NEWSLETTER 2227 - December 22, 2011
Editor: Richard Parks [email protected]
President's Corner: By Jim Miller (1-818-846-5139)
Photographic Editor of the Society: Roger Rohrdanz, [email protected]
Northern California Reporter: Spencer Simon

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 President's Corner, Editorials, A memorial and celebration of life for Burke LeSage has been scheduled; Steve Stapp 71, former California sprint car driver, and son of legend Babe Stapp, was critically hurt yesterday in Brownsburg when stopped in traffic on a railway crossing and his motorhome was struck by a train; Amateur 8mm footage shot at an SCTA meet at Harper Lake, definitely prewar but chock full of iconic hot rods; Editor: Here are three websites sent in by Garry Baker from Australia that may interest the readers; The December issue of ACAG Update is now available by following this link; Below are the race dates missing from the 36hp Challenge schedule posted in the December 12 edition as promised; The Grand National Roadster Show will be held at the Los Angeles County Fairplex, in Pomona, California on January 27 through the 29, 2012; Rod Hadfield is the secretary of the DLRA and their website is at     http://www.dlra.org.au/; I’ve signed up to receive the newsletter Please feel free to add a link to the Harper Lake video; Motorcycle racer and team owner Valerie Thompson has been named the co-recipient of the 2011 American Woman Riders Community Hero Award by the American Woman Riders Association; The 1932 Ford (also known as the Deuce) is a significant part of automotive culture because it was the first V-8 powered vehicle available at a price affordable to the common man; Editor’s notes: The following was submitted by Burly Burlile and I have tried to make it conform to my newsletter


President's Corner:  
Jim Miller is working on a long story concerning drag racing’s early days, which will appear in the next issue of the SLSRH.


     The readers should notice the structure of the newsletter. It begins with the masthead, then the President’s column, Editorial and finally letters, news and research. This is a standard approach in magazines, newsletters, newspapers and internet e-zines. What I want to talk about today is the editorial. Editorials are like newspaper obituaries, op-ed pages or crossword puzzles. Some readers are interested in them and others simply by-pass what the editor has to say. Frankly, when I read the local newspaper I go right to the editorials first and I can quickly judge whether the publication will be a first class one or not. Part of that is bias, but a great deal of my judgment is based on experience. Take for example the Los Angeles Times, the Orange County Register and the old, now defunct, Los Angeles Mirror. The Mirror couldn’t compete against the Times and was bought out and became the Times/Mirror. Much of their staff became the backbone of the Times and brought a quality to the Times that had been previously lacking. Today the Times is a mediocre newspaper and a quick glance at the editorials will tell you why. 
   Editors and editorials set the mood for the publication. It isn’t bad to be like the
Times or the Register, each representing a different viewpoint. The publication mirrors the views and policies of the editor. When I step down the new editor of this publication will change the way the newsletter looks, feels and reports on based on his or her biases and experience. That was the way it was for my father in the late 1930’s when he and a few others created the Road Runners News and made extra copies for anyone else in the SCTA who wanted them. The newsletter expanded to mention news of other individuals in other clubs and eventually Wally Parks and Eldon Snapp decided, with approval of the board, to rename the little publication the SCTA Racing News. Dad often told my brother David and I how he and Eldon would put together the newsletter, typing with those old carbon papers and then they would drive down to Carlsbad to meet Bozzie Willis from the San Diego Roadster Club. Bozzie was their close friend and companion in all the shenanigans that they were into. Willis knew a printer who gave him a good deal on printing. When the newsletters were done, Bozzie would bring the issues to the board meetings in Los Angeles and give them out to the board and club representatives to distribute to their members.
   Like all editors, my father would use the newsletter as a forum to advance the goals of the SCTA, which he believed in all of his life. He was very subtle about it, not ham-fisted or stubborn like I am with the editorials that I write. He took that same style of consensus with him when he went on to become the editor of
Hot Rod magazine.  Even in his emails and letters to people he was always editorializing. He would send my stories, articles and emails back to me with “corrections.” I find that I do that today to people. Just about every email that I receive that goes into this newsletter has been slightly edited. The reason that I do that to you is the same reason that my father did that to me; he didn’t want us to be embarrassed by our mistakes and he wanted hot rodding to be seen in a “professional” way. He knew that we were all a bunch of grease monkeys, but he wanted the public to see us as equals, not as young trouble-makers. I don’t change your meanings, but if you misspell words or your grammar needs a spruce-up then I make those corrections. In some cases, as with Tex Smith, a real editorial pro and owner of Tex Smith Libraries, I leave his writings alone, because Tex wouldn’t be Tex if I made those corrections. 
   What does an editor do? First, he sees that the publication contributors get their work in on time and the newsletter goes out in a regular fashion. Two, he directs the news, research and topics towards the goals of the organization and sometimes his own biases. He is the captain of the ship and that vessel is the newsletter. The editorial is his “battle instructions to the crew” before engaging the enemy. Or the pep talk the coach gives to his team before the kick-off. My father fervently believed the editorial to be one of the most important part of the publication, especially as he was always behind some cause. He passionately protected hot rodding from the politicians who wanted to legislate the sport out of existence. He fought tooth and nail to combat illegal street racing, since deaths on the highway meant more pressure to ban street rodding and motorsports racing. Besides fighting against negative stereotypes, he also fought for those things that would benefits hot rodding, such as organizations like SEMA, ICCA, NHRA, ACCUS, etc. He was also dedicated to protecting the rights of oval track racing as well as drag and land speed racers. So when you see the editorial, don’t assume that it is simply a bombastic exercise. There are good reasons to see what the editor is trying to do and say. From the editorial comes the map to the newsletter itself.
   On another subject, Jim Miller recently had his email system hacked and the scam artists cracked his password and took all of his old emails containing photographs and email addresses. He eventually got his computer’s email system restored to him and he has kept his old email address, but changed his password to a much longer and more complex one so as to thwart any new attempts to hack his computer. But a lot of damage has been done. Hundreds, if not thousands of people have received the hackers demands for money. The letter sent out said that Jim was mugged in London and lost all his money, airline ticket, passport and needs money to get home. Of course this is not true and Jim has spent a great deal of time calling people and letting them know that it was all a scam by unknown hackers and not to send any money to the hackers. This has happened to some of my friends and relatives. You can protect yourselves by BCC’ing (Blind Carbon Copying) your email addresses and never “Forward” someone else’s emails without removing the email addresses from public view. Another thing that you can do is make your password more difficult. Hackers have computer machines that can run thousands of password combinations a second and can break short and simple passwords. CAT or DOG takes hackers but seconds to break and then they are into your computer and can take whatever they want and use your computer for their criminal plans. 
   That could make YOU liable for the damages as well as ruining your reputation. If you use a seven character (numbers, letters and marks like a pound sign) password the thieves can break your code in hours. An eight character password can be broken in days. A nine character password can be broken in weeks and a ten character password can be broken in two months or less. To be on the safe side use at least a twelve character password with some of the letters capitalized, a few numbers and some signs. For example, here is a rather difficult password to break; #Gear157Grinder* and which is still easy to remember. You can also do it in reverse, such as #Grinder157Gear*. There are sixteen characters, eleven lower case letters, two marks, three numbers, and two capitalized letters. The numbers can represent your car’s SCTA number. The chance that someone can hack this password is remote, unless your email address is the same as your password. Another thing that you can do is to take all the email addresses and important email messages that you want to save and put them in a Word Folder. If you think your computer has been compromised, call your server immediately. If you think a friend of yours has been hacked, then don’t email him, call him on the telephone instead. There are other methods to protect your computer and if you send your suggestions to me I will put them in the newsletter for others to read.


A memorial and celebration of life for Burke LeSage has been scheduled.  If you have a web site, know of a web site, know friends and or associates of his and you have a way of contacting them, please assist me and the family.  The Celebration of Life will be on Friday, January 20, 2012 at 1:00 PM at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum, 1101 West McKinley Avenue, Bldg 3A Pomona, California 91768.  If you have photos, or anything you'd like to share please bring anything and everything.  Larry and I are assisting the family and organizing the program.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.  Anne Lindsley, [email protected], or call 909-240-0868.
     Anne: Thank you for the invitation and I will contact those on my list.


Steve Stapp 71, former California sprint car driver, and son of legend Babe Stapp, was critically hurt yesterday in Brownsburg when stopped in traffic on a railway crossing and his motorhome was struck by a train. He was thrown out of the cab and landed on the ground with severe injuries including two broken legs. Stapp owned the sprint car that took Pancho Carter to many USAC wins in the 70s. The hospital was waiting for his condition to become stable so they could perform surgery on his legs. At his age it could go either way. Stapp was driving sprint cars when he was 22 owned by his father but he kept gaining weight until they no longer fit him so he turned car owner. Daughter Susanna has updates on Facebook.   Sent in by Len Ashburn, Jerry Grobe and Bob Falcon


Amateur 8mm footage shot at an SCTA meet at Harper Lake, definitely prewar but chock full of iconic hot rods. You are going to love this! See http://youtu.be/z5ENn_hxv64. Chuck Edwall
   Gary and Dave: Jack Underwood shared your link with me on Tommy's prewar dry lakes video.  Do you have any more videos of early lakes video?  
   Unfortunately, no. That footage was on an 8mm reel that included a bunch of family stuff, we pulled off the lakes material and used ALL of it.  Can you tell me about the Society of Land Speed Racing Historians?  Dave Welles
Dave: The Society of Land Speed Racing Historians was a group of interested people who came together about four years ago to try and save as much history of land speed racing, hot rodding and the first ten years of early drag racing.  Members use our newsletter to give progress reports, biographies, photos and any other knowledge that they may have.  All the newsletter issues are archived at www.landspeedracing.com.  The Society has no rules, dues or a regulated structure as most of us are either amateur or professional historians.  There are also other fine websites that research the history of LSR including; H.A.M.B., www.landracing.com, www.AHRF.com, Bonneville News, SCTA Racing News, and many others that can be googled on the internet.  Put www.landspeedracing.com on your list of favorites or sign in and the website owner will send you a notice when a new issue is ready to read. 


