region From East to West in Alphabetical Order

East Coast


Al Liebmann and his 36 Dodge Coupe. See Al’s Recap for 2010 on our show Coverage Page. Al Covered 106 shows for us this year.

Audrey Fitting and 35 Ford

Audrey Fitting and her ‘35 Ford. Audrey is from Connecticut


Ben Deutschman ...Ben’s Plymouth and Trans-Am

Bob Warenda

Bob Warenda and his 34 Ford Pu. Bob is from Connecticut and has taken some great pics for us.


Dave Guttman....Dave has a beautiful convertible as you can see

Dominic Tringali and Richard

Dominic Tringali and his Brother...Dominic has submitted a couple of shows to us.

Gary Ruby 66 Chev

Gary Ruby ....Gary’s 66 Chev

Harold Thompson

Harold Thompson...Harold’s 55 chev is one of several cars he has.

Harry Fitsercar

Harry Fitser...Harry’s '53 Chevy Custom 2 Door Hardtop which, by the way, is for sale in our classified section.


Joann Dura...Dura’s 41 Willys. Dura’s are from New Jersey and also have a couple of Willys as well as a Willys Pickup and a Corvette.


Marty Pierson from Marty’s Chop Shop in New York...Marty and his Wife Patty sent us pictures of his Shop’s Open house this year


Pat Czernicki and his Camaro. Pat is from New York

Rick Miller 014a

Rick Miller...Rick’s Car...Rick gets around to a lot of shows in this beautiful car

Rick Valentine

Rick Valentine comes from Maryland


Tom Poremba....Tom covers some of the New York Area for us


Vince Caterina also covers a lot of shows in New York

Walt Smoleniski

Walt Smoleniski pictured with Gene Winfield. Walt is from Massachusetts and is an educator there.


Zed Zedoman....I hope you get well soon...

 East Coast “Roving Reporters” who we don’t have photos of, but who contributed to us last year

Bob leighton
Gene Cook
John Buchanan
Paul Beatson
Richie Shields
Richard Lindsey

Mid West

Bernies Car

Bernie & his Car..Bernie is from Michigan and also has taken pictures for us for awhile.

Barrand 63 Impala

Bill and Cathy Barrand...Barrand’s 63 Impala. The Barrand’s are members of the Placer’s Car Club in Toledo, Ohio

Bob Trinkle 48 IHC

Bob Trinkle and his 48 IHC


Bob Steinhaus...Bob’s Deuce...Bob has taken over 21,000 pictures for us over the years.


“Cat” Meredith...Cat is a fantastic Chef

Clinton Powell Car

Clinton Powell....Clinton’s Car...Clinton is from Kansas

Dale Davidhizar1939chevy

Dale Davidhizar.... Dale’s 1939chevy...Dale is a proud Texan

David Graves 55 Bel-Air

David Graves....David’s 55 Bel-Air

Don Doerger

Don Doerger...Don’s ‘33 Ford

Frank English Car

Frank English....Frank’s Car


Fuzzy (Dick “Fuzzy” Fuerholzer)...What can we say! Fuzzy is the greatest.


Jeff Bertrand...Owner of J B Microfinish. J&B has carved out a niche in the billet aluminum hot rod accessory market. Check it out


Jim Grobe.....Jim’s Car....Jim comes from Minnesota

John and his Car

John Stimac and his Car...John covers both the midwest and west coast. He gets around....John owns several cars.


John “T” Crain....John’s Car

Lynn Johanson 32 Ford

Lynn Johanson.....Lynn’s 32 Ford

Merles 65 chevy malibu

 Merle Balke...Merle’s 65 chevy malibu

Mike Rogers

Mike Rogers with Jack & Maryann Lawford. Mike is one of our newer Roving Reporters.

Ray Schuler

Ray Schuler...Ray gets around to a lot of shows....you have probably seen him out there shooting Pics for us

Rose & Steve Novosel 32 Ford Roadster

Rose & Steve Novosel and Their 32 Ford Roadster...Members of the Michigan Hot Rod Association..

Too Low's T-Bird

Richard “Too Low” Haas....Too Low's T-Bird...Richard is from the Austin Texas area and has been taking pictures for us for awhile. He loves to take pictures of the cars and is a member of the Donut Gang.


Thomas Jutkowski...That’s a great looking Hat Thomas!

 Midwest “Roving Reporters” who we don’t have photos of, but who contributed to us last year

Allen Culver
Bill Wonder
Damon Lee, Blaine Braziel, Andrew Elias (All of speedwaymotors.com)
David Albain
Dave Klimek
David Trent
John Sanderson
Leal Bros.
Richard Rush
Richard (Richie) Jaeschke
Scot French
Scott Willis
Tommy and Fran Price
Travis Scanlan (Owner of royboyproductions.com)
Valerie Woodruff

South & Southeast


Bing Gatewood is probably one of the nicest guys you’ll ever want to meet. Bing is from Smithfield, Virginia

Bobby Rogers

Bobby Rogers from Kentucky with Jack Lawford

Bruce Hoffmann

Bruce Hoffmann...Bruce’s Car


Butch Pate is a Roving Reporter from Tennessee. He started a photography business after taking pictures for Hotrodhotline.

