Talk about dedication!! ......Dick Stoebel’s
‘32 Ford 5W Coupe Project Car



 I have been working on this car off and on for 7 years now ... talk about dedication!! It started as a pretty rough Henry original steel body with a Heinzman chassis. The body was the most time consuming part of the project. I chopped it 4 inches in the front, 3 1/2 inches in the rear and laid the A pillars back 5 degrees doing all of the body work myself. To bring it to the next level of finish, Glenn and Jeff Sinon did the final body work and paint ... PPG Concept single stage. The engine is a 350 Chevy with a 350 TH transmission

and Ford 9 inch rear end. The frame, tank, firewall, dash and components were all painted in my garage or outside on good days. Front brakes are 59 Lincoln with Buick drums. Everything in the front end has been powder coated as well as the wheels ... front done, rear in the works at the time of this writing. A bunch of local street rodders came over recently to help put the body on the chassis ... amazing what a bunch of guys will do for coffee and donuts!! Seriously, the street rod crowd is the greatest ... offering help and advice just for the asking!! We have a very active bunch of guys and gals in the central Connecticut area who have been playing with cars for a lifetime! The sport is alive and well in the Northeast!! The coupe should be on the road this summer ... in the latter stages of assembly and currently working wiring. After final assembly, the car will get some traditional flames to finish it off and then it will be ready for the car show and cruise night circuit. This car was recently featured on the Car Crazy Show .. Brooklands Museum episode ... check it out!! Dick Stoebel


amazing what a bunch of guys will do for coffee and donuts!!


Thank You Dick for the pictures of this Beautiful 32 Ford. Send us pictures of the completed car

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