NEWSLETTER 209 - June 24, 2011
Editor: Richard Parks [email protected]
President's Corner: By Jim Miller (1-818-846-5139)
Photographic Editor of the Society: Roger Rohrdanz, [email protected]
Northern California Reporter: Spencer Simon

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 President's Corner, Editorials, Drag race photographer Alan Earman is hospitalized with a number of maladies and Bob McClurg reports Earman, A memorial gathering for Land Speed racing great Bill Summers is planned for Friday June 24 2011 at 5:30 pm, I have been reading your stories and reviews and they have been great you do a very good job, I expected to see you at the LA Roadster Show yesterday, The Sam Auxier Jr Show Best in Live Radio, In order to test a new automatic turbocharger altitude compensation control strategy we are doing the above project, My name is Dwayne Vance and I have loved to draw since an early age Very similar to most artist and designers in the world, It's been awhile so I thought I'd put something out there in regard to updates on the 11th Annual Rat Fink Party and Kustom Kulture Extravaganza, This video was a walking tour of this past weekend's National Hot Rod Reunion, Recession wipes out Nevada town, Fred Lobello's belly tank race car at the dry lakes, Can anyone find any info on the clocks, Brooklands Double 12 report


President's Corner:  
Jim Miller claims jet lag has set him back in his duties and needs another week off from his column.


  The following notice was sent in by Bob Falcon, one of our original SLSRH members.
   “If you are a Self Published writer (or in a situation where you are responsible for individual sales of your published work in the automotive or aviation fields) The Automobile Driving Museum (ADM) would like to speak with you.  ADM stages an annual literature fair and exchange and this year they will be featuring a book signing event. Plans are for a section of an indoor vendor area that will be devoted to “self published” writers to sell and sign their products for the public attending the one day event. This area will be located in ADM’s Packard Ballroom and will contain a row of tables where the writers can display their books and do the signings.  And the best part is that there will be no charge for the space.  The annual Auto & Aero Historic Expo is scheduled for 26 June and will be open to the public from 10 AM until 2 PM. Set up time will begin at 7 AM. Street parking is available because the facility is located in an industrial area quite near LAX. ADM is “The Auto Museum That Takes You For a Ride” a unique concept where certain vehicles in the facility are chosen each Sunday that take passengers on a tour around the streets in the LAX area. There are 130, restored to showroom condition, cars on rotating display in the museum. Admission is free to shoppers, however a small donation is requested for museum entry to view the collected display.  The facility is a five minute drive south from LAX and the I-105 Freeway. The building at 610 Lairport Street is one block east of Sepulveda Blvd between Maple and Mariposa Avenues. More registration details are available from Jodee Hulsebus at 310/909-1593 or by E-mail at [email protected] Additional facility information is on the web at www.theADM.org.  For more information, please contact: Jodee Hulsebus at the above points, or Bob Falcon at [email protected].”
   I want to thank Martin Squires, from England, for sending in the great photographs of his paintings on old oval, road course and land speed racing cars. He has also sent us photos of cars that he took at the Brooklands Concours. There is a website at;
http://www.brooklandsmuseum.com. It is a real treat to receive land speed racing material from England and the rest of the world. The SLSRH is not just a Southern California phenomenon. It just seems that way because we have this rich racing history close at hand, but we realize that LSR has happened all over the world and we want to explore those areas as well. Everyone is welcome here at the SLSRH. Martin is an excellent artist and you should consider adding some of his work to your collection. Speaking of artists, I had the privilege of meeting a few of the best at the recent L. A. Roadster Show and Swap Meet; Larry Grossman, Tom Fritz and Bob McCoy. I apologize if I missed seeing other artists and sculptors there. My article on the show and swap meet will be available this week at www.hotrodhotline.com and I may include it in this week’s issue of the SLSRH. It was a great show. Grossman used to have his works sold at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum and the California Hot Rod Reunion. For some reason they have not purchased his work for sale in the gift shop and that is a loss for those who appreciate true historical art and detail. I hope that changes and they welcome Larry back.
   I met Zeke Zacherson and his son Shane at the Show. Zeke moved from the Los Angeles area several years ago and relocated to Bloomington, Utah, just down the block from my cousin, Alan Boyack. Small world, isn’t it? Zeke worked on the Mormon Meteor endurance racer owned by Marvin Jenkins. That’s another small world moment for us to think about. I knew Marv and was invited into his home and basement to view the famous car. We are never far from a d�j� vu moment if we will just stop and listen to people. When we do that we pick up little hints and that leads to big discoveries. I am hoping to get Fred Lobello’s biography soon. I asked Bill Summers to do that for me but didn’t have the time to follow up and now the only thing that I can do is an obituary, which will be coming out soon in the newsletter and at the hot line website. It is so important for each of you who are readers and members to write your bio and give it to us to publish here. I’ve just done my small version and Roger Rohrdanz is getting the photos ready and then will send it in. I nagged him and he promises that he will do his bio soon. You will find that Roger has a great story to tell. He has a good recall of events and he has met thousands of people as he paced up and down on the dragstrips of America snapping those wonderful photos of his.
   Another story coming out of the L. A. Roadster Show and Swap Meet is on AXC, which stands for Alex Xydias Center (for the Automotive Arts). This is a project to train the next generation of young people in automotive skills that were once taught in our high schools. As school districts have had their budgets cut they have cut out shop classes. More insidious is the fact that Liberal Education and modern day teachers have fallen under the spell of Liberal Arts and College preparatory courses as the main diet for our school curriculum. They are wrong. Three fourths of our students will not go on to college and don’t want to be there. They don’t want to be philosophers, English literature and History majors. They want to be machinists, fabricators, engine builders, upholsterers, painters, car designers, pinstripers, electricians, plumbers and people who build things. When I taught in the school system the majority of students told me that they felt like they were in prison and wanted out at any cost. When shop classes became available to them they wanted to be in the classroom. The AXC is an attempt to bring back the valuable shop classes of yesteryear. The problem is that private groups like the AXC cannot take up the slack of a school system that has almost totally given up on shop courses.


