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The Port Orchard Cruz
August 14, 2011
Port Orchard, Washington
Pictures by Lindee Wood

Sunday we attended the "The Cruz" in the historic waterfront town of Port Orchard.  An estimated 500 classic cars, street rods and motorcycles showed off their stuff under cloudy but dry skies.  As usual, The Saints car club did a great job making sure we all enjoyed the day.  The show was in conjunction with the Fathoms of Fun festival which offered many activities and for attendee's and participants.  Plenty of food and vendors were on site. The bonus was the beautiful view of Sinclair Inlet along the boardwalk. Hope you enjoy the photo's, Lindee.


Bill and Lindee Wood’s Car

Click on Photos to Enlarge

The Cruz_18

The Cruz_20

The Cruz_21

The Cruz_22

The Cruz_23

The Cruz_24

The Cruz_25

The Cruz_26

The Cruz_27

The Cruz_28

The Cruz_29

The Cruz_30

The Cruz_31

The Cruz_32

The Cruz_33

The Cruz_34

The Cruz_35

The Cruz_36

The Cruz_37

The Cruz_38

The Cruz_39

The Cruz_40

The Cruz_41

The Cruz_42

The Cruz_43

The Cruz_44

The Cruz_45

The Cruz_46

The Cruz_47

The Cruz_48

The Cruz_49

The Cruz_50

The Cruz_51

The Cruz_52

The Cruz_54

The Cruz_55

The Cruz_56

The Cruz_57

The Cruz_58

The Cruz_59

The Cruz_60

The Cruz_61

The Cruz_62

The Cruz_63

The Cruz_64

The Cruz_65

The Cruz_66

The Cruz_68

The Cruz_69

The Cruz_70

The Cruz_71

The Cruz_72

The Cruz_73

The Cruz_74

The Cruz_75

The Cruz_76

The Cruz_77

The Cruz_78

The Cruz_79

The Cruz_80

The Cruz_81

The Cruz_82

The Cruz_83

The Cruz_84

The Cruz_85

The Cruz_86

The Cruz_87

The Cruz_89

The Cruz_90

The Cruz_91

The Cruz_92

The Cruz_93

The Cruz_94

The Cruz_95

The Cruz_97

The Cruz_98

The Cruz_99

The Cruz_100

The Cruz_101

The Cruz_102

The Cruz_103

The Cruz_104

The Cruz_105

The Cruz_106

The Cruz_107

The Cruz_108

The Cruz_109

The Cruz_110

The Cruz_111

The Cruz_112

The Cruz_113

The Cruz_114

The Cruz_115

The Cruz_116

The Cruz_117

The Cruz_118

The Cruz_119

The Cruz_120

The Cruz_121

The Cruz_122

The Cruz_125

The Cruz_126

The Cruz_127

The Cruz_128

The Cruz_129

The Cruz_130

The Cruz_131

The Cruz_132

The Cruz_133

The Cruz_134

The Cruz_135

The Cruz_136

The Cruz_137

The Cruz_138

The Cruz_139

The Cruz_140

The Cruz_141

The Cruz_142

The Cruz_143

The Cruz_144

The Cruz_145

Thank you Lindee!





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