Most  Car Shows Now have A Section for Models and Model Builders, so when We got these Pictures from Ron Waddle, We thought some of our visitors would be interested in his cool models.

Ron Waddle was born in 1950 and raised in Dayton, Ohio.  He transplanted to Nashville in 1995.  Ron is of the old school, when it comes to street rods.  He likes them all (new tech, custom, etc), but he is partial to the nostalgia street rods.  In High School Ron drove a '55 Chevy.  He has built and owned many hotrods through out the years

Ron,  being a family man now, doesn't have the time or money to put into his dream car.  A 1932 Ford (of course), but that doesn't mean he sits back and only dreams.  Ron has found a way to build his dream car in miniature.  He tried the 1/25 variety but the realism wasn't there for him.  He stumbled onto the first 1/8 scale kit (the black full fendered Roadster) through his older brother about six years ago....  A vintage kit still sealed in the original plastic.

Ron has become seriously involved in this hobby, as it is something he can afford.  He found that the  1/8 scale car was nearly extinct at the time.  There have been very limited re-issues of the '32 ford roadsters in 1997, but the molds have now been destroyed.  There isn't much out there in the market place, which leave Ron to get creative.  He has learned to fabricate and mold parts as his needs arose.  Ron uses magazine articles (streetrodder, etc) and full-scale cars to see how things are done in the real world.


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