Drag race photographer Alan Earman is hospitalized with a number of maladies and Bob McClurg reports Earman, "...would really appreciate having his "old buds." If you wish to e-mail Alan, he can be reached at [email protected]." From www.autowriters.com, Glenn F. Campbell, publisher.


A memorial gathering for Land Speed racing great Bill Summers, is planned for Friday, June 24, 2011 at 5:30 pm at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum, 1101 West McKinley Avenue, Pomona, California 91768-1639. The museum’s telephone number is (909) 622-2133.   Ken Freund


I have been reading your stories and reviews and they have been great, you do a very good job.  Where can I find a copy of the pamphlet?  I have found a lot of sites selling her 1946-1948 Floyd Clymer booklet (I still have my original), but can't find the 1946 pamphlet with her "32" roadster on the front.  Please let me know. Many thanks, Bill Freeman
   Bill: Try contacting Veloce Publishing at their website www.velocepress.com/authors/clymer.php. They own all the Floyd Clymer car publications from that time period and are trying to republish those issues.


 I expected to see you at the LA Roadster Show yesterday. Did get a chance to visit with Tom Fritz and his lovely wife Molly. They really are nice folks. I've been a fan of Tom's work since we first met at a one of the first Dry Lakes Hall of Fame gatherings in Buellton. He was an illustrator working at Northrop Van Nuys (Litton) so our paths crossed frequently at the aerospace trade shows when I hung my hat at Sargent Fletcher (Fletcher Aviation). Back to the wheel that is available. 
Attached are seven 4 x 6 pix and all are captioned. One interesting note is that during my prep for photography I spotted the "Makers Mark" cast into the inner wheel surface. This mark indicates the Halibrand facility location as Culver City so we can now date the manufacture of the item because it is a rare specialty.
   Ted relocated his shop from Marilyn Avenue to 228th Street in late 1963. Since we always retained possession of all tooling, such as patterns, the embossing on the patterns were changed prior to sending the tooling to the foundry. This practice kept the production history connected to a timeline. I would place the production time of this unit to 1962 or 1963. As to price. Today I will be weighing this unit and comparing it to an Indy car wheel of which I have initial selling price info from 1964. By making a comparison of the weights I can calculate a price per pound at the manufacturing date and check the inflationary present day price based on the Consumer Price Index table. Counting on seeing you and Jim at next Sunday's ADM Literature Event. Thanks. Bob Falcon

