The Road to Minnesota� 2005
Hunting "Car Treasure" along I-90
Pictures by  Jack Lawford

     Anyone who has visited this site or known  owner Jack Lawford for any length of time�. Knows that he is a hopeless Car Junky�.and that the mere smell of a car can cause him to veer off of the highway in search of treasure.   The trip to St. Paul for  Back to the Fifties was rather uneventful as we just had our nose to the steering wheel bent on getting there�� but on the way home was a different story.   Our travel timetable was slightly different than usual which meant that we were stopping in different towns than in past years�.. And it's IMPOSSIBLE to merely stop for gas or food�.  We have to scour the town for car treasure��   This trip we have decided that  Montana is the perfect vacation spot for a rodder��  not only is the scenery  just awesome�. But there are old cars EVERYWHERE�. Just waiting to be discovered.   Jack found lots and met some really great car guys too�..

     First Stop�. Miles City Montana�� when we arrived in Miles City we still had a few hours of daylight so Jack was taking the long way to the hotel room  (imagine that)  when he came across this field of dreams��   There was no one home but he talked to a neighbor who said that this guy does sell cars sometimes�� 

And that area code rodders� is   406    This is just the beginning of a ton of well preserved cars� Montana gets a lot of snow but  the cars here don't seem to rot like they do in the East�

But hang on�. There's  more�...

     As we pulled away from this abandoned building we came across a sign that drew Jack like a moth to the flame   "Salvage Yard"�.  And we were off�..   Jack met a really nice guy named Doug at  Auto Dismantlers, Inc�. He led us over to another yard he has where he just happens to have�..  A  '55 Chev he wants to sell�.  It's been in the shop for 20 years�. Just waiting�. 

     Doug says that he'll sell this car for  $4000 and you can reach him at  406-234-4024� he has a "parts car" to go along with it and this looks like a real good deal�..

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