Garage Shots Of 40 Opera Ford Coupe Project
Built by Mel Eggleston
Boise, Idaho
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Thought I would send some photos along of my coupe project. My first car (40Years now) and 3rd rebuild since 1965. 350 Vortec and 350 Turbo. Mustang front suspension and 8" Ford rear end. Some features include: Vintage Air, power vent, interior air circulation system, Dakota Digital gauges, under dash panel, original 39 banjo wheel reduced to 15", power seats, CD changer, cruise, and wiring is about 90% done and plumbed the air this week. About ready to start looking for interior materials and the rest of the paint work is in the making. Next is the exhaust system and going over my "to do" list. Itís been a long 3 year project.







Thank you for the pictures.  We look forward to more.





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