HT Eng Wheel Marks Maker 4x6

HT Eng Wheel Marks Pattern No 4x6

HT Eng Wheel Marks Size 4x6

HT Eng Wheel Outer 4x6

HT Eng Wheel Width 4x6

HT Eng Wheel Inner 4x6

HT Eng Wheel Marks Part No 4x6


The Sam Auxier Jr Show. Best in Live Radio, Monday, June 20, 2011, from 7-9PM EST. On the show will be NHRA Funny Car driver "Fast Jack Beckman, "NHRA T/F driver David Grubnic, NHRA T/F driver Bob Vandergriff, ESPN/NHRA Commentator Lewis Bloom, and Co-Host Kristin Moeser. From Sam Auxier Jr, [email protected].


 See http://www.autoblog.com/2011/05/31/paul-dallenbach-teams-up-with-banks-power-to-tackle-pikes-peak/.   In order to test a new, automatic, turbocharger altitude compensation control strategy we are doing the above project.   We start at 9,400 ft and end at 14,100 ft. the run is 12.6 mi with 156 turns and an altitude gain of 4,700 ft.   The surface is asphalt, gravel and dirt. The clip below will give you a glimpse, it is a much slower car but you’ll get the idea.   No one has ever done it under 10 minutes; we are going for that record and the overall win.   Pikes Peak is the second oldest racing event in the United States, first run in 1916. It’s very dangerous.  The latest video from Banks Power, "2 Turbos 1 Mountain: part 2 Testing on the Mountain," shows the results of the most recent upgrades done to Leonard Arnold's Pikes Peak racer by none other than Gale Banks himself and ace engineer/engine calibrator Matt Trainham. With driver Paul Dallenbach putting the engine's newly twin-turbocharged might to the test, the car now has the horsepower to accelerate quicker and to go much faster than ever before. Although Paul's been driving this car for years now, the newly added power has made this familiar old horse into a stampeding beast. It's a new ball game as he learns what the car can do all over again. 
   Banks Power has made adjustments to its twin-turbo system and equipped the car with an altitude compensation system that its military division (Banks Defense) has been working on for armored vehicle use, infinitely varying the boost pressure to match both demand and the rapidly changing environment on the hill. Matched with the engines ECU it created a complete engine management system that is ahead of the pack, giving the driver all the firepower he needs in any situation at a moment's notice. Even with the driver putting the power down conservatively during this practice run, the car rocketed through the upper portion of the course at 4.56 (a record we're told for that section). The car is rather unique in the "Unlimited" category as it's a pure American hot rod powered by a twin turbo Chevy engine and being rear-wheel driven. It's more like an angry Indy car than the small displacement all-wheel drive rally-like racers in the field. 
   Keep your seatbelts buckled… there's more to come with further engine and chassis tuning from crew chief Kevin Kidwell and team continuing during practice June 21st to the 24th, with race day being on the 26th! Check http://www.bankspower.com/pikespeak for constantly updated info including event coverage. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3368948773832597270#.   Gale Banks


