“Friday Nite Boys”
‘40 Ford Convertible
February 13, 2004
Pics by Thomas McGinnity

Hey Everyone
“Friday Nite Boys” at Fred Benedicts garage. Herb Weiskopf started out with a very poor ‘40 Ford Convertible.  He made many of the pieces that was needed to replace rusted out body areas. The frame is a stock Ford from the era, which he updated with a Jag Sedan front end, and 9” Ford rear.  The WSRA boys helped him put the body on the frame, that night, before the pizza came.  As you can see, (by the clothing) it’s a cold winter in the White Plains, NY area.  That’s Fred Benedicts ‘37 Caddy getting pushed back into his garage, after all the ‘40 body and chassis pushing around. Thomas!

Thomas reckons it needs a HEMI!!!

Here’s a shot of the “Friday Nite Boys” having their well deserved pizza!!!

Well it looks like Thomas & the WSRA guys are having a great time
helping out mounting that ‘40 Ford Convertible body to frame!!!
Thanks Thomas for sending in the pictures to share with everyone!!!

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