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Annual Gathering of Old Cars Show
Staatsburg New York
October 16 , 2011
Pictures By: Jim Biron
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IMG_7763 800x600

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IMG_7765 800x600

IMG_7766 800x600

IMG_7767 800x600

IMG_7768 800x600

IMG_7769 800x600

IMG_7770 800x600

IMG_7771 800x600

IMG_7772 800x600

IMG_7773 800x600

IMG_7774 800x600

IMG_7775 800x600

IMG_7776 800x600

IMG_7777 800x600

IMG_7778 800x600

IMG_7779 800x600

IMG_7780 800x600

IMG_7781 800x600

IMG_7782 800x600

IMG_7783 800x600

IMG_7784 800x600

IMG_7785 800x600

IMG_7786 800x600

IMG_7787 800x600

IMG_7788 800x600

IMG_7789 800x600

IMG_7790 800x600

IMG_7791 800x600

IMG_7792 800x600

IMG_7793 800x600

IMG_7794 800x600

IMG_7795 800x600

IMG_7796 800x600

IMG_7797 800x600

IMG_7798 800x600

IMG_7799 800x600

IMG_7800 800x600

IMG_7801 800x600

IMG_7802 800x600

IMG_7803 800x600

IMG_7804 800x600

IMG_7805 800x600

IMG_7806 800x600

IMG_7807 800x600

IMG_7808 800x600

IMG_7809 800x600

IMG_7810 800x600

IMG_7811 800x600

IMG_7812 800x600

Thanks Jim For Sending Your Coverage In...






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