Garage Shots of Brent Stackhouse’s
Four Hot Rods

Updated January 2006

I cant believe its been 2 years since I last sent pictures of this project. The project itself has taken 6 years...I have to admit its not been all fun and "ha ha s" more like what labor pains must be like...but then the baby comes and you forget about all the pain...I hope...besides the 427 "bad boy"is everything I hoped and dreamed about since my sixteenth birthday when this car was new (refer to my e-mail from 2 years ago for part one of this story) well I can assure you 427's are as evil, wicked, mean, and nasty as legend has it. Wanna go for a ride little girl?
There were some really good friends helping a lot, as you will see in the garage scenes. Friends that offered their many years of experience, garage space, and time of course that wasn't free yet very much appreciated. Note the different personalities of the garages themselves, I especially liked the "old school" ingenuity shown in the wooden autolift, this is Bills place, his garage is simply amazing like a 50's time capsule...many young pro's could take lessons from Bills integrity.Note Dave's garage if you want a clean, meticulous, chassis, and engine compartment take note of your mechanics garage. If you want a "go fast" motor, work only with an engine builder that owns his own dyno like my very good friend Bob. Bob puts out nothing less than the scariest and wicked fast with solid durability. Bob turned me on to his new old stock, factory installed aluminum head, 427 because he knew I had been chasing it for over 35 years..... wow I just said it a dream finally come true after 39 years
Maybe many of you can identify with waiting for so very long.
All I can say is be careful who you select to work with! This hobby of ours should be fun not painful. All I will say is "shame on the Pro-shops that inflict their bad attitude, poor workmanship, and unwillingness to correct their mistakes on those that are trying to enjoy their dreams at a fair price....There I said it, I got it off my maybe I can go on and enjoy my new baby...
Thank you for your great web-site...and thanks again for helping me sell my 3 woodies, the 46 Ford,49 Mercury & 50 Ford. Note the picture of the 47 Ford woodie with Jaguar suspension! and of course the Chevelle are going to be lifelong keepers .  Just another car guy tryin to have fun, Brent Stackhouse

67 chevelle resto 001
67 chevelle resto 002
67 chevelle 1st day drive 003
67 chevelle resto 011
67 chevelle 1st day drive 008
67 chevelle resto 005
67 chevelle resto 021 67 chevelle resto 020
67 chevelle resto 012 67 chevelle 1st day drive 005
47 ford woodie 018

We Thank Brent for his story, which many can relate to, and for taking and sending us his great looking pictures!!!  We wish him good luck and hope he has a lot of fun with his convertible & 47 Ford Woodie!!!




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