 My name is Dwayne Vance and I have loved to draw since an early age; Very similar to most artist and designers in the world.  Having over 11 yrs of professional design experience I have been able to work for some amazing companies as a full time designer and a freelancer.  When I decided I wanted to become a designer I really made a goal to go to school at Art Center College of Design.  Then I would just have to figure out how to pay for it once I reached my goal of being accepted.  I am truly thankful I did, because I was able to graduate from Art Center in the summer of 2000 with a BS in transportation design.  So from Art Center I went to work as a full time designer at Troy Lee Designs, where I designed everything from helmets to graphics for race teams.  Then after a few years I was fortunate to come across a job working for Hot Wheels which was a childhood fascination. I loved Hot Wheels and never thought I would be designing them.  This was a very fun job to design wild cars and vehicles for kids and some adults. Within a few years I decided to go back to the motocross industry and started working again for Troy Lee Designs and designed the SE2 helmet plus several other pieces of protective equipment.
     I had always wanted to go on my own as a designer and I finally made the jump in 2007 and started Future Elements which is my design company now.  I truly feel blessed that I get to do what I do now, the companies I have designed for is stuff I dreamed of when I was younger.  A few of the companies I have done work for are Corel Painter, Mattel, Hot Wheels, Barbie, Batman, Green Lantern properties, Hasbro, Star Wars, Transformers properties, Upper Deck, Spinmasters, Jada toys, Arctic Cat the new 2011 line of snowmobiles, DC Comics, Oakley, Warner Bros, Mazda, Chumba Racing mountain bikes, Black Star Paintball, Hong Kong Stunt Team shoe designs, Flying Lizard Motorsports, Troy Lee Designs, Fly Racing, EA Games, Activision and others.  That is not the complete list and I am still amazed that I have had the opportunity to work with such great companies on awesome projects.  I also started my own line of Hot Rod and Airplane art along with publishing two books about hot rod art.  You can find all that work on my website called www.MastersofChickenScratch.com, where I sell my various art and books.  I also travel to different events from hot rod to airplane shows all over the world.  So thank you for taking the time to listen to my story and I hope I can inspire the next future generation of artist and designers.  With Respect Dwayne Vance
     Dwayne: We use biographies to tell us what kinds of questions to ask.  What you should do is break your work experience down into paragraphs and devote a full paragraph to each company.  Explain who you worked with and what kind of products came from your collaborative efforts.  Start with you parents, where you grew up, what kinds of hobbies and jobs that you had, where you went to school and what your hot rodding or racing history was.  The main purpose of a biography is to capture your life and save it for your family and children.  But we also try and keep them on record for the car racing fraternity.  You've made a good start.  Follow us on www.landspeedracing.com or www.hotrodhotline.com, guest columnist/Richard Parks. 


It's been awhile so I thought I'd put something out there in regard to updates on the 11th Annual Rat Fink Party and Kustom Kulture Extravaganza! The dates are July 29 – 31, 2011 at the KOA Campgrounds, 7601 Soledad Canyon Road, Acton, CA 93510.   On Friday July 29th the gates open at 3:00pm.  This will be a special evening for Early Worms that want to camp out (KOA Camping Rates Apply) and kick back the evening before the event.  We will be featuring a movie with an inflatable screen. Folks will be able to park their rides on the main field to enjoy a Drive-in theater atmosphere.  Movie to be announced and we may even have some live entertainment for you too!   On Saturday, July 30th, registration will open from 8:00am - 3:00pm.  Vehicle registration on the day of the event will be $25; Includes vehicle and driver, $10 per additional passenger.  Kids under 12 are free.  Pre-registration only $20 and includes vehicle and driver. Open to pre-1973, Kustoms, Classics, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Lowriders, Vans, VW's, Motorcycles, Trikes, Trailers, Teardrops, Bicycles, Mini-Bikes and whatever else you may have.  No year restrictions on Kustom Motorcycles & Trikes.  Event starts at 10:00am. Music starts at 11:30am. Event ends around 9:00pm.  The special guest will be Candy Clark of American Graffiti.  Live entertainment by: Danny Dean, Rattle Trap, Cash Prophets, Phantom Pomps, Blue Collar Combo, Luck Of The Draw, the Resistors, the Bloozamps  &  Wumbloozo.     
     Family fun includes: Open swimming pool, potato sack and three legged races, egg toss, dance and hula hoop competition, coloring contest for the kids all day.   For the ladies we are hosting a vintage swimwear competition sponsored in part by: Vintage Suits by Mary.  Annual tattoo contest sponsored in part by: Electric Soul Tattooing.  This year the Rat Fink Party will be hosting a charity art auction during our event. 100% of the auctions proceeds will be going to the Painted Turtle camp for seriously ill children in the neighboring community of Lake Hughes, California.   Our shopping environment features vendors of all types, offering everything from retro memorabilia and nostalgia clothing to aftermarket automotive products and professional consumer services.  You can bring your own food and beverages but if ya don't we have some really good food vendors and a beer garden lined up for the event too.  Our event is family oriented where the kids judge the vehicles.   With the affordable overnight camping this event has been voted the #1 Staycation in the Antelope Valley.  Sunday, July 31st at 8:00am - 2:00pm is the Pancake Breakfast/Brunch/Swimming and more.  Sponsoring one of our awards is a great way to get exposure for your company, club or organization. For more information please visit our web site at www.RatFinkParty.com. Hope to see you all real soon. Tha Moldy one (Moldy Marvin)