Editor: Here are three websites sent in by Garry Baker from Australia that may interest the readers.
Research projects are my main thread.  I will look around, and also ask Brian Darby to see if he can be of help.   Brian does a lot of web sites - maybe a dozen or so. See
http://www.vintagespeedway.com/, http://justmidgets.homestead.com/, http://aussieroadracing.homestead.com/.  Garry Baker


The December issue of ACAG Update is now available by following this link. See www.drceurope.co.uk/acag/dec2011.  Thanks to Jayne McWatt (a colleague from way back when we both had proper jobs with Sewells International) the layout is now much improved, and once again it is our friends at Drag Racing Confidential who have given us this turn-page version. I now feel we are somewhere near where I want to be with this publication. This issue includes the latest news on the restoration project and page 6 gives you a link to Bob Roberts if you would like to help with the work. Page 9 covers the exciting new arrangements we have recently announced with the Institute of the Motor Industry’s apprenticeship programme. If you would like to show off your car at any of the national events we will be attending then contact me on [email protected]. The final article is the first part of a series plotting the racing history of the 1961 Allard Chrysler we are restoring for the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu. Brian Taylor


Below are the race dates missing from the 36hp Challenge schedule posted in the December 12 edition as promised.
   March 23-25 The TEXAS MILE (36hp Challenge). One mile standing start time trial, Beeville, TX. All VW racers and spectators welcome. For information visit [email protected]. For 36hp Challenge guideline information visit, www.burlyb.com.
   October 26-28 The TEXAS MILE (36hp Challenge). One mile standing start time trial, Beeville,TX. All VW racers and spectators welcome. For information visit
[email protected]. For 36hp Challenge guideline information visit, www.burlyb.com. Burly Burlile


The Grand National Roadster Show will be held at the Los Angeles County Fairplex, in Pomona, California on January 27 through the 29, 2012. This is the oldest hot rodding show still in existence, forming one year after the Hot Rod Show at the Armory in Los Angeles. This is the one show that I always try and make in order to see my friends from around the country. Hope to see you all there. Editor


Rod Hadfield is the secretary of the DLRA and their website is at     http://www.dlra.org.au/. Rod’s website is at http://www.google.com.au/search?source=ig&hl=en&rlz=&=&q=%22rod+hadfield%22&oq=%22rod+hadfield%22&aq=f&aqi=g1g-s1g4&aql=&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=4843335l4859494l0l4859932l30l30l3l8l0l1l317l4388l2.3.10.4l19l0.  Garry Baker


I’ve signed up to receive the newsletter. Please feel free to add a link to the Harper Lake video; it’s on our home page at: http://www.seabrighthotrods.com/.  Here is the back story on the film and my uncle: Uncle Tommy Lorbeer wasn't really kin. He was my dad's best friend. Tommy raced with my dad at the lakes in the late 30's, flew a P-38 in WWII, drove a Porsche in the early 50's, and had the first VW Van in Riverside. He was always ahead of the curve. As kids, we'd never heard a stereo system before. Tommy had one and, without warning, flew a fighter jet from the left speaker to the right — at full speed and full volume. Man, we all hit the floor. In 1940 he bought a new-fangled toy, an 8mm movie camera, and took it out to Harper Dry Lake. We think my dad is the guy early in the footage in the white coveralls, leather helmet, with his thumbs in his ears, wiggling his fingers. Both my dad and Tommy are gone, but his son found and sent me this reel of film they shot that day on the lake. All he knew was that there was some “hot rod stuff” in it. I had it digitized and you can imagine our surprise when we discovered what we had! My son Connor gets all the credit for editing it, adding the music, and making it fun to watch. Dave Welles
   Dave: Thank you for the link. We never know where these treasures will turn up, but if we keep looking and asking we do find them.  Our goals are to preserve history and sometimes the history includes other things than land speed racing and hot rodding.  We also try and preserve the history of the era as well.  Primarily we do it for our family, but then make it available, as you have, to a more general audience.  Here are our four primary goals; 1) write your biography, 2) caption all your photographs, 3) write down your stories, and 4) inventory all your possessions.  History attaches itself to objects.  It is through objects like photographs, parts, and memorabilia that we keep our stories alive through bench racing.  But we need to go past bench racing to the written word and save stories, biographies and captioned photographs for future generations.  We don't know the value of what we save; we do it on faith alone.  But if we look at what past generations have given to us and how much it means to our generation, then we know that what we save today will be extremely valued by future generations.  This is why we exist and why we formed the Society of Land Speed Racing Historians group.  As individuals we save what we can and add it to what others save and the future will then inherit what we have done.  Videos are extremely rare and we are very grateful that you have saved this treasure.  Be sure to read the back issues of the newsletter.  Work on a family biography if you can and I will help you by editing and publishing it.  Your father's story (and Tommy Lorbeer's) should be told. 


Motorcycle racer and team owner Valerie Thompson has been named the co-recipient of the 2011 American Woman Riders Community Hero Award by the American Woman Riders Association. Thompson's racing accomplishments and community support of the HopeKids children's charity were key criteria for award selection.  The American Woman Riders Community Hero Award was initiated in 2010 to provide recognition of women motorcycle riders who donate time to charities and give selflessly to their community without expecting something in return. "Valerie's many years of supporting the HopeKids organization was a key consideration in selecting her for this year's recognition. She has taken children to drag races, attended movie days, and participated in many fundraising events for the organization. Her motorcycle racing accomplishments in drag racing and land speed record attempts make her an excellent role model for thousands of women riders across the country. Valerie's positive, caring attitude display what a true American Woman Rider strives to be," according to Tina Reeves, President of the American Woman Riders Association. 
   "This award is a real honor. My parents taught me the importance of ‘giving back’ to the community and helping those less fortunate. I love working with kids, which has been extremely rewarding for me personally. HopeKids does excellent work and it has been a wonderful experience to help support their efforts," said Thompson. Tammy Wiley from Harker Heights Texas was the co-recipient of this year’s community hero award, recognizing her work with the "We Fight Like A Girl" ovarian cancer foundation. Thompson currently holds two land speed records at the famed Bonneville Salt Flats. This year Thompson ran a "personal best" top speed of 201.01 mph at the 8th Annual BUB Speed Trials, outperforming all other BMW's at the event. She has risen from a competitor in the All Harley Drag Racing Association series, to being a racing team owner/licensed competitor in the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Pro Stock Motorcycle Series. Thompson also serves as a motorcycle presenter for the world’s largest auto auction company, Barrett-Jackson.
   Thompson's current goals include setting additional land speed records and becoming a member of the “200 MPH Club.” Current sponsors include: CTEK battery chargers, TROON Enterprises, Swisstrax, Stand Up Photos, Alter/Bivins Racing, and Hawthorne CAT of San Diego. Founded in 2010, the American Woman Riders Association began as a New Mexico online magazine for women who love to drive and ride motorcycles. The online magazine has grown quickly and now has international members in Italy, Germany, Spain, New Zealand, and Australia. American Woman Riders celebrates all the grandmothers, mothers, and daughters who love riding the open road.  Additional Information Sources Web Site: www.americanwomanriders.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ValerieFanPage Facebook: http://facebook.com/valerie.thompsonracing YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ValerieThompson20 LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/valerie-thompson/11/52a/90a Web Site: http://www.ValerieThompsonRacing.com Web Site: http://HopeKids.org Web Site: http://smartercharger.com Web Site: http://hawthornecat.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/American-Woman-Riders/112117735473351
Sent in by Eric Studer [email protected]


