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Cruisin' Grand Logo-05“Cruisin’ Grand”
Escondido, California
July 19, 2011
Video by Dave Launders

Car Show, Cruise, Music, Food and Fun for all, what more could you ask for. Cruisin’ Grand in Escondido, CA is a Friday night event from 5-9 P.M. every Friday from April—Sept.


45.3 Classic Motors Dioramares     Each week different theme vehicles highlighted like Chevy, Ford, Willy’s, Model A’s and T’s, Hudson, Fire Trucks, Nitro’s, Pick-ups, different car clubs, etc. that can be viewed on Grand Ave. and Broadway right in the middle of all the action.
     Vehicles are parked on Grand Ave. for many blocks, also side streets, parking lots, and almost everywhere room is available. They also cruise up and down Grand Ave. all night during the event. The site and sounds of these classics cruising up and down Grand Ave. with the classic music playing brings you back to a simpler time when life was less stressful and more relaxing.
     I love everything with an engine including scale replicas. I have been collecting scale vehicles for over 30 years and involved with everything for Cars, Trucks and Semi’s to Motorcycles including totally stock to customizing. I create my own high quality Dioramas (because I can’t find anything of quality on the market) to display my collection, people rant & rave about them all the time, they are always asking to purchase them or how I do different things, they also ask where I get the parts & accessories.
     It’s all in the details, if you want to show off your collection you need a quality setting to enhance both your scale collection and the setting. Everything from painting techniques, to roofing materials, to scale lumber and ground cover to all the accessories to give it that realistic look. People spend hours looking at my collection and many have said you need to teach me how to do this, so I decided to create a blog to get it out to the masses where thousands of people can learn to build their own diorama.  www.howtomakeadiorama.com






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