This video was a walking tour of this past weekend's National Hot Rod Reunion, at Beech Bend Raceway, Bowling Green, Kentucky. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaXeEwnmuJc. Lots of old timey "Geezer Rods" here, and obviously a terrific nostalgia drag racing event. Wish I was there. Jim Hill, Sr.


Recession wipes out Nevada town. Posted on MSN Real Estate, June 21, 2011. 
   U.S. Gypsum closed the company town, which was founded in 1923 as a mining tent camp, after demand for Sheetrock dried up. Yesterday there was a town called Empire, Nevada. Today, the town has ceased to exist. The town that began in 1923 as a tent camp for miners was sealed off June 20, 2011, the victim not of a natural disaster but of the economy. Its ZIP code, 89405, is no more. At its height, the remote Nevada desert town, about 100 miles northeast of Reno, was home to more than 750 people. About 300 people lived there until January 31, when U.S. Gypsum closed the Sheetrock plant.   Empire was a company town, so the plant's demise means the town is gone, too. U.S. Gypsum had owned the town since 1948, renting homes to the workers, utilities paid, at bargain prices: $125 a month for an apartment or $250 for a two-bedroom home. The last company town in America also had a community center, pool, tennis court and a nine-hole golf course.   
   The demise of Empire also is an enormous loss for Gerlach, five miles away. The school, which had 73 students this year, expects to have only 12 next year, so most of the staff was laid off. The next-closest town is 60 miles away. A few Empire residents will stay in the area but most are moving away, some to Reno and some to Nevada gold-mining towns. "I've lost all my friends. All of them," Judy Conley, who was the secretary at the Gerlach school for 37 years, told The Las Vegas Review-Journal. "We raised our kids together. We lived our lives together. I'm going to miss them so much."   Her husband, Steve, was laid off from his quarry manager job on his 40th anniversary with the company. His father managed the quarry before him. "It was business," plant engineering manager Mike Christopher told The Christian Science Monitor. "This is about the foreclosure crisis. There are a ton of nice empty homes that people can buy at a good price. Nobody is building."
   Readers: The editor spent seven weeks in the summer and fall of 1997 as a volunteer for the Craig Breedlove and Richard Noble land speed racing teams. I went to Empire to shop at the grocery store there. Empire had 300 people and Gerlach had about the same number. Together they were a community that thrived in that harsh desert. I’m saddened to see the town of Empire pass away. Maybe if the economy comes back the town will reopen.


Fred Lobello's belly tank race car at the dry lakes, year unknown. Fred or Bob Myers in the drivers suit. Photo provided by Charles Chenowth
The photo belongs to Glen Dederick (CLICK FOR IMAGE). He said his father was friend with & helped Fred Lobello on the belly tank
Charles Chenowth


Can anyone find any info on the clocks below?










Brooklands Double 12 report
1 - Broolands Double 12 18-19, 06, 2011 096[1]

W.O. Bentley in Experimental Number 1 at Brooklands
(oil on board work in progress)
Part of my painting demonstration on the Saturday. I will be continuing this piece at this Coming Saturdays Bentley Driver Club Concours D'Elegance

2 - Broolands Double 12 18-19, 06, 2011 013[1]

My home for the weekend the ERA Shed.

3 - Broolands Double 12 18-19, 06, 2011 097[2]

An improvised set up.