The 1932 Ford (also known as the Deuce) is a significant part of automotive culture because it was the first V-8 powered vehicle available at a price affordable to the common man. Quite often '32 Fords were stripped of their heavy fenders, running boards, and sometimes even headlights and windshields (on open cars) simply for the pursuit of speed. As the number of speed equipment manufacturers grew, an entire aftermarket industry was born, eventually finding a voice on the pages of Robert E. Petersen's Hot Rod Magazine.                  
     The Petersen Automotive Museum will commemorate the 80th anniversary of this iconic automobile during Deuce Week in March, 2012. Come celebrate Deuce Week at the Petersen! Choose to participate in any or all of these fun-filled events, and know that the money is going to a good cause! All proceeds raised during Deuce Week will help fund educational programs and exhibits at the Petersen Automotive Museum. The Petersen Automotive Museum Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity.  In addition to the events below, historic 1932 Fords will be on exhibition inside the Petersen from February 29, 2012 through March 25, 2012. Guests will also have the opportunity to preview 1932 Ford pedal cars courtesy of Warehouse 36 customized by nine of the top hot rod shops in the country. The customized pedal cars will be sold at auction later in 2012 with the proceeds benefitting the Petersen Automotive Museum Foundation. 
     Remember, you can participate in most of the events even if you do not bring a 1932 Ford. Only the Deuce Day car show itself is restricted to 1932 Fords. Sorry, but Model As on Deuce rails or other makes or years with Deuce grille shells will not be accepted for the Deuce Day car show.  Wednesday February 29th, 2012 Vintage Air Presents the Pacific Coast Highway Drive and VIP Museum Tours  Starts at 8:30 a.m.  Participants will meet at the Petersen Automotive Museum at 8:30 a.m. to receive maps and instructions for a fun-filled day of coastal driving and automotive museum viewing. The group will leave from the Petersen Automotive Museum around 9 a.m. and will drive up the scenic Pacific Coast Highway arriving at The Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard, California around 10 a.m.  The Mullin Automotive Museum is an homage to both the art deco and the machine ages – eras that produced exquisite art and magnificent automobiles.  The museum is home to examples of the finest of historic French automobiles from prestigious marques such as Bugatti, Voisin, Delage, Delahaye, along with significant and representative decorative art from this same period. 
     After enjoying a guided tour through the Mullin Automotive Museum, the group will depart for Mike Malamut’s Vintage Car Museum.  Participants will enjoy a light lunch and a world-class collection of micro-cars and beautiful postwar vehicles from around the world.   Price: $25 per person (includes lunch)  Thursday March 1st, 2012  Morning: Hot Rod Shop tours with lunch provided by the L.A. Roadsters.  Starts at 8:30 a.m.  Thursday morning will find you in what many would consider to be Hot Rod Heaven. Participants will meet for breakfast at the private collection of historic hot rod collector and preservationist Bruce Meyer. After enjoying Bruce’s collection, the tour will travel to Burbank to visit many of today’s most influential hot rod builders.  The first stop includes Old Crow Speed Shop and Hollywood Hot Rods. Old Crow Speed Shop is a coalition of pals who got together for one reason and one reason only – to preserve and promote the art and activity of land speed racing.  Hollywood Hot Rods is a cutting-edge hot rod shop that is steeped in tradition, with owner Troy Ladd guiding nostalgia into the 21st century with style!  The tour will then head to H&H Flatheads, the specializing in building Ford’s venerable Flathead V-8 in any configuration from mild to wild. H&H is now the exclusive distributor of Navarro Racing Equipment.
     The group will enjoy a shop tour and delicious lunch provided by the L.A. Roadsters.  Price: $25 per person (includes lunch)  Evening: Egge Machine Presents: Hot Rod Round Table/Dinner/Book Signing  Cocktails start at 6:30p.m. Cocktails / Panel Discussion runs from 7:00-10:00 p.m.  Meet hot rodding's heroes and pick up the latest hot rod books during a very entertaining and informative evening. Several hot rod authors will be on hand for the book signing.  Please check back closer to the event for a list of authors.  Join noted automotive author and former Director of the Petersen Automotive Museum, Ken Gross, as he moderates the Hot Rod Round Table panel discussion: “The Past, Present, and Future of Hot Rodding”. Noted panelists will include:  Past:  Tony Thacker:   Automotive Author and Executive Director of the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum. Former Marketing Vice President of So-Cal Speed Shop and the first editor of Performance Aftermarket magazine now called SEMA News.   Alex Xydias: Founded So-Cal Speed Shop in 1946 in Burbank. In 1950, he drove the first streamliner powered by a Flathead Ford to go over 200 mph. He is a member of the board of directors of the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum. 
     Andy Brizio: Known as "The Rodfather" for his development of the "Instant T" hot rod kits, Brizio has long been a driving force and leader in the hot rodding world.  Greg Sharp: Curator of the NHRA Motorsport Museum. Called "the rod and custom trivia king" by Rod and Custom magazine.  He's participated in all forms of hot rodding, from racing at Bonneville to judging custom car shows all over the country.   Present:  Roy Brizio: Owner of Roy Brizio Street Rods, Brizio has a unique "hot rod heritage" that has lead to the specialty construction of cars for celebrities, professional sports figures, famous musicians as well as for notable people throughout the automotive aftermarket industry.  Pete Chapouris: Started "Pete & Jakes Hot Rod Parts" and built the hot rod seen in the Martin Sheen movie, "The California Kid." Former VP of Marketing at SEMA. Licensed the SO-Cal Speed Shop name from his friend, Alex Xydias and opened the legendary shop once again in 1997.  Dave Lane: Dave Lane of Fastlane Rod Shop in Donahue, Iowa is known worldwide for his one-man hot rod shop. 
     Lane is one of the true superior craftsmen in today’s hot rod scene. He has won numerous awards including most recently, Goodguys Street Rod of the Year 2011.  Troy Trepanier: Started Rad Rides by Troy. In addition to building hot rods, Troy has worked closely with Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, and sports and Hollywood celebrities.  He was featured on two “Rides” feature length shows and participated on two “Overhaulin’” episodes.  Future:  Stewart Reed: Chair of the Transportation Design Department at Art Center College of Design. Creator of over 20 concept vehicles. Owns Stewart Reed Design, specializing in advanced design concepts, spanning from high-end/performance-luxury to off-road and transforming vehicles.  Troy Ladd: Hollywood Hot Rods owner Troy Ladd is steeped in tradition, but uses his keen eye to create artistic, technology-laden designs to build unique cars that are known world-wide. True to the Hollywood name, his shop is featured often on a variety of automotive television shows. 
     Chip Foose: Founded Foose Design. His creations have won both the America's Most Beautiful Roadster award and the Riddler award several times. Host of the TLC program Overhaulin'. He is also the Vice Chairman of the Progeria Research Foundation, California Chapter.  Larry Erickson: Designed Cadzzilla and Aluma Coupe. Currently Chair of Transportation Design at College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Previously Chief Designer in Ford Motor Company's Strategic Design Group. Chief Designer on the 2005 Mustang Design Team.   Price: $95 per person (includes dinner and cash bar)  Friday March 2nd, 2012  DynaMat presents Deuce Week Celebration Concert Benefitting the Petersen Automotive Museum Foundation  This event is limited to 1,200 guests and will sell out! Buy your tickets early!  Cocktails start at 6:00 p.m. / Concert goes from 7:30 -10:00 p.m.  Join us for a rock concert you’ll never forget! Some shows bring you cover bands –we bring you the real legendary rock n’ roll artists you know and love and put them on stage together!
     The lineup is top secret, but if you were at our last Deuce Week Concert in 2007, you know what kind of party it will be! You will also have the opportunity to bid on guitars provided by Fender and a 1932 Ford pedal car provided by Warehouse 36, all signed by the artists on stage.  Price: $125 per person (includes hors d’oeuvres and cash bar)   Saturday March 3rd, 2012 Deuce Week Car Show  Vehicle registration and final set-up 6:00 a.m-9:00 a.m. / Show open to the public 9:00a.m. – 4:00p.m.  This is what Deuce Week is all about! See over 400 Deuces gather in the Petersen Automotive Museum parking structure. See your favorite magazine cars on Cover Car Row and visit vendors who specialize in parts for 1932 Fords! Event participation is open to 1932 Fords ONLY. No exceptions.  Registration is only $32.00 per car. Spectator admission is included with purchase of General Museum Admission ticket. 
     All proceeds raised during Deuce Week will help fund educational programs and exhibits at the Petersen Automotive Museum. The Petersen Automotive Museum Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity. For more information, to buy tickets, or to register your 1932 Ford for Deuce Day, go to www.DeuceWeek.org. Special thanks to all of the sponsors including main event sponsors: Hagerty Collector Car Insurance, HotRodHotline.com, Egge Machine, and Warehouse 36, and individual sponsors: Vintage Air, LA Roadsters, and Dynamat.  The Museum is located at 6060 Wilshire Boulevard (at Fairfax) in Los Angeles.  Admission prices are $10 for general admission adults, $8 for seniors, $5 for military and students with ID, and $3 for children ages 5 to 12. Museum members and children under five are admitted free. Covered parking is available for $2 per half hour with an $8 maximum for Museum visitors. Museum hours are Tuesday through Sunday from 10am to 6pm. For general Museum information, call 323/930-CARS or visit the Museum’s Web site at: www.petersen.org


Editor’s notes: The following was submitted by Burly Burlile and I have tried to make it conform to my newsletter. If for any reason there are errors on the lines or the information for these records is hard to understand, it is wholly my fault.
The history of Volkswagen land speed racers top speeds, as accurate as I can make it with the information currently available! I am not a historian and have not kept records as to where the information was found. The history below is on 25 or 26 pages and is also attached above in a Word file.  As noted, I record only the "top speed" set at individual LSR meets from around the world and do not focus on "records."  Since numerous meets are held each year at El Mirage, Maxton and Texas, I have taken "only the highest speed for each VW racer" during the specific year as the top El Mirage (or Maxton or Texas) speed recorded. This is a compilation of history I have gathered over a period of twenty three years from result sheets, programs, magazine articles and when available, timing slips. A couple of early speed records have even been taken from sponsor advertisements.  Please feel free to publish this through the SLSRH for their review and comments. I would welcome any additions or corrections that might be forthcoming. The attachment above should present the information in a more organized format than the "copy" shown below.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. And thank you for this opportunity to share this information with the land speed racing world.  Sincerely, Burly Burlile
VOLKSWAGEN TOP LAND SPEEDS (Individual Top Speeds by Year) as of November 21, 2011. Compiled by Burly Burlile. Note: All information listed below is the most current available. If you are aware of needed additions or corrections, please contact Burly Burlile at [email protected] or call 435-752 4359.

