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Big Al Liebmann’s… 1936 Dodge Coupe


Finally after waiting for Bill of Moonlite Kustoms to free up his schedule.... My Dodge is on the way for a new black paint job. I have to say it was well worth it ( almost a year ) for Bill to take this project into his shop.

I am looking forward to the progress and completion of my 1936 Dodge from Moonlite Kustoms late Jan 2009 .... Parting is such sweet sorrow but worth the wait.
Next stop new interior by Richard’s Trimworks of Hewitt, NJ 
PS ..Yes it was black before since the build opted to go 2 tone a few years ago ....     should have listened to the wife the first time


Thanks Al for the update on your Dodge. We can’t wait to see the finished car!

December 16, 2008

As promised, we start off with a great update. I got a lot done on the Dodge this weekend, a little more than I had even hoped.


Your pass side door is now 90% perfect. Opens and closes with one finger and the gaps are nice.


The top is a lot better than it was as far as sitting flush with the body. Without really cuttin into it, that’s the best it will get for now. Its the same if not better than the driver side.


The one hoodside is also fitting better on the driver side. I was able to pull it in closer to the cowl and it seems to fit a lot nicer. I'm waiting on some countersunk bolts to get the hood and pass side hood side working together nicely. It’s apart as I need it to be and 75% prepped. It needs some small spots of icing and some more detailed hand wet sanding as well as the jambs and cowl prepped. Maybe 2 more days of prep and than I can put the color on the body, then its on to the detail work. Right on schedule.


Check out The New Paint on Body & Wheels


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