Garage Shots of
Dick & Terry Feile’s
Home & Garage
Mooresville, NC
Pics by Dave Worden

Hi All
   Thomas McGinnity sent us some pics by Dave Worden of Dick and Terry Feile’s home and garage.
   Dick and Terry recently moved from Long Island, NY to Mooresville, NC.  They sold their business and built this house on Lake Norman.  It was very difficult for them to go street rodding as Dick owned a wholesale florist company, which took up many hours of time.
   I met Dick in the early ‘70’s and traveled with them whenever possible. Last year our farthest run was to New Brunswick, Canada. This year I will be going to Spruce Head, Maine with them. And Terry’s car is the pink “Miss Piggy” rod seen in these pics. Other women have said they don’t want their husbands to see the garage and want to know who keeps it so clean. (Dick does!!!)...  Thomas McGinnity!!!

Here’s a shot of the house!                                                                    This is the upper garage!!!

Here’s more of the garage, huge isn’t it?!!

           Man, it’s sooooo big!!!                                                                    Look it even has a bay window!!!

The garage even has a lot of plaques on the walls, cool!!!

Here’s a view of a cream rod!!!                                                                  Here’s a pretty coool Coupe!!!

And here’s a back view of the Coupe!!!                                                           Pretty clean engine, huh?!!

Well, that was awesome!!!  It’s a huge garage, huh?!!
That’s all folks!!!  We hope this gives some of you ideas, maybe!!!
THANKS to Thomas for sending us these and Dave for
taking these GREAT pics so we could share them!!!

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