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5th Annual National Aviation Academy Car Show
Jan. 15, 2011
Clearwater, Florida
Pictures By Jay Bernard

jays 69 el camino

Just as the cold was getting everyone, including west central Florida, show day came and the temps went up 12 degrees and the sun came back out and the wind went away.  The out come was a full house with more cars than ever before. The big winner was  the JDRF with the fund raising being the biggest in the 5 years of this event. This show is all about the kids and not the awards. Only 10 plaque's were given out. That makes it clear the car guys are there to donate and enjoy the hosts. Very nicely done show and cruise in for the day. 

Jay & his 69 El Camino

The sponsors of this show were there with things like the Navy truck mount flight simulator, some race teams showing their cars and a world weight lifting record challenge at 765 lbs of a dead lift .

For the kids in attendance, a full building size Bounce-A-House and some games. The food provided was handled by "Wing House and the Wing House Girls, NAA on the hot dogs, Grille Smith Restaurant on the Burgers and everyone on the eating side of all the above.

Matco Tools donated a host of items for a silent auction and a live auction which raised a large amount to go along with everything else.

No unhappy faces at this days show, just a lot of sharp cars in every model and year. Thanks to a host that cares about the KIDS and gives the car guys a place to care and enjoy every year. May the show only get bigger and better in 2012.

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IMG_0002 (26)

IMG_0003 (23)

IMG_0004 (25)

IMG_0005 (28)


IMG_0007 (25)

IMG_0008 (27)

IMG_0009 (29)

IMG_0010 (28)

IMG_0011 (28)

IMG_0012 (28)

IMG_0013 (29)

IMG_0014 (28)

IMG_0015 (28)

IMG_0016 (29)

IMG_0017 (24)

IMG_0018 (27)

IMG_0019 (29)

IMG_0020 (25)

IMG_0021 (28)

IMG_0022 (29)

IMG_0023 (27)

IMG_0024 (27)

IMG_0025 (27)

IMG_0026 (29)

IMG_0027 (30)

IMG_0028 (31)

IMG_0029 (32)

IMG_0030 (33)

IMG_0031 (30)

IMG_0032 (30)

IMG_0033 (31)

IMG_0035 (31)

IMG_0037 (29)

IMG_0038 (29)

IMG_0039 (30)

IMG_0040 (32)

IMG_0041 (33)

IMG_0043 (32)

IMG_0044 (34)

IMG_0045 (30)

IMG_0046 (30)

IMG_0047 (31)

IMG_0048 (28)

IMG_0049 (29)

IMG_0050 (26)

IMG_0051 (30)

IMG_0052 (29)

IMG_0053 (27)

IMG_0054 (30)

IMG_0055 (29)

IMG_0056 (30)




IMG_0060 (27)

IMG_0061 (27)


IMG_0063 (24)

IMG_0064 (24)



IMG_0067 (25)

IMG_0068 (24)

IMG_0069 (26)

IMG_0070 (24)


IMG_0072 (24)

IMG_0073 (23)

IMG_0074 (24)

IMG_0075 (23)

IMG_0076 (26)

IMG_0077 (24)

IMG_0078 (23)

IMG_0079 (21)

IMG_0080 (24)

IMG_0081 (22)

IMG_0082 (27)

IMG_0083 (27)

IMG_0084 (25)

IMG_0085 (24)

IMG_0086 (23)

IMG_0087 (24)

IMG_0088 (24)

IMG_0090 (23)


IMG_0092 (23)

IMG_0093 (21)


IMG_0095 (21)

IMG_0096 (19)

IMG_0097 (18)

IMG_0098 (19)

IMG_0099 (18)

IMG_0100 (21)

IMG_0101 (19)

IMG_0102 (21)

IMG_0103 (21)

IMG_0104 (20)

IMG_0105 (21)

IMG_0106 (19)

IMG_0107 (21)


IMG_0109 (20)

IMG_0110 (21)

IMG_0111 (20)

IMG_0112 (20)

IMG_0113 (18)

IMG_0115 (20)

IMG_0116 (19)

Thanks Jay!






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