Frame Rail arrival & inspection

Frame Rails, working with frame fixture, measuring, welding

Boxing Frame Rails

Installing Crossmembers

Front Spring
C Notches

Bob rear
frame rails

U-Coat It

Assemble Frt Suspension

Installing Ladder bars - Rear end

Sandblasting & Powder Coating

Sponsor Sign & Chassis

04 Ladder Bar

Install Engine & Trans

IN 600 Street Induction Product

Steel Tubing Structure

Installing Windshield

segment 17

Mounting Rats Glass Body to Chassis

segment button

Mounting Radiator, Grill Shell & Insert


Mounting of the Pulleys


Mounting of Steering Column

segment 21

Wheel and Tire Combination


Duvall Gets Chrome


Cruisin Products
‘32 Ford
Build Up Article
Segment 11
Jun 30, 2004

This roadster project could not have happened without the support from all sponsor companies. Last year at the NSRA Nationals this idea blossomed into the build project you have been able to follow along on
The initial companies that came aboard at the beginning of this project last year have been immortalized on this years sponsor board. Barry at Radical Auto Art came through with the sponsor sign. The sign will travel with the chassis display at this years shows. Barry was a great help in the concept, design and timely execution of the sponsor board. If you like the board and need a sign give him a call. Check out the sponsor page and look up Radical Auto Art.
The chassis was on display recently at Ford Motor Company at the Research and Design Center in Dearborn, Michigan. It was the subject of many engineers.  Although many are not street rodders they all appreciated the chassis display.
Between shows and filling customer orders we will be adding the engine and trans, steering gear and a great induction system to the engine from Al’s Blower Drives, located in New Zealand.  Yep, we’ve gone International.  You will have to wait and watch for the upcoming segments to find out what Al has contributed to the roadster build.
Until next time enjoy the rodding season.  Bob at Cruisin’ Products (C.P.).

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