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Segment 2
Nov 26, 2003

   We left the last segment giving the new frame rails a good going over and checking certain aspects before going to the frame fixture.

    The first thing we must do is level the frame fixture. We accomplish this with a 4' level and my Smart Tool. The Smart Tool is a digital angle indicator that reads in tenths of a degree. The level is used to zero in the rough reading and the Smart Tool is used to finish the procedure.

     The frame fixture has a vertical adjusting rod not unlike a tie rod. Both ends have rod ends with opposing threads. Once the frame fixture is leveled the adjusting rod is set.

     Now that the frame fixture is level, we can install the frame rails. This part is very important to ensure that the frame is built being square and the top of the rails level to one another. The rails are positioned in the fixture and diagonally measured. Checking the rails for being square is the secret to building a frame.

Point you use can be any points common to both rails. Those points have to be the same in length and position on both frame rails. After the frame rails are determined to be square, the rails are checked at points (all body mounting holes in the tops of the rails) to ensure that they are level to one another.

When they are level to one another, we move on to tack welding the rails in place. At each vertical post in the fixture, the rails are tack welded in place. Take your time and make sure (measure and check twice before tack welding) the rails are in the proper position.

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