year   driver/entry        fastest speed   vehicle     #   class     engine     location
* - Overall Fastest VW Speed to date
**  - Unverified Speed
*** - Fastest Production Bodied Bug
****- Fastest 36hp Bug
S/P - Single Port Heads
D/P - Dual Port Heads
____ - Unknown Information
A/C - Air Cooled
W/C - Water Cooled
T/C - Twin Cam 16 Valve
2 way avg – Class Record(not top speed)
n/a – Information Not Available
GPS – Timed by GPS-true speed n/a
year   driver/entry   fastest speed vehicle   #   class   engine     location


1939 ?    86.991       38 Type 64 (60K10)  _?_ 985cc   Autobahn DE Berlin Roma        design speed D/P  Dual Carb Reckordwagen

1949 Otto Mathe’/Muller 120.110** 38 Type 64(60K10  32hp1085cc  Autobahn DE        Berlin-Roma     D/P Dual Carb (est. factory 1939 top speed 107.807mph)        Reckordwagen

1960 Dick Beith   80.874*  58 Bug 368  F/TS 36hp 1192cc  Bonneville UT        77.107 2 way avg record Driven to salt S/P Dual Carb Qualified at 73.34 mph         Homemade Intake

1961 Dick Beith   101.696* 56 Bug  149   E/TS   36hp 1299cc      Bonneville UT        2 way avg record Driven to salt  S/P Single Carb Wheel Centre     Pepco        Supercharger

1962 John Gosvig/Ellis   94.40 54 Bug 143 F/TS  36hp 1192cc  Bonneville UT       D/P Dual Carb Okrasa

1963 Dick Beith  129.68* Lakester 65 F/GL   36hp 1299cc    Bonneville UT        P38 Bellytank   S/P Single Carb Wheel Centre Pepco Supercharger Okrasa         Crankshaft 

Note: Pre 1963 records were retired after this year due to class changes

1965 Tom Bruch/Dickenson  89.92 56 Bug 143 I/Pro 36hp 1295cc Bonneville UT        Driven to salt  D/P Dual Carb Okrasa

1966 Tom Bruch/Dickenson 103.676 56 Porsche  134 H/GTS 36hp 1295cc Bonneville UT Speedster            D/P Dual Carb Okrasa

1966 Dean Lowry/EMPI 125.86 56 Bug 359 H/Pro 40hp  1941cc Bonneville UT Inch Pincher     n/a Dual Carb121.45 2 way avg   Weber

1966 Bob Newmire 67.82 __ Bug 183 I/Pro  40hp  1294cc Bonneville UT D/P Dual Carb Okrasa/Weber

1967 Bob Newmire 130.62* Streamliner  62  E/GS    40hp 1720cc Bonneville UT Jack Sutton/McAfee Dragster D/P Dual Carb 128.020 2 way avg        Okrasa/Weber    

1967 Tom Bruch 109.572 56 Porsche  149 H/GTS   36hp 1295cc Bonneville UT 2 way avg Speedster  D/P Dual Carb Record Okrasa

1967 Al Nichols/Veldman 129.87 56 Ghia 152 F/GTS  1900cc  Bonneville UT Vel-Nics Folly     D/P Dual Carb Zenith

1967 Al Nichols 124.65 56 Ghia 154 F/GT  ? El Mirage CA

1968 Pete Barker 119.52 68 Bug 108  H/Pro 1982cc Laguna Salada (Mex) D/P Dual Carb Weber

1968 Pete Barker 115.53 68 Bug 108 H/Pro ? El Mirage CA

1968  Tony Hill           rainout 55 Bug  113  H/Pro  2000cc  Bonneville UT Victory Wagen                   D/P Dual Carb Solex

1968 Bob Newmire        rainout  Streamliner  ____ ____  40HP Bonneville UT Jack Sutton/McAfee Dragster   D/P Supercharger 371 GMC

1968 Tom Bruch         rainout  56 Porsche  1107 H/GTS  36hp 1192cc Bonneville UT Speedster      D/P Dual Carb Okrasa

1968 Tom Bruch          rainout 56 Porsche 107 G/GTS 36hp 1295cc Bonneville UT Speedster D/P Dual Carb Okrasa

1968 Bonneville 2 (October) No VW Competitors

1968 Bob Weggeland 104.0  __ Kit Car  37  G/SR  1500cc        Laguna Salada (Mex) Fiberfab Jamaican

1968 Al Nichols 90.27 56 Ghia 110 F/S   ? El Mirage CA

1968 Al Nichols 114.35 56 Ghia ? F/GT ? El Mirage CA

1968 Al Nichols 119.84 56 Ghia 110 E/SC ? El Mirage CA 

1968 Bob Weggeland 106.88 Kit Car 37 G/SR ? El Mirage CA

1969 Bob Weggeland 131.77 Kit Car 37 G/SR 2311cc Bonneville UT Fiberfab Jamaican

1969 Pete Barker 128.893 68 Bug 108 H/Pro 1982cc Bonneville UT 128.163 2 way avg   D/P Dual Carb Record  Weber 131.100 mph      unconfirmed

1969 Pete Barker 115.68 68 Bug 108 H/Pro  ? Laguna Salada (MX)

1969 Bob Newmire/Patton 134.93* Streamliner  62 E/GS  40hp 1720cc Bonneville UT Jack Sutton/McAfee Dragster     D/P Dual Carb       Unconfirmed 148+mph**  Okrasa/Weber

 1969 Al Nichols/Veldman 134.32 56 Ghia 110 F/GTS 1900cc  Bonneville UT Vel-Nics Folly   D/P Dual Carb Zenith

1969 Al Nichols 122.61 56 Ghia 27 F/GT  ? El Mirage CA

1969 Al Nichols 106.76 56 Ghia ? F/GT ?  Riverside � mile

1969 Al Nichols 120.16 56 Ghia  125 E/S ? Laguna Salada (Mx)

1969 Bob Weggeland 131.77 Kit Car 37 G/SR  1491cc Laguna Salada (Mex) Fiberfab Jamaican

1969 Bob Weggeland 103.44 Kit Car 37 G/SR ? El Mirage CA

1970 Bob Weggeland      no time  __ Kit Car 37  G/SR  1491cc Bonneville UT Fiberfab Jamaican

1970 Ken Lowry/Deano 157.898 60 Kit Car 122 G/SR  1968cc Bonneville UT Amante GT   D/P Dual Carb 153.887 2 way avg record     Weber TerraSoar

1970 Al Nichols/Veldman 134.278 56 Ghia 300 H/Pro 1900cc Bonneville UT Vel-Nics Folly  D/P Dual Carb 133.145 2 way avg record         Weber

1970 Al Nichols 115.53 56 Ghia 300h/Pro ? El Mirage CA

1970 Tom Bruch/Popa     ___?___ 59 Ghia 512 ____ 1284cc Bonneville UT

1971 Al Nichols 127.29 56 Ghia ? F/GT ? El Mirage CA

1971 Al Nichols 125.00 56 Ghia 300 H/PR ? El Mirage CA

1971 Al Nichols/Veldman 131.57 56 Ghia 110 H/Pro 1900cc Bonneville UT Vel-Nics Folly   D/P Dual Carb Weber

1971 Ken Lowry/Deano 160.470* 60 Kit Car 122 F/SR 1968cc Bonneville UT 2 way avg   Amante GT   D/P Dual Carb Record     TerraSoar  Weber

1971 Ken Lowry/Deano 157.939  60 Kit Car  1122 G/SR  1500cc Bonneville UT 2 way avg  Amante GT  D/P Dual Carb Record    TerraSoar Weber

1971 Bob Weggeland      no time Lakester  37  F/L 1999cc Bonneville UT EMPI/Macs/Weggeland

1971  Al Nichols/Bruch  118.421  56 Ghia 1110 I/Pro  40hp 1285cc Bonneville UT Vel-Nics Folly   D/P Dual Carb Okrasa Weber

1971 Phil Knight/Scat 123.7 Streamliner  345 F/GS  1500cc Bonneville UT Scat Volksliner  Fuel Injected

1972 Tom Bruch/Popa 113.49 59 Ghia 512  I/Pro  40hp 1285cc Bonneville UT D/P Dual Carb Okrasa Weber

1972 Dave Fisher         no time Lakester 68 F/L 1200cc Bonneville UT

note: 1973 almost rained out-only limited runs made

1973 Tom Bruch/Popa 115.38 59 Ghia  512 I/Pro 40hp 1285cc Bonneville UT D/P Dual Carb Okrasa Weber

1973  Dave Fisher        no time  Lakester 149  F/L  1200cc  Bonneville UT

1974 Pat Covey 127.11 70 Bug  175 H/Pro  1968cc  Bonneville UT da Freaky Frog  D/P Dual Carb Weber

1975 Pat Covey 111.11 70 Bug  75  H/Pro 1968cc Bonneville UT da Freaky Frog  D/P Dual Carb Weber

1975 John Weston Sr. 138.67 64 Ghia  117 F/GC  1492cc Bonneville UT Buggy House    Turbo (Bumps 2classes)

1976 Ray Filteau/Weston 152.372 64 Ghia  117  F/GC 1900cc Bonneville UT Buggy House    Turbo (Bumps 2 classes)

1976  Jerry Young/Weston   no time 64 Ghia         1117 I/GC  994cc  Bonneville UT Buggy House                  2 cyl VW

1976 Jerry Young/Weston 143.54 64 Ghia 117 1835cc Bonneville UT Buggy House Turbo

1977  Larry Monreal 96.685 68 Ghia 57 H/GC 1479cc Bonneville UT 2 way avg  Old Volks Home  D/P Dual Carb Record                                 Weber

