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Chuck & “The Princess” 33 Ford Coupe

Fredericksburg VA Classic & Muscle Car Club Car Show
Saturday Aug. 13, 2011

 Pictures By Charles Shotwell aka Chuck the Slacker
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As I said earlier, we just got back from our vacation and were anxious to get back into playing with the hot rod.  So Saturday we met some cruisers from Stafford at Bob Evans for breakfast then cruised 22 miles to Spotsylvania and the annual show put on by the Fredericksburg Classic & Muscle Car Club.  I never considered checking with the weatherguesser….maybe I should have!?  As we were leaving Bob Evans, the rain started….just a little….then when we got on I95 it poured.  I figured that we couldn’t get any wetter so we pressed on south.  The rain stopped before we got to Fredericksburg so maybe the day was going to unfold well….maybe not.

We have attended this show for a few years and it always is a show that we recommend.  I think they had about 150 cars in attendance this year which is about 35 more than last year!  WOW….they must be doing something right!?  They always have a lot of vendors and this year I think they had about 13.  Of course that meant the Princess had a lot of choices to get rid of some of that nasty old money she totes around in her bag that’s the size of Vermont.   I had to remind her that since we were both riding in the Princessmobile now, she had to keep her treasure purchases to a minimum.  She said that if she wanted something she would just have the vendor UPS it to our home….I’m doomed!

This show always attracts a lot of VW’s because of Pop & Sue’s Baja Bug and I think there were 8 of the little wheezers present.  There were some cars we had not seen before like the slammed, peach ’61 big block Chevy and the very cool pearl ’65 Riv….I always like these cars.  There were 3 little Cobras among the cars which is unusual for a show of this size.  The little white and yellow Metro was very nicely done as was the two tone green ’50 Chevy coupe.  There were many “regular” cars that didn’t attend….I guess we know who watches the weather channel! 

But the coolest deal at the show was the blue ’54 Chevy PU that belonged to Terri and her husband.  It was given to Terri by her dad as a graduation gift and has since been driven all over the Country by Terri & her husband….he is a Marine and travels a little….grin.  It was Terri’s 54th birthday on the 13th so they brought their ’54 Chevy and had a birthday party at the show….check out the cake….very cool!  That’s what makes this hobby fun and interesting.

Coach did the DJ/announcer deal when the live band, Rt. 66, wasn’t playing.  This group plays at most of the shows put on by Prince William Cruisers and they also play other places around Northern Virginia.  They are the best….I’m going to shoot some video of them at their next gig during the show in Occoquan on 9-18-2011.  Some people come just to watch them and don’t know that cars are here too!

It sprinkled a little right after we got there then cleared up….but around1PM it started to rain….and rain….like Ramona said it was coming down in Biblical proportions!  I think there was 459 people huddled under two leaking 8’ canopies.  Its funny how many people will come over to talk when the rain starts….chuckle.  So we waited for the rain to slow down then broke camp and ran for home.  We usually don’t leave a show early but we thought it best to get going before the “real” rain started.  Of course when we got 10 miles from the show it stopped.  We don’t know how the awards went but the judges had their hands full with the rain.  This is a nice show and the proceeds go to needy families in the area….which in our present economy is something that I’m sure is way underfunded.

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FC&MCC 8-13-2011003 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011004 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011005 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011007 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011008 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011009 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011010 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011011 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011012 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011013 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011014 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011015 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011016 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011017 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011018 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011019 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011020 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011021 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011022 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011023 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011024 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011025 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011026 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011027 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011028 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011029 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011030 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011031 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011032 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011033 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011034 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011035 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011037 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011038 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011039 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011040 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011041 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011042 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011043 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011044 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011045 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011046 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011047 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011048 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011049 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011050 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011051 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011052 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011053 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011054 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011055 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011056 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011057 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011058 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011059 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011060 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011061 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011062 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011063 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011064 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011065 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011066 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011067 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011068 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011069 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011070 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011071 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011072 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011073 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011074 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011075 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011076 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011077 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011078 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011079 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011080 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011081 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011082 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011083 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011084 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011085 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011086 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011089 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011090 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011091 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011092 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011093 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011094 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011095 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011096 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011097 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011098 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011099 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011100 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011101 (Medium)

FC&MCC 8-13-2011102 (Medium)





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