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All 12 Contenders the judges had to choose from for America’s Most Beautiful Roadster...Just click on the links

[Wolfswinkle 1934 Ford] [Freund 1923 Ford] [Ray 1933 Ford] [Bennett 1932 Ford] [Williams1936 Auburn]
[Chandler 1933 Ford] [Deshon 1932 Ford] [Kallos 1929 Ford] [Moisio 1932 Ford] [Seals 1918 Dodge] [Hagemann 1932 Ford] [Mitchell 1932 Ford]

America’s Most Beautiful Roadster......2011. The Winner Is......

Daryl Wolfswinkel of Mesa, AZ. great looking 34 Ford Roadster
Built By Doug Jerger of Squeeg’s Kustoms.

Daryl Wolfswinkel's 1934 Ford, built by Doug Jerger of Squeeg's Kustoms in Chandler, Ariz., won the title of America's Most Beautiful Roadster at the 62nd Grand National Roadster Show  in Pomona, California.  What a beauty! We’ve admired the work coming from Squeeg’s for many years and we’re happy to see this talented young builder honored for his talent and craftsmanship.


Builder Doug Jerger with Jack Lawford.  The owner,  Daryl Wolfswinkel, was not present for the win...You can imagine the surprise when Doug called him to tell him he won. We heard later that Daryl bought drinks for everyone that night.


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Builder Doug Jerger of Squeeg’s Kustoms in Chandler, AZ next to America's Most Beautiful Roadster trophy


Look at that sleek design


This car has a 427 Dart aluminum block and heads and Hilborn injection













Pleas Click on the Other 11 fantastic Contenders for 2011 America’s Most Beautiful Roadster





[Wolfswinkle 1934 Ford] [Freund 1923 Ford] [Ray 1933 Ford] [Bennett 1932 Ford] [Williams1936 Auburn]
[Chandler 1933 Ford] [Deshon 1932 Ford] [Kallos 1929 Ford] [Moisio 1932 Ford] [Seals 1918 Dodge] [Hagemann 1932 Ford] [Mitchell 1932 Ford]

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