1977 Jerry Young/Weston 128.57 64 Ghia 117 F/GCS Bonneville UT Buggy House

1977  Jerry Young/Weston   no time 64 Ghia 1117 994cc Bonneville UT Buggy House Turbo

1977 John Weston Sr. 121.13 64 Ghia 117 F/GC  1497cc Bonneville UT Buggy House   Turbo(Bumps 2 classes)

1977 Larry Monreal 122.95 68 Ghia 57 H/Pro 1479cc Bonneville UT Old Volks Home D/P Dual Carb Weber

1977  Larry Monreal        99.685    68 Ghia          57 H/GC      1479cc     Bonneville UT 2 way avg   Old Volks Home  D/P Dual Carb Weber

1977 Mark Grzebyk 152.780 Off Road Rail 228 G/GL 2000cc Bonneville UT Grizzly Sandrail

1978 Mike Manghelli/Brehm 118.000 56 Ghia  211 F/Pro 1980cc  Bonneville UT 2 way avg Record   D/P Dual Carb

1978 Mike Manghelli/Brehm 138.249 56 Ghia 2111 F/Pro 1980cc   El Mirage CA D/P Dual Carb

1978 Burke LeSage/Benham 125.96 Lakester 34 F/GL 1500cc Bonneville UT P-80 Belly tank  Turbo (bumps 2 classes)

1978 Larry Monreal 122.95 68 Ghia 57 ____ 1497cc Bonneville UT Old Volks Home

1978 John Weston Sr. 121.13 64 Ghia  117 ____ ____cc  Bonneville UT Buggy House

1979 John Weston Sr. 129.963 64 Ghia 117 G/GC 2.0 Pinto Bonneville UT

1979 Ron Banks 148.612 Lakester 8 G/GL  1600cc W/C Bonneville UT Formula Super Vee Fresno Chrome

1979  Stanley Moyes/WSU 110.07 79 Kit Car ____  ____  1500cc W/C Bonneville UT Viking    Turbo Diesel Dasher

1979 Burke LeSage/Benham 160.470 Lakester 34  F/GL  1500cc  Bonneville UT  P-80 Belly tank  Turbo(bumps 2 classes)

1979 Larry Monreal 119.976 68 Ghia 57 H/GC 1497cc Bonneville UT Unconfirmed 139.381**         D/P Dual Carb       Old Volks Home                Weber

1979 Mike Manghelli/Brehm 144.00 56 Ghia 2111 G/FC 1980cc  El Mirage CA D/P Dual Carb Weber

1980 M Manghelli/Collier 143.5 56 Ghia 2111 G/GC 1980cc    El Mirage CA D/P Dual Carb Weber

1980 Keke Rosberg 224.99** Streamliner 2400cc W/C Nardo IT    Fastest Lap  VW Factory effort                Turbo 6 Cyl Diesel

1980 Don Watkins/Benham142.241 56 Ghia 34  F/CC 1493cc Bonneville UT Opel GT Front End            D/P Dual Carb Weber

1980 Mark Grzebyk 149.000 Off Road Rail  228 G/GL  1999cc    El Mirage CA Grizzly Sandrail

1980 Mark Grzebyk 152.740  Off Road Rail  228 G/GL  1999cc Bonneville UT Grizzly Sandrail

1980 Larry Monreal 128.350 68 Ghia  57  H/Pro  1497cc  Bonneville UT Old Volks Home  4 Speed 124.932 2 way avg record

1980 Bob Leighton       no time 68 Ghia 257 G/Pro 1376cc Bonneville UT Old Volks Home

1980 Larry Monreal 128.50 68 Ghia  57  G/Pro 1497cc  Bonneville UT 2 way avg  Old Volks Home  speed (bumps 1 class)

1980 Mike Monreal       ___?___ 68 Ghia 57 G/Pro 1497cc  El Mirage CA Old Volks Home Dual Carbs Weber

1980 Rodger Monreal 110.000 68 Ghia 57 G/Pro 1497cc   El Mirage CA Old Volks Home  Dual Carbs Weber

1981 M Manghelli/Collier 143.54 56 Ghia ____  G/GC 1980cc El Mirage CA D/P Dual Carb Weber

1981 M Manghelli/Collier 139.381 56 Ghia  2111 G/GC  1980cc Bonneville UT 134.770 2 way avg   D/P Dual Carb Record      Weber

1981 M Manghelli/Collier 138.582 56 Ghia 211 G/GALT 1980cc Bonneville UT D/P Dual Carb Weber

1981 Norm Benham 145.178 Lakester  301 G/GL 1995cc Bonneville UT F-80 Belly tank  D/P Dual Carb Team Smoke It Weber

1981  Bob Leighton/Monreal no time 68 Ghia 57  H/Pro  1497cc Bonneville UT Lee Leighton Motor

1981 Don Watkins/Benham 140.427 56 Ghia  34 F/CC 1442cc W/C Bonneville UT Fiat T/C Motor

1981 Larry Monreal 130.735 68 Ghia 571 H/FC 1492cc Bonneville UT130.491 2 way avg D/P Dual Carb Record Weber Old Volks Home

1981 Larry Monreal 130.057 68 Ghia 57 H/GC 1492cc Bonneville UT 128.570 2 way avg D/P Dual Carb Record Weber Old Volks Home

1982 RAIN OUT !                     Bonneville UT

1982 Mike Manghelli/Collier 139.225 56 Ghia  2111 G/ALT ____cc El Mirage CA

1983 Larry Monreal 109.223 68 Ghia 57 I/GALT  997cc     El Mirage CA Old Volks Home

1983 J Collier/Manghelli  ___.___ Lakester 2111 G/Gl &G/FL ----cc Bonneville UT Frame Works Dragster

1983 J Collier/Manghelli 156.304 Lakester 2111 G/L ----cc Bonneville UT Frameworks Dragster

1984 Larry Monreal 126.595 68 Ghia 57 I/GC 997cc Bonneville UT Old Volks Home

1985  J Collier/Manghelli 151.000  Lakester  2111 G/FL  1984cc A/C     El Mirage CA Frame Works Dragster

1985 J Collier/Manghelli 189.786 Lakester 2111 F/GL 2800cc Bonneville UT Frame Works Dragster         Dual Carb  Auto Craft

1985 Larry Monreal 114.530 68 Ghia 57 I/GC 997cc    El Mirage CA Old Volks Home

1985  John Weston Sr. 143.920 64 Ghia 117 ____  2.0 Pinto  Bonneville UT

1985 Larry Monreal 145.178 68 Ghia 57 G/FC ____cc  Bonneville UT Old Volks Home 132.582 2 way avg record

1986 Larry Monreal 121.458 68 Ghia 57 I/FC  997cc  Bonneville UT Old Volks Home

1987 J Collier/Manghelli 199.902* Lakester  2111 F/GL  1500cc W/C Bonneville UT Frame Works Dragster            Turbo

1987 Blaine Hunsaker 89.533 69 Type 2 130 Club 1776cc Bonneville UT Westphalia Camper           Dual Carb

1987 Larry Monreal 167.480 68 Ghia 57 E/GC  1875cc Bonneville UT Old Volks Home                 D/P Turbo

1987 Kurt Weber/Thistham 118.141 29 Ford Model A 109 G/SR 1781cc W/C Bonneville UT Roadster                      Dual Carb T/C Side draft

1987 Larry Monreal 125.294 68 Ghia 57 H/FC ____cc    El Mirage CA Old Volks Home                 D/P Turbo

1988 Skip Moore 154.532 Streamliner 589  G/GS 1776cc    El Mirage CA Unconfirmed 161.870**

1988 Larry Monreal 147.799 68 Ghia 57 F/GC  ____cc W/C Bonneville UT Old Volks Home  Rabbit Turbo Unconfirmed 161.870**

1988 Hans Dahlback 174.705** 55 Bug(with wing)  ____cc Sweden Turbo

1988 Kurt Weber 114.402 29 Ford Model A 109 G/SR 1781cc W/C  Bonneville UT Roadster                      Dual Carb T/C Side draft

1988 Mike Manghelli 169.843 Streamliner 2111 F/GL 1500cc W/C Bonneville UT Frame Works Dragster            Turbo

1989 Larry Monreal 137.341 68 Ghia 57 F/GC  1474cc W/C Bonneville UT Old Volks Home    Rabbit 126.912 2 way avg record

1989  Kurt Weber 118.268 29 Ford Model A 109 G/SR 1781cc W/C Bonneville UT Roadster                      Dual Carb T/C Side draft