Chuck the Slacker

Chuck the Slacker (Charles Shotwell) Chuck’s 34 Ford... Chuck sends us stories and pictures from shows in Virginia. His stories are very amusing. They are a “must read”.

Dale & paulette Satterlee

Dale & Paulette Satterlee from Kentucky.

DarrenPateschevy 2 wagon

Darren Pate...Darren’s chevy 2 wagon

Debra & Marshall Cheek 67 Chevelle SS

Debra & Marshall Cheek & their 67 Chevelle SS..They are good friends of the Gatewoods and also come from Virginia.


Donnie Jeffries...Donnie’s 41 chevy

Don Walsh 1965 Corvette Coupe

Don Walsh and his 1965 Corvette Coupe

Fred Anderson

Fred Anderson has Covered some shows for us in Florida, but he is from New York


Jack & Minnie Roberts....Jack and Minnie have been with us since the beginning. They are two of the finest


Jay Bernard & his 69 El Camino...Jay is from Florida. It was great to meet you at SEMA in Las Vegas Jay!

Jeff Barry - 1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe

Jeff Berry - Jeff’s 1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe

newkirk 57 Ford

Judy & Wayne Newkirk’s 57 Ford. The Newkirk’s are members of the Jacksonville Rod Runners Club. Judy has covered many shows for us in Florida and other parts of the country.


Spencer & Betty McCarty Jr. and their cars. What a great couple! They are from Virginia


Tony Tornabe and his 37 Ford....Tony is also from New York, but has covered Shows for us in Florida

Tyler Polaski Car

Tyler Polaski .....Tyler’s Car,,,Tyler took pictures for us at the NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville.

South & Southeast “Roving Reporters” who we don’t have photos of, but who contributed to us last year
Adam McLean (Promoter for BamaCoastCruise.com)
Bryan Bowyer
Chas Sydney
David Huber
Don Rucinski
Erby Harris and Jeff Hill Photographers for Bing Gatewoods Hot Rod Party
Jason Denney (Somernitescruise.com)
Jerry Wagner
Kent Thrall
Kent & Lisa Preston
Martin Two Feathers
Mike Albert
Peter Freydberg
Ron Rosenwald
Walt Kulwicki

Out West


Adam Caldwell....Adam’s 30 Model A...Adam is a member of the Ventura Highwaymen from California.

Andrew Lindsay 39 Chevy

Andrew Lindsay’s 39 Chevy...Andy is from Washington State


Art Hall is our World Traveler from California. Art also take pictures for BikerHotline.com


Audi Reinthaler is one of our Washington State Photographers. Audi is originally from Austria.

Bill Junge New

Bill Junge...Bill’s Studebaker Champion. Bill is from Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Bob Kennedy

Bob Kennedy...Bob’s Ford PU

Bart Mitchell

Roving Reporter Bart Mitchell goes all over the place and takes pictures for BikerHotLine.com as well as Hotrodhotline- Bart is from California


Brian Curtis is one of our Washington State Reporters. He is a member of the Studebaker Club. Brian sends lots of pictures from the Northwest.

Bob Dzemske 39 Chevy

Bob Dzemske 39 Chevy

Bobby Royal Car

Bobby Royal....Bobby is one of our Arizona Photographers

Bob w Wally-NHRA-Fram Autolite Nats-2006-45803-B

Bob Choisser does a lot of racing in California and has won numerous Awards. Needless to say he likes to cover Drag Races. Bob sends in a lot of very cool videos too.


Bill and Bonnie Corson ....They are from our neck of the woods....Idaho


Brian Basquez Roadster...Brian is a big fan of racing on the salt.


Cubby Caldwell....Cubby’s ‘38 Chevy was built by his son Adam . Cubby is from Idaho and covers shows in that area


Dale Moreau’s 55 Crown. Dale is one of our Oregon Reporters

David popper 31 Chevy Vicky

David Popper 31 Chevy Vicky

Dean Court and his car

Dean Court and his car. Dean also loves the racing.

Dennis Hemingway48plyCoupe

Dennis Hemingway and his 48 PLY Coupe

Dick Deloach

Dick Deloach along side George Barris...Dick is one of our Guest Columnists

Fred Childers

Fred Childers


Gary Matranga,,,Gary owns Sherm’s Custom Plating..Check out his site

Samantha and Gordon

 Gordon Clisham and Samantha Baker. This Duo sends us pictures from Colorado

Gene Cambers

Gene Chambers Does Pinstriping and calls Utah his home. Gene also rides a mean bike...

