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The Worlds Greatest Dad!

Story and Photographs by Adam Caldwell of Ventura, CA


My Dad found me a 57 chevy 150 when I was 15 and for the next two years I worked to pay for it and it taught me a lot about cars and responsibility. My Dad always loved cars and since I was a little kid he would point out early makes and models until they were drilled in my head. When I was around 12 or 13 he rented American Graffiti and we sat down and watched it and it was all over for me. I've been hooked ever since! I had a total obsession with earlier cars and I could identify almost every early make of car that I saw.

Being successful enough to be able to build my Dad a hot rod, I feel like one of the luckiest guys on the planet. When I opened the garage and saw the look on my Dads face it was like he was 15 again!

I found this 38 Chevy for my dad about a year and a half ago. The pic of the car on the trailer is the way I got it. It was tubbed already and subframed but just a shell of car. The 350 and trany was already in it and it ran!

I had to put narrowed A-arms on it because the tires were right on the fenders. All the body work was done here in Ventura, Ca. I did all the glass and interior and wiring. I installed the air conditioning and gauges. I had to use different years of car parts to make the windows go up and down because a lot of parts were missing. I got all new stainless for the trim and window wings and wiper pods etc...

My Dad flew down about a week before the Logan Utah show in July and we hammered noon and night on it to get it ready for the 800 miles trip.
We modified this car so it could be driven on the street.

I led the way in my A and it was so cool seeing it cruisin down the highway. I had it 4 wheel aligned to within 1mm. It just floats down the road. The car actually got around 18mpg with no OD! Just a turbo 350.


On the trailer, the way Adam found it


Cubby’s car next to Adam’s 30 Ford





















Adam's dad "Cubby" Caldwell in front of Hotrodhotline Office

Adam's dad "Cubby" Caldwell in front of Hotrodhotline Office in Boise, Idaho











This car is just a little thanks I can give him for the years of being the worlds greatest Dad!

Note: Adam is one of our photographers and a member of the Ventura Highwaymen, A group of rodders who like to drive their cars and have a good time. They are based out of Ventura, Ca.




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