1989 Larry Monreal 113.464 68 Ghia 57 F/GC 1474cc W/C   El Mirage CA  Old Volks Home             Rabbit

1989 Skip Moore 104.202 Streamliner  589  G/GS  1776cc     El Mirage CA

1990 Skip Moore 161.870 Streamliner 589  G/GS  1776cc     El Mirage CA

1990 Larry Monreal 165.080 68 Ghia 57 F/GALT  1487cc W/C Bonneville UT 2 way avg   Old Volks Home   Jetta T/C Turbo

1990  Kurt Weber 116.144 29 Ford Model A 109 F/ST 1781cc W/C Bonneville UT Roadster                      Dual Carb T/C Side draft

1991 L Forlano/Hicks 132.100*** 61 Bug(no wing) 83 F/Pro  2234cc    El Mirage CA D/P Dual Carb Webers

1991 Larry Monreal 167.808 68 Ghia 57 H/BGC 1487cc W/C Bonneville UT Old Volks Home Jetta 163.808 2 way avg record  T/C Turbo

1991 Russ Coster 91.279 __ Sirocco 130 Club  1800cc Bonneville UT Driven to salt

1991 Larry Monreal 133.650 68 Ghia 57 H/BGC 1487cc W/C  El Mirage CA Old Volks Home                Jetta T/C Turbo

1991  Burly Burlile/Hart 100.558 74 Super Beetle 130 Club 2015cc Bonneville UT Driven to salt            Single 2B Carb (no wing)

1991 Kerry Hart/Burlile 104.561 74 Super Beetle 410 G/Pro 2015cc Bonneville UT (no wing)                      Single 2B Carb

1991 Burly Burlile/Hart 111.441 74 Super Beetle 410 G/Pro  1834cc Bonneville UT (no wing)                      Dual Carb

1992 L Forlano/Hicks 141.242 61 Bug(with wing) 83 G/GALT 2234cc    El Mirage CA

1992 Kerry Hart/Burlile 131.296 74 Super Beetle 410 G/Pro 2378cc Bonneville UT (no wing)                      Fuel Injected

1992 Burly Burlile/Hart 129.717 74 Super Beetle 410 G/Pro 2378cc Bonneville UT (no wing)                     Fuel Injected

1992 Mike Manghelli/Burly 130.015 74 Super Beetle 410 G/Pro 2378cc Bonneville UT (no wing)                     Fuel Injected

1992 Mike Manghelli    144.810  Lakester 2111 F/GL ____cc W/C         Bonneville UT Frame Works Dragster

1992 Larry Monreal  164.121 68 Ghia 57 H/BGC 1479cc W/C    El Mirage CA 2 way avg   Old Volks Home

1992 Victor Arias       147.83   70 Fiat 850 Spyder 310 G/MS 1914cc Bonneville UT

1992 Jesse Winders      121.321  81 Rabbit Pick-Up ____  ____  ____cc W/C Bonneville UT

1993  Bob Stahl          114.191    65 Bug(no wing) 380 G/GC  1976cc         El Mirage CA Type 4 Dual Carb 48 IDA

1993 M Manghelli/Monreal 148.244 Lakester 2111 H/GL 1500cc A/C     El Mirage CA Frame Works Dragster

1993 Kerry Hart/Burlile   ___.___ 74 Super Beetle  410 G/Pro 2378cc Bonneville UT (no wing)                      Fuel Injected

1993 Larry Monreal 155.145 68 Ghia 57 H/BALT ____cc W/C   El Mirage CA Old Volks Home              Rabbit T/C Turbo

1994 Bob Stahl       126.797   65 Bug(no wing)   380 G/GC     1976cc         El Mirage CA Type 4  Dual Carb 48 IDA

1994   RAIN OUT !

1994 Dave Fisher        rain out 65 Bug 931 I/GCC 850cc W/C Bonneville UT Cyl Suzuki Two Stroke

1994 Mike Monreal       rain out  68 Ghia 57 H/GCC 1479cc W/C Bonneville UT Old Volks Home                Rabbit T/C Turbo

1994 Kerry Hart/Burlile    rain out  74 Super Beetle  410 G/Pro 2378cc Bonneville UT (no wing)                      Fuel Injected

1994 Victor Arias        rain out  70 Fiat Spyder  310 F/MS 2374cc Bonneville UT Dual Carb Weber

1995 Bob Stahl         131.582  65 Bug (no wing)   380 G/GC 1976cc Bonneville UT Type 4 Dual Carb 48 IDA

1995  Bob Stahl         129.688   65 Bug (no wing)   380 G/GC    1976cc        El Mirage CA Type 4 Dual Carb 48IDA

1995 Kerry Hart/Burlile    127.891  74 Super Beetle  410 G/Pro 2378cc Bonneville UT (no wing)                      Fuel Injected

1995 Larry Monreal       152.643  68 Ghia 571 H/GCC 1487cc W/C  Bonneville UT Old Volks Home   Rabbit 149.485  2 way avg record

1996 L Forlano/Hicks      no time 61 Bug(with wing) 83 G/FALT 2235cc        El Mirage CA

1996 Tom Bruch/Fisher  104.686  70 VW/Porsche 914 903 I/GT  996cc Bonneville UT Bruch Motorwerks  3 Cyl 911 Motor

1996 Bob Stahl         150.506  65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 G/FALT 1976cc        El Mirage CA Type 4 NOS Dual Carb 48 IDA

1996 Bob Stahl         130.722   65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 G/FALT 1976cc       Muroc CA Type 4 NOS Dual Carb 48 IDA

1996  Bob Stahl         144.595   65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 G/FALT   1976cc        Bonneville UT Type 4 NOS Dual Carb 48 IDA

1996 Larry Monreal      116.016   86 Pontiac Fiero 57 H/BMS 1487cc W/C     Bonneville UT Rabbit

1997 Ernie Hashim      94.00    85 Dodge Ram PU  235 G/DT  1800cc W/C Muroc CA Rabbit Diesel

1997 Ray O’Bannon        92.524  56 Bug (with wing)  210 G/GALT 2000cc Bonneville UT

1997 Larry Monreal      142.572   86 Pontiac Fiero 57 H/BMS 1479cc W/C Bonneville UT 133.527 2 way avg record         Rabbit

1997 Dean Lowry/DDS    133.062   73 Super Beetle 346 F/GALT 2332cc   El Mirage CA (with wing)

1997  Bob Stahl         143.427   65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 G/FALT   1976cc        Bonneville UT Type 4 NOS Dual Carb 48IDA

1997  Bob Stahl       146.676   65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 G/FALT   1976cc        El Mirage CA Type 4 NOS Dual Carb 48 IDA

1997  Bob Stahl          95.284   65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 G/FALT   1976cc        Muroc CA Type 4 NOS Dual Carb 48 IDA

1997 Tom Bruch 98.542 70 VW/Porsche 914 903 I/GT 996cc Bonneville UT Bruch Motorwerks               3 Cyl 911 Motor

1998  Mike Manghelli     84.514   Streamliner  2111 H/DS  1800cc W/C    Bonneville UT 82.813 2 way avg Record Rabbit Diesel Turbo      Frameworks Dragster

1998 Judson Fisher/Bruch  112.218  81 Rabbit Pick-Up 493 H/MMPP 1976cc W/C Bonneville UT 108.763 2 way avg Record

1998 Ernie Hashim      111.688  85 Dodge Ram PU 235 G/DT  1800cc W/C  Bonneville UT     Rabbit Diesel

1998 Ernie Hashim  104.00  85 Dodge Ram PU 235 G/DT  1800cc W/C Muroc CA Rabbit Diesel

1998 Bob Stahl         151.656  65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 G/FALT 1976cc Bonneville UT Type 4 NOS Dual Carb 48 IDA

1998  Bob Stahl         108.922   65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 G/FALT   1976cc        Muroc CA Type 4 NOS Dual Carb 48 IDA

1998  Bob Stahl         142.069   65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 G/FALT   1976cc        El Mirage CA Type 4 NOS Dual Carb 48 IDA

1998 Larry Monreal      147.041  86 Pontiac Fiero 57 H/BMS ____cc W/C Bonneville UT 145.546 2 way avg record        Rabbit

1999  Mike Manghelli     119.786  Streamliner   2111 H/DS 1500cc W/C Bonneville UT Frame Works Dragster Rabbit 116.865 2 way avg record Diesel Turbo

1999 Ernie Hashim ___.___ 85 Dodge Ram PU 235 G/DT 1888cc W/C Bonneville UT TDI Diesel

1999 Dave Fisher/Bruch  114.029  81 Rabbit Pick-Up 493 H/MMPP  1479cc W/C Bonneville UT 112.061 2 way avg record

1999 Bob Stahl          149.054  65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 G/FALT 1976cc Bonneville UT Type 4 NOS Dual Carb 48 IDA

1999 Bob Stahl 151.255 65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 G/FALT 1976cc Muroc CA Type 4 NOS Dual Carb 48 IDA

1999 Bob Stahl 148.996 65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 G/FALT 1976cc El Mirage CA Type 4 NOS Dual Carb 48 IDA

1999 Larry Monreal      127.275  86 Pontiac Fiero 57 H/BMS 1479cc W/C Bonneville UT Rabbit

1999 Rick MacLean 99.775 68 Ghia 573 G/Pro 1986cc     El Mirage CA Dual Carb Weber

2000  Mary Fisher       129.286  81 Rabbit Pick-Up  1493 G/MPP ____cc W/C  Bonneville UT 128.830 2 way avg record

2000 Dave Fisher       127.685 81 Rabbit Pick-Up 493  G/MMPP  ____cc W/C Bonneville UT 126.088 2 way avg record

2000 Tom Bruch/Fisher  135.512 81 Rabbit Pick-Up 1493 G/MMP  1781cc W/C Bonneville UT

2000 Bob Stahl          149.420  65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 F/FALT  2914cc        El Mirage CA Type 4 Nitro Fuel Injection