4 - Broolands Double 12 18-19, 06, 2011 011[1]

One of the current residents in the E.R.A. Shed
The Napier Railton (24 litre Napier Lion Areo Engine) :
Holder of the outer track record at Brooklands
143.44 mph (230.84 km/h)) set in 1935:

5 - Broolands Double 12 18-19, 06, 2011 004[1]

Bluebird Sunbeam (350HP)
Originally built by built by the Sunbeam Car Company in 1922. It Was Later campained by Malcolm Campbell. More info on it's life and records can be found here:

This car was on loan from Beaulieu and was subject to some of my scribblings over the weekend. I couldn't pass up an opportunity like this.

6 - Sunbeam Bluebird Pen & Ink[1]

Quick pen and ink Sketch

7 - Sunbeam Bluebird Watercolour[1]

Watercolour study

As part of the celebrations they had three Napier Lion engines. Two were in cars the Napier Railton and the Napier Bentley. The other was on a trolley and hap a propeller attached.

8 - Broolands Double 12 18-19, 06, 2011 022[1]

The real monster of the weekend was Chris Willaims' Packard Bentley a 48 litre aero engined black beast.

9 - Packard Bentley Pen & Ink[1]

Pen and Ink Study

10 - Broolands Double 12 18-19, 06, 2011 017[2]

11 - Broolands Double 12 18-19, 06, 2011 016[1]

As well as the large areo engined cars there was lots of other exotic machinery to see. Including this Alpha Romeo Areo Spider. It was built in the 30s to run at over 200mph and was never completed. After a long spell in various barns in England it was restored in Europe (I'm currently trying to fond out more about its history). Unfortunately it only had a 6 cylinder engine installed, it was intended to have a 12 cylinder engine but Alpha Romeo never produced one. It still made a great noise though.

12 - Broolands Double 12 18-19, 06, 2011 064[1]

13 - Broolands Double 12 18-19, 06, 2011 063[1]

Originally designed to be a single seater it can now take 3 people with the driver in the middle. So McLaren weren't the first!

14 - Broolands Double 12 18-19, 06, 2011 061[2]

The front brakes are huge, you couldn't even see past them through the spokes!
There was a fantastic array of “Veteran cars” on display outside the front of the Club House.

15 - 1898 Henriod Pen & Ink[1]

1898 Henroid
Pen and Ink Study

The Henroid can run on either alcohol or petrol with very slight adjustment. This is the only known surviving example. Owned by Roy Fisher of Eastbourne, on the south coast of England, the 6 hp Henriod Duc, or “Madame Henriod” as he calls his pride and joy, is untouched, never having been restored, and is completely intact.

16 - Broolands Double 12 18-19, 06, 2011 070[1]

17 - Broolands Double 12 18-19, 06, 2011 073[2]

Large exposed flywheel can be seen lurking behind the engine.

18 - Broolands Double 12 18-19, 06, 2011 071[2]

Willy Wonka style oil resevoirs which drip directly onto various parts of the engine.

19 - 1897 British Built Daimler Pen & Ink[2]

1897 British Built Daimler
Pen and Ink Study

20 - Broolands Double 12 18-19, 06, 2011 077[1]

The earliest surviving example a Coventry made Daimler.

21 - Broolands Double 12 18-19, 06, 2011 019[1]

The Morgan Three Wheeler Club were well represented on the day.

22 - double12winners[1]

Special congratulations go out to Ian and Maria Parkinson for winning the Concours!
(photo by - Trevor Seymour)

23 - Broolands Double 12 18-19, 06, 2011 036[1]

The Clive Lones Morgan
Baragwanath JTOR 996CC J.A.P. Engined Cycle Car
It Achieved 37 world records and in 1930 was the first Light Car to lap Brooklands outer Circuit at 100mph.
There were also some fantastic Austin Severn's out and about.

24 - Broolands Double 12 18-19, 06, 2011 082[1]

Chris Williams' Austin 7 special with a 3 Cylinder Light Aircraft Engine

25 - Broolands Double 12 18-19, 06, 2011 069[1]

An unusual short bodied Austin 7
Special thanks to all at Brooklands who made me feel so welcome and made such an amazing event possible. I fully recommend this event to anyone and urge you to attend next year.
Don't forget if your not already I would also like to recommend that you become a Brooklands trust member and that you support this amazing living museum:







Land Speed Racing Websites:
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