Jeff Brinkley

Jeff Brinkley is the brother of Roger Brinkley and is a Professional Photographer.


Jerry Cook....Jerry’s 29 Tudor


Jerry Hatto

Joe Kerr Mustang

Joe Kerr...Joe’s Mustang...Love those mustangs!

Ken and Cindy Lorenz 1957 Ford Custom 300

Ken and Cindy Lorenz 1957 Ford Custom 300


Les Bateman....Les 63 Ford Galaxie

Lindee Wood's Merc

Lindee and Bill Wood's Merc...The Wood’s are from Washington.


Michele Browning

Mike Bourg 58 PU

Mike Bourg ...Mike’s 58 PU


Mike Levy on the Right with Jack and Maryann Lawford and Big Al Liebmann. Mike is from California and loves VW’s and has taken some great pictures for us.

Roger Brinkley

Roger Brinkley has built and designed some great cars.

Roger Jeter

Roger Jetter is from Colorado and has written some books from his experiences. We have reviewed them in our book review section. check out his website. His books are a must read. www.rajetter.com


Roger Rohrdanz is Richard Park’s sidekick and is the Photographic Consultant for Richard’s Articles. Roger also covers a lot of Car Shows for us.

Ron podsiadly 34plysedan

Ron Podsiadly 34 Plymouth Sedan


Sam Flowers....Sam’s Graham...Sam is also a member of the Ventura Highwaymen and has been with us a very long time.

Sherm Porter with his '28 Roadster Pickup

Sherm Porter with his '28 Roadster Pickup

Our out West “Roving Reporters” who we don’t have photos of, but who contributed to us last year

Bob “Butch” Molinaro
Carl Jaegel
Andrea Kruckenberg
John Concialdi
Rob Bunting
Todd Becraft
Charles Arford
Cherry Club Photography
Rick Merkow
Randy Cheney
Walt Moore
Brett Weeks
Bob Smith
David Quezada
James Drew
Brett Harrell


Bruce Morris...Bruce’s 1960 Chevy Impala. Bruce & Janelle Morris send us a lot of pictures from Australia. Bruce bought this Impala on his recent trip to the USA this year and covered Shows from the east coast to the west coast while he was here. Make sure you check them out.


Russell Blackshaw.....Russell and his wife were Bruce & Janell’s traveling mates while they were here in the states and Russell also sent us some pictures from his travels here.


 Dale Peucker also sends us pics from Australia...especially through our winter months when it is their summer time. Dale was in the states a couple of years ago and we had a chance to hang with him in Louisville.



Mike Lynch....Mike has been covering shows in Canada for us for a long time. I wonder why they call him Mad Mike Lynch?


Duncan Craig also covers some shows for us in Canada...mainly the eastern part of Canada

New Zealand


“Noddy” Watts...Noddy is the organizer of the Beach Hop in New Zealand.. He and his Father Nigel sent us some pictures of the event.



Matthias Vogel.....Matthias has been covering Car shows for us all over Europe. He lives in Germany.


We look forward to his beautiful scenery pictures. He has taken us from Scandinavia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, England, Netherlands among others. We can only Dream.

Guest Columnists


Richard Parks...Richard is the son of Wally Parks founder of the NHRA Wally Parks Motorsports Museum. Be sure to check out Richard Corner on our site


Lance Lambert...Lance is from Washington State and his TV show The VINTAGE VEHICLE SHOW is broadcast on 75 stations across the US and on TV networks in 27 foreign countries. Click Here Check out his column on our site


Dave Brackett..Dave also lives in Washington State. Dave designed bolt-on and weld-on hard tails, side car kits, three wheeler kits, and complete rigid frames for many makes of bikes. He and Tom McMullen started building one of the leading chopper parts manufacturers in the industry, "AEE Choppers". Check out his stories on our site

tim Kennedy

RACING SCENE Column...By Tim Kennedy...Author Tim Kennedy has covered motorsports since 1968, ... His racing results stories and Weekly Racing Scene column have been read by racing enthusiasts all over the country. Click Here for his Column


Ronald Kregoski writes the column Runnin’ on Empty for Cruis’news Magazine as well as making periodic contributions to other national magazines. He is an avid hot rodder and his rides include a chopped, slammed and flamed ’34 Ford and the Norm Grabrowski 'Kookie’s Car' Clone. Click Here for Rons Articles


 Dick DeLoach has made a career of chronicling his lifelong passion: the automobile...Dick is an automotive journalist. Take a look at Dick’s articles along with his great photography.

We want to wish all of our Roving Reporters & Guest Columnists a very Happy and Prosperous New Year .... and we want to THANK YOU Again all for another wonderful record setting year at Hotrodhotline.com.


Note: If you want to see your picture here, just send us some show coverage (make sure you send us the name of the show, When, where and a pic of yourself or your ride.) To those who sent us coverage this last year please send us a pic that we can use at the top of your coverage. You can email to [email protected] 

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