2000 Bob Stahl 144.520 65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 F/FALT 2914cc  Bonneville UT Type 4 Nitro Fuel Injection

2000 Larry Monreal      121.359  86 Pontiac Fiero  57 ____ ____cc W/C      Bonneville UT Rabbit

2000 Ernie Hashim      123.268  85 Dodge Ram PU 235 G/DT  1800cc W/C Bonneville UT Rabbit Diesel

2000 Pam Manghelli     80.212   80 Rabbit Pick-Up 2111 H/DT   cc W/C Bonneville UT Cyber Racing Rabbit Diesel 78.536 2 way avg record

2000 Mike Manghelli 77.544 80 Rabbit Pick-UP 2111 H/DT ____cc W/C El Mirage CA Cyber Racing

2001  Tom Bruch/Fisher   117.028  81 Rabbit Pick-Up ____  G/PU  ____cc W/C  Bonneville UT

2001 Tom Bruch 109.222 70 VW-Porsche 914 903 I/GT 996cc  Maxton NC 3 cyl 911 motor

2001 Ernie Hashim       129.665  85 Dodge Ram PU 235 G/DT  1888cc W/C Bonneville UT 2 way avg  Rabbit Diesel

2001 Pam Manghelli     94.338  80 Rabbit Pick-Up 2111 H/DT ____cc W/C  Bonneville UT 2 way avg  Cyber Racing Rabbit Diesel  

2001 Larry Monreal       117.503  86 Pontiac Fiero 57 H/GC 1479cc W/C Bonneville UT Rabbit

2001 Larry Monreal 102.380 86 Pontiac Fiero 57 H/MS cc W/C Bonneville UT

2001 Bob Stahl          151.941  65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 F/FALT  2914cc Bonneville UT Type 4 Nitro Fuel Injection

2001 Bob Stahl 137.963 65Bug (with spoiler) 380 F/FALT 2914cc El Mirage CA Type 4 Nitro Fuel Injection

2001 Rick McLean 99.775 68 Ghia 573 G/Pro 1986cc    El Mirage CA Dual Carb Weber

2001 Kerry Hart/Manghelli  74.552  80 Rabbit Pick-Up 2111 H/DT ____cc W/C Bonneville UT Cyber Racing   Rabbit Diesel

2002 Bob Chilson 144.240 Lakester 486 G/BGL 1781cc    El Mirage CA Frame works Dragster  Turbo Twin Cam

2002  G Beaumont/Monreal 120.630  70 Ghia 5711H/BALT  1479cc W/C  Bonneville UT Old Volks Home   Rabbit  119.644 2 way avg record 

2002 Bob Stahl          142.944  65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 F/FALT 2914cc Bonneville UT Type 4 Nitro Fuel Injection

2002 Pam Manghelli       97.061  80 Rabbit Pick-Up 2111 H/DT  ____cc W/C  Bonneville UT 2 way avg  Cyber Racing Rabbit Diesel

2002 Kerry Hart/Manghelli 91.677   80 Rabbit Pick-Up 2111 H/DT ____cc W/C  Bonneville UT Cyber Racing     Rabbit Diesel

2002 Rick MacLean 121.863 68 Ghia 573 G/Pro 1978cc      El Mirage CA Dual Carb Weber

2003  Larry Monreal       117.339  70 Ghia 57 H/BFALT  1479cc W/C  Bonneville UT Old Volks Home   Rabbit Turbo

2003 Jesse Winders 126.400  83 Rabbit Pick-Up  ____  ____  ____cc W/C Bonneville UT

2003 Bob Stahl          152.016  65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 F/FALT 2914cc Bonneville UT Type 4 Nitro Fuel Injection

2003 Bob Stahl 125.009 65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 F/FALT 2914cc El Mirage CA Type 4 Nitro Fuel Injection

2003  K Pedersen/Manghelli 126.324  80 Rabbit Pick-Up  2111 F/MMP 1500cc W/C Bonneville UT 2 way avg Record Rabbit Turbo Cyber Racing

2003 Dan Chilson 145.001 Lakester 486 G/BGL 1781cc W/C  El Mirage CA Frame works Dragster  Turbo Twin Cam

2003 Bob Chilson 166.780 Lakester 486 G/BGL 1781cc W/C  El Mirage CA Frame works Dragster  Turbo Twin Cam

2003  K Pedersen/Fisher  123.569    80 Rabbit Pick-Up ____ ____  ____cc W/C Bonneville UT Cyber Racing

2003 Bob Chilson 188.340 Lakester 486 G/BGL 1781cc W/C Bonneville UT Frameworks Dragster Turbo Twin Cam 177.253 2 way avg record 

2003  Dan Chilson        193.609  Lakester 486 G/BGL 1984cc W/C Bonneville UT Frame Works Dragster            Turbo T/C

2003 Rick MacLean 109.769  68 Ghia 573 G/Pro 1986cc        El Mirage CA Dual Carb Weber

2004  Bob Stahl          155.828  65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 F/FALT 2914cc Bonneville UT Type 4 Nitro Fuel Injection

2004  Pam Manghelli      112.340   80 Rabbit Pick-Up  2111 H/MMP 1494cc W/C Bonneville UT Cyber Racing

2004 Rick McLean 126.763 68 Ghia 573 G/Pro 1986cc       El Mirage CA Dual Carb Webers

2004 Jesse Winders 88.618  83 Rabbit Pick-Up  479  I/MMP  ____cc W/C  Bonneville UT 2 way avg record

2004 Larry Monreal ___.___ 70 Ghia 57 H/BALT 1479cc W/C Bonneville UT Old Volks Home

2004  Danny Chilson    207.320  Lakester 1486 G/BFL  1984cc W/C  Bonneville UT Frame Works Dragster  T/C Turbo  204.313 2 way avg record

2004 Dan Chilson 163.798 Lakester 486 G/BGL 1984cc W/C     El Mirage CA Frame works Dragster  Turbo Twin Cam

2005 Bob Stahl 144.682 65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 F/FALT 2914cc Bonneville UT Type 4 Nitro Fuel Injection

2005 Larry Monreal 123.154 70 Ghia 57 H/BFALT ____cc W/C    El Mirage CA Old Volks Home

2005  Larry Monreal     116.454   70 Ghia 57 H/GALT  ____cc W/C Bonneville UT Old Volks Home

2005  T Bruch/Schlabaugh   81.223  57 Bug   903 SSS36 36hp 1415cc   Maxton NC 1B Single Carb

2005  Danny Chilson      197.675  Lakester 1486 G/BGL 1984cc W/C    Bonneville UT Frame Works Dragster           Sirocco T/C

2005 Danny Chilson 199.302 Lakester 486 G/BGL ____cc W/C     El Mirage CA Frame Works Dragster

2005 Bob Stahl 138.573 65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 F/FALT 2914cc El Mirage CA Type 4 Nitro Fuel Injection

2005  Rick MacLean 132.631 68 Ghia 573 G/Pro  1967cc Bonneville UT

2005 Rick MacLean 123.547 68 Ghia 573 G/Pro 1967cc        El Mirage CA

2005  Roger Jones       122.140   69 Ghia  9298 H/GALT  1493cc         Maxton NC Peanut Special Dual Carb

2006  Craig Wilson       66.419  60 Bug  T21 SS36  36hp 1192cc    Bonneville UT Stock

2006 Will Boelke/McLean 133.082 68 Ghia 1573 G/Pro 1967cc Bonneville UT Dual Carb Webers

2006  R McLean/Boelke    140.417  68 Ghia   573 G/Pro 1967cc Bonneville UT Dual Carb Weber

2006 R McLean/Boelke 134.123 68 Ghia 573 G/Pro 1967cc       El Mirage CA Dual Carb Weber

2006  Bob Stahl          151.411  65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 F/FALT 2914cc     Bonneville UT Type 4 Nitro Fuel Injection

2006 J Bradshaw/Monreal 134.825  70 Ghia 57 H/BGALT ____cc W/C Bonneville UT Old Volks Home

2006 K Pedersen/Manghelli 113.399 80 Rabbit Pick-Up 2111 H/MMP ____cc W/C Bonneville UT 113.184 2 way avg Record Turbo Cyber Racing

2006 M Manghelli/Pedersen 111.331 80 Rabbit Pick-Up 2111 H/MMP    ----cc W/C El Mirage CA Cyber Racing  Turbo

2006  Frank Deinbacher  124.3 __ Karmann Motorhome VW T5    ____cc W/C Eurospeedway DE avg lap speed TDI Diesel

2006  Danny Chilson  169.480 Lakester 4862 F/BGL  1984cc W/C Bonneville UT Frame Works Dragster  Sirocco T/C 158.399 2 way avg record

