Garage Shots of
Roger Whitaker's
'55 Chevy 2-Door

Hello to all
I have some shots of my '55 Chevy 2-Door Belair.  It was a 2 year project.  As you all can probably see it had been left as rusted junk, but I talked the previous owner into selling it to me.  It had been stripped and all the glass broken out, plus it had been sitting outside for 18 years.  So I had to rebuild everything.  Like most old car projects it was gonna be a driver.  But as you will see it ended up as a New Modified 1955 Chevy.  It's a mate to my '55 red truck that was in last years Ottawa Car Show.  So here we go, hope you all enjoy the pics.  Roger Whitaker

Here's the rusty '55 Chevy!!!  That's what I started with, really ugly, huh!!!

Rebuilding the floor!!!

Another shot of rebuilding the floor!!!

Rebuilding the chassis!!!

More of rebuilding the '55 chassis!!!  Adding power disc brakes, power steering, posi rear-end and 388 stroker engine with a turbo 400 tranny!!!

Fitting sheet metal and parts together before painting, actually got to drive it around my driveway for first time!!!

Fitting sheet metal & building console!!!

Making things RED!!!

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