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47th Annual
L.A. Roadsters Show & Swap 2011

L.A. Fairplex
June 18-19, 2011
Pomona, CA
Pictures By Sherm Porter
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Sherm Porter Roadster

Sherm’s Roadster

L.A. Roadsters Member’s & Their Cars

L.A. Roadsters members were at every gate to welcome you to the show, a friendly face, ready to answer any question, or direct you to you favorite part of the show. This year saw many changes, the first in many years, as the Fairplex is upgrading the facility, which dictates that the L.A. Roadsters had to adapt…which they did, and with what many felt was the best show ever…this page offers a brief look at the roadster entrance, as well as the grouping of L.A. Roadsters member cars that greeted you entering the spectator gate…other member roadsters were situated throughout the show at key places, giving you an opportunity to view them among the many areas of the show…

Hat’s off to this club for this endeavor, which helps them to contribute to the many organizations they have worked with, including Susan Komen for the Cure, museums, college scholarships, City of Hope and many more…thanks, guys ‘n gals, for the ‘Largest Roadster Show in The World’

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11-Joe Mitchell, President, L

Joe Mitchell, President





14-In Memory- Lifetime member--Lee Titus

In Memory- Lifetime member--Lee Titus

15--Bob Barnes-Lifetime Member

Bob Barnes-Lifetime Member

16--Lanny & Arlene Boeltl-Lifetime Member

Lanny & Arlene Boeltl-Lifetime Member

17--Dick & Diana Bergren-Lifetime Member

Dick & Diana Bergren-Lifetime Member

18--Jack Stewart & Sally Bollen-Lifetime Member

Jack Stewart & Sally Bollen-Lifetime Member

19--Jerry Olds-Lifetime Member

Jerry Olds-Lifetime Member

20--Lee & Rose Kasabian-Lifetime Member

Lee & Rose Kasabian-Lifetime Member

21--Ron & Patti Nelson-Lifetime Member

Ron & Patti Nelson-Lifetime Member

22--Don Wilson & Carolyn Diebold-Lifetime Member

Don Wilson & Carolyn Diebold-Lifetime Member

23--Don Wilson & Carolyn Diebold-Lifetime Member

Don Wilson & Carolyn Diebold-Lifetime Member

24--Jeff & Vicki Tann

Jeff & Vicki Tann

25--Dave & Luanne Meissen

Dave & Luanne Meissen

26--Carl & Janice Maurizi

Carl & Janice Maurizi

27--Carl & Janice Maurizi

Carl & Janice Maurizi

28--David & Marilyn Kornell

David & Marilyn Kornell

29--Warren & Lana Boughn

Warren & Lana Boughn

30--Mort Smith & Delores Wagoner

Mort Smith & Delores Wagoner

31--Hugh & Candy Mason

Hugh & Candy Mason

32--Ron & Linda Fairfield

Ron & Linda Fairfield

33--Rich & Linda Boyd

Rich & Linda Boyd

34--Norby Saavedra

Norby Saavedra

35--Richard & Brenda Anderson

Richard & Brenda Anderson

36--John & Anna Corno

John & Anna Corno

37--Ray Milazzo-Honorary Member

Ray Milazzo-Honorary Member

38--Bill & Joann Krebs

Bill & Joann Krebs

39--Roger & Janet Fulmer

Roger & Janet Fulmer

40--Larry & Sharon Ready

Larry & Sharon Ready

41--Bill Stecker

Bill Stecker

42--John & Anika Buck

John & Anika Buck



44--Bob & Melinda Northcott

Bob & Melinda Northcott

45--Wayne & Betty Pendola

Wayne & Betty Pendola

46--Jim Ruffner

Jim Ruffner

47--Doyle & Gloria Gammell

Doyle & Gloria Gammell

48--Doyle & Gloria Gammell

Doyle & Gloria Gammell

49--Rick & Debbie Aronson

Rick & Debbie Aronson

50--Ted McMullen-Deceased

Ted McMullen-Deceased







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