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Hot Rod Breakfast at the Hangar
Carver Hangar Restaurant
Clackamas, Oregon
Pictures By Jerry Carpenter from
Friday April 22 and April 29, 2011

Jerry' Carpenters '32 roadster

Jerry Carpenter ‘32 Roadster

Hot Rod Breakfast at The Hangar is every Friday at 8am rain or shine. These pictures are from April 22nd and April 29th. There were 80 hotrodders on the 22nd. The Hangar Restaurant is located in Clackamas, Oregon. It's a great time to get together with local hotrodders and talk about cars and get repair tips. Most rodders have 3 or more hotrods so we get a great selection. The warmer it gets the more hotrods we get. The hotrodders are from many clubs as well as Lone Wolfs. Enjoy!

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BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 009

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 010

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 011

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 012

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 013

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 014

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 016

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 017

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 018

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 041

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 048

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 043

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 045

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 049

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 050

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 051

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 052

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 053

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 056

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 058

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 059

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 060

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 062

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 064

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 066

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 067

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 069

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 070

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 074

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 075

BreakfastattheHanger0422,29,11 076

Jerry's '32 roadster

Thank you Jerry!





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