The Johnny and Lucille Story
Laguna Beach, CA
Story and Pictures By Darrell Greig


After losing my Dad in the summer of 2004 I wanted to restore one of his last projects a 50 Olds 88 2 door sedan. But it did not take long to find out that I did not have the money to fully restore it.

1-Johnny Jan. 2005
1-Johnny Jan 2005 a

By a little fate I stretched out my dollars & bought a Black 50 Olds 88 Coupe (Lucille)Very Clean Stock Body 72,000 miles

  • Fresh 350 Chevy (Moderate Build) 350 Trans
  • New Leather Interior
  • Black Lacquer Paint (Looks Great but A lot of Up Keep)
  • It was a perfect car for me ready to go.
  • Lucille (2) Lucille (3)

    But I still had a hard time letting go of my Dadís last project (Johnny). After a little planning I thought I could do the drive train. With a ruff paint job I would make the theme a Saturday Night Dirt Track Racer. Oldsmobile with its new Rocket Engine (Some Say the First Muscle Car) won over half the NASCAR races in the first 3 years 49-51. The cars are rare because of all the racing professional & amateur. So a dedication to the racing history of Oldsmobile would make sense and be fun. Heck thatís what credit cards are for.

    2-Johnny at shop

    3-Johnny ready for the trip home

    4- Johnny Eng 1

    4-Johnny Eng 2

    4-Johnny Eng 3

    4-Johnny Eng 4

    4-Johnny Eng 5

    6-Johnny Paint 1

    6-Johnny Paint 2

    6-Johnny Paint 3

    6-Johnny Paint 4

    6-Johnny Paint 5

    6-Johnny Paint 6

    6-Johnny Paint 7

    6-Johnny Paint 9

    6-Johnny Paint 10

    6-Johnny Paint 11

    6-Johnny Paint

    I had a lot of help to get Johnny going. My goal was the up coming L.A. Roadster Show held on Fatherís Day each year. I went a lot with my Dad. I found an Edmunds 2-Duce Manifold with 2 stock Rochester Back Draft Carbs. Eddie Edmund made these in 1949 for the new Oldsmobile Rocket Engine. The Brakes, Radiator, Carbs, Shocks, Gas tank, Front End, Steering & Column all have been rebuilt. Exhaust out the side with glasspacks. I painted it over 2 weeks with a couple of dozen Rust-oleum rattlers & a one very sore finger.

    7-Johnny Int 1
    7-Johnny Int 2
    7-Johnny Int 3 7-Johnny Int 4
    7-Johnny Int 5
    7-Johnny Int 6

    Johnny gets a lot of action at car shows. Some ask when I am going to finish it. Some ask how the Carbs get air. Some just shake their heads and walk away. But the car guys get it & enjoy the look.

    9-Johnny Father's Day Show 2005





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