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As Written in the 1959 Event Program by:
ED COUSINS, President
The Renegades of Long Beach, Inc.


Ed Cousins 1932 Ford pickup

The Renegades Car Club of Long Beach was first organized in 1941, by five young men who desired something more from an automobile than mere transportation. It was the consensus of opinion of these five that a car club should be directed toward the improvement of the safety, beauty, and performance of their machines.

As with any small group who has a different perspective, these boys were labeled by others, Renegades. These young knights literally tore a page from the Book of the King Arthur to form their Round Table of Renegade Knights.

Not to many months after the organization of the Renegades, they were disbanded by a call for help from “Uncle Sam.”

After the troubled war years passed, three of the original five members once again banded together, and since that time, their dream has grown into a vivid reality. The Renegades have been featured in virtually every magazine dealing with automotive organizations. Their machines have appeared on the covers of literally every Rod & Custom Magazine and have won their owners many awards including Best in Class -- Awards of Elegance -- and Sweepstakes presentations.

Many a distraught motorist in trouble along our busy highways or city streets have been quickly and efficiently assisted by a Renegade Knight who when finished fulfilling his obligation to his fellow traveler, drove away without expecting so much as a “thank you” for his assistance. By deeds such as this the


Renegades Car Club 1950’s

Renegades have been able to preserve the meaning of their motto, “Helpfulness is Friendliness”.

Renegades have made their organization available to virtually any charitable project and have supported both physically and financially the campaigns of the March of Dimes – City of Hope – and the Exceptional Children Foundation, to name a few. Even the periodical visitation to the Red Cross Blood Bank is one of their services.

On the other hand, many a producer of car shows throughout the West have been saved from sure financial disaster by the participation of these Renegade Knights and their automobiles. Not many months ago, a group of 18 members caravanned over 300 miles with 11 show cars in tow to help a friend in need without thought of compensation.

The Renegades Car Club of Long Beach was incorporated as a California non-profit organization, February 5, 1958. Just one year later in the February issue of Car Craft Magazine, Renegades were named over hundreds of other clubs throughout America, “Car Club of the Year, 1958.” We’re justly proud of our achievement and in no way will any member willingly be accountable for a deed which would jeopardize our club’s reputation.

Membership in the Renegades requires ownership of a custom (modified) automobile in show condition; a driving record free of accidents and traffic violations.

They subscribe wholeheartedly to the adage, that life is the most precious possession on earth, drive your car at all times in a manner which will safeguard it

Be sure to Check out the Renegades Club Car Show, Showcase of Kustoms and Motorama at the Long Beach Arena Sept. 24-26, 2010. For information on this show go to www.showcaseofkustoms.com

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