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It takes Ron six months to a year to complete a project do to the fact that he works a full time job in the graphics industry, and that his family life takes up a fair percentage of his free time. 

Ron likes the uniqueness of the 1/8 scale 32's and he tries to build them righteous.  Ron said, the '32 three window Coupe with the flathead was assembled with real-to-scale miniature brass bolts, (quite expensive on his budget), and plumbed with aluminum brake lines, fuel lines, etc.  He said it will always be his second favorite car, his first being the black full-fendered roadster.  Ron also said, the pro-street sublime green three window has been a real blast to build, especially the detail work on the chassis.  (Still in progress, 95% complete).

Ron has now started another project, a metallic burgundy hi-boy, which another cast resin flatty with 3-2's will be dropped in.  He said the chassis is in progress but he isn't sure of the wheel and tire combo, yet.   Next year he plans to section a roadster body and build a low-boy on a rectangular tube chassis, (let's see how low he can go!)

Well, that is all Ron has for us right now.  Maybe once he finishes his next few projects he will share those with us too.  Thanks Ron, for all the information and pictures.   


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