Frame Rail arrival & inspection

Frame Rails, working with frame fixture, measuring, welding

Boxing Frame Rails

Installing Crossmembers

Front Spring
C Notches

Bob rear
frame rails

U-Coat It

Assemble Frt Suspension

Installing Ladder bars - Rear end

Sandblasting & Powder Coating

Sponsor Sign & Chassis

04 Ladder Bar

Install Engine & Trans

IN 600 Street Induction Product

Steel Tubing Structure

Installing Windshield

segment 17

Mounting Rats Glass Body to Chassis

segment button

Mounting Radiator, Grill Shell & Insert


Mounting of the Pulleys


Mounting of Steering Column

segment 21

Wheel and Tire Combination


Duvall Gets Chrome


Cruisin Products
Ď32 Build Project
Segment  22
July 2007

Lynn, my wife, and I were lucky enough to attend this years Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, CA. We were there to help promote the Deuce at 75 show that will be held in Dearborn MI 9th - 12th of August, 2007. The GNRS was the kick off celebration of the 32 Fords 75th anniversary and the gathering of the most significant 32 Fords that have influenced the streetrodding culture that so many of us enjoy. It was a once in a lifetime event.

While taking in the show I also took the time to introduce myself and the roadster project to other companies serving the streetrodding market. Steve Tracy of Advanced Plating was setup next to Maryann and Jack from Hotrod Hotline. I introduced myself and the roadster project to Steve and he indicated he would check out the roadster build and get back to me with a proposal. It wasn't long after we had returned to Michigan that Steve followed through with his proposal. Advanced Plating would chrome the Duvall windshield frame for the roadster build.

The windshield frame was boxed up and shipped to Nashville. I had indicated to Steve we were not on a tight schedule to finish the car and didn't want to rush the chrome job. We were in our best sales year and the building of customers frames and chassis come before the shops roadster build, unfortunately.

Advanced Plating did a fantastic job chroming the Duvall windshield frame. They had enough protective wrapping around the frame to wrap a mummy. The service and communication with Advanced Plating was a refreshing experience. Another quality company servicing the streetrodding market.

We actually had to roll out the roadster from the back of the shop, blow off the dust and then install the windshield frame. The shots in the back corner of the shop did not do the chrome work justice. The roadster was trailered over to Bobs house for some outside shots. Our show season will start soon and the roadster had to be cleaned up anyway. We dropped the roadster next to Lynn and Bobs 64 Plymouth , no itís not a Hemi. Something even better. Check out the photos and the next time you need something chromed, give Steve and his crew a call at Advanced Plating.


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