2006 Danny Chilson 179.325 Lakester 486 F/BGL 2153cc W/C   El Mirage CA Frame works Dragster  Sirocco T/C

2006 Dan Chilson 198.945 Lakester 486 G/BGL 1984cc W/C    El Mirage CA Frame works Dragster  Turbo Twin Cam

2006  Roger Jones       125.670  69 Ghia  9298 H/GALT 1493cc         Maxton NC Peanut Special                  Dual Carb

2006  Jesse Winders      87.138  83 Rabbit Pick-Up 479 I/PMP ____cc W/C      Bonneville UT 2 Cyl Rabbit

2006 Tom Bruch/Burlile     83.090  69 Bug T903 NA36  36hp 1192 Bonneville UT Turbo

2007 Danny Chilson      212.610* Lakester 486  F/BGL  2153cc W/C     Bonneville UT Frame Works Dragster            T/C Turbo 16v

2007  Bob Stahl          142.580  65 Bug(with spoiler) 380 F/FALT 2914cc         El Mirage CA Type 4 Nitro Fuel Injection

2007 Dan Chilson 188.144 Lakester 486 G/BGL 1984cc W/C   El Mirage CA Frame works Dragster  Turbo Twin Cam

2007 Bob Stahl 159.000 65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 F/FALT 2914cc Bonneville UT Type 4 Nitro Fuel Injection

2007 J Bradshaw/Monreal 127.788  70 Ghia 57 ____  ____cc W/C     Bonneville UT Old Volks Home

2007  Roger Jones       132.598  69 Ghia 9298 H/GALT  1493cc        Maxton NC Dual Carb

2007  Kevin Winders     114.239  83 Rabbit Pickup  ____  ____  ____cc W/C Bonneville UT

2007  Jesse Winders      116.546  83 Rabbit Pick-Up 479 H/PMP  ____cc W/C Bonneville UT 114.064 2 way avg record

2007  Tom Bruch/Anderson 91.649 74 Bug  903 DSS36 36hp 1415cc  Maxton NC S/P Dual Carb

2007  Mike Manghelli     110.651 80 Rabbit Pickup  2111 G/PMP  2000cc W/C    El Mirage CA Cyber Racing                   T/C Turbo

2007 Rick MacLean 140.417 68 Ghia 573 G/Pro 1985cc       El Mirage CA Dual Carb

2007  Craig Wilson        79.375  67 Ghia T67 130 Club 1595cc    Bonneville UT S/P Stock

2007 D Fisher/Brezik     no time 81 Rabbit Pick-Up 1493 G/MMP 1984cc W/C Bonneville UT

2007  Bruce Cook/B&C     68.507  51 Bug 9597 SS36 36hp 1192cc  Maxton NC Stock

2007 J Bradshaw/Monreal 127.788 70 Ghia 57 H/BGALT ____cc W/C Bonneville UT Turbo

2007  K Pedersen/Manghelli 108.010  80 Rabbit Pickup  2111 ____  ____cc W/C Bonneville UT

2007  Boki Evans         133.664  __Golf GTi T32  130 Club  2300cc W/C Bonneville UT VR6 RBZ

2008 Steve Ward/Klokkevold  83.291  77 Bug  T328 NA36  36hp 1192cc  Bonneville UT Turbo

2008  Tom Bruch/Anderson 103.496 74 Bug   T903 NA36     36hp 1192cc Bonneville UT Turbo

2008  Ed Fall/Vintage Werks 70.670  57 Bug  T29 SS36 36hp 1192cc Bonneville UT Stock  

2008  Kevin Winders  105.612 83 Rabbit PU  479 H/DT ____cc W/C Bonneville UT 2 way avg record

2008  Bob Stahl     155.498 65 Bug (with spoiler) 380  F/FALT  2914cc Bonneville UT Type 4 Nitro Fuel Injection

2008 Bob Stahl 141.247 65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 F/FALT 2914cc El Mirage CA Type 4 Nitro Fuel Injection

2008  J Bradshaw/Monreal 156.553 70 Ghia  57 H/BGALT  ____cc W/C  Bonneville UT Old Volks Home  Rabbit Turbo

2008  K Pedersen/Manghelli 130.453 80 Rabbit Pick-Up   2111 G/PMP ____cc W/C Bonneville UT Cyber Racing Turbo 129.694 2 way avg record      

2008 Rick Yacoucci 123.007 80 Rabbit Pick-Up 2111 G/PMP  ____cc W/C Bonneville UT Cyber Racing                   Turbo

2008 John Milner/Deadwood 88.573 85 Formula V     none 150 Club 2200cc Bonneville UT Laser FV                             Dual Carb

2008 Chris Wolcott  89.104  81 Rabbit Pick-Up 9214 G/BMMP 2000cc W/C Maxton NC

2008 Mark Olson/Stahl 128.357 65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 F/FALT 2914cc Bonneville UT Type 4 Fuel Injection

2008  John Finn     117.756 84 Rabbit GTi 8383 G/GSS ____cc W/C Maxton NC T/C Turbo

2008 Dan Chilson 199.252 Lakester 486 G/BGL 1984cc W/C     El Mirage CA Frame works Dragster  Turbo Twin Cam

2008 Bruce Cook/B&C   73.006  51 Bug    9567 SS36 36hp 1192cc Maxton NC Stock

2008 Dan Chilson 185.956 Lakester 486 F/BGL 2153cc W/C        El Mirage CA Frame works Dragster  Turbo Twin Cam

2009 Jacob Staub   97.740  2000 Honda Insight T61 130 Club 1200cc W/C Bonneville UT  92.94 Miles Per Gallon 3Cyl VW Lupo TDI Turbo

2008 Danny Chilson      no time Lakester 486 F/BGL 1999cc W/C Bonneville UT Frameworks Dragster  Turbo

2009  Bob Stahl     153.639 65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 F/FALT  2914cc Bonneville UT Type 4 Nitro Fuel Injection

2009 J Bradshaw/Monreal 165.714 70 Ghia  57 H/BGALT  1479cc W/C  Bonneville UT Old Volks Home                 Rabbit Turbo

2009  Richard Troy  101.163 59 Ghia  T143 GhiaDSS36 36hp 1600cc Bonneville UT Denzel Dual Carb  

2009 Derek Campbell 94.891 __ Bus   T1967130 Club ____cc Bonneville UT Turbo

2009 Joel Wolcott 118.000** 81 Rabbit Pick-Up 9214 G/MMP 2000cc W/C Maxton NC

2009 Cody Johnson  100.509   61 Baja Bug  T013 130 Club  2180cc Bonneville UT Dual Carb

2009 Justin McAllister 103.056 60 Bug/BIrk   T63 DSS36  36hp 1621cc Bonneville UT Single Carb

2009 Tom Bruch/Anderson 106.514**** 74 Bug   T903 NA36  36hp 1378cc Bonneville UT Turbo

2009 Glenn Patterson 73.235  58 Bug  T160 SS36  36hp 1192cc Bonneville UT Beaver Geezers              Stock

2009  Dan Durie       71.389 58 Bug   T60 SS36  36hp 1192cc Bonneville UT Beaver Geezers                  Stock

2009  Al Leggett     73.492 58 Bug   T601 SS36  36hp 1192cc Bonneville UT Beaver Geezers           Stock

2009  Alan Johnsen   121.187 Formula SV Lola T55 130 Club cc A/C Bonneville UT Zuffenhaus ARS                 T-4 Dual Carb

2009  Jeremy Freedman 208.194 97 Golf GTi 7999 SST 2981cc W/C  Goliad TX 207.022 Fastest VW 2 way avg     VR6 Turbo Tuner - Tony Palo

2009  Britt Grannis    64.794  74 Bug   T48 SS36  36hp 1192cc Bonneville UT Team Ireland

2009  Kevin Winder   92.969 83 Rabbit Pick-Up  479 ____ ____cc W/C Bonneville UT

2009  Kevin Winder    128.691 Streamliner  1479 H/DS ____cc W/C Bonneville UT 123.605 2 way avg        Rabbit Diesel Turbo Record

2009  Tom Bruch/Anderson 90.203  74 Bug  903 SSS36  36hp 1415cc   Maxton NC 1B Single Carb

2009  Bruce Cook     101.772 51 Bug  9567 DSS36 36hp 1493cc Maxton NC Canadian Split                  Dual Carb

2009  John Finn       129.047 84 Rabbit GTi 8383 G/GSS ____cc W/C Limestone M Slalom Racer                   T/C Sirocco Turbo

2009  Talor Burns      117.718 74 Ghia  2903 G/GRS 1914cc Maxton NC 17 year old girl                 Dual Carb

2009  Gary Fergus     137.125 __ Golf R32 T337 130 Club  ____cc W/C Bonneville UT 135.856 2 way avg

2009  Robby Olsen     121.318 01 Golf Gti T44 130 Club  ____cc W/C  Bonneville UT VR6

2009  K Pedersen/Manghelli 141.986 80 Rabbit Pick-Up 2111 G/BMMP  2000cc W/C Bonneville UT Turbo

2009  Mike Manghelli    166.337 80 Rabbit Pick-Up 2111 G/BMMP 2000cc W/C  Bonneville UT 165.990 2 way avg  T/C Turbo Record

2009  Roger Jones     128.648 69 Ghia  9298 ____  1493cc  Maxton NC Peanut Special                  Dual Carb

2009  Mark Holyoak    117.772 73 Super  644 F/Pro 2000cc Lake Gairdner (Au) Dual Carb

2009  Dan Chilson     166.190 Lakester 486 F/BGL  2000cc W/C Bonneville UT Frame Works Dragster            T/C Turbo

2010 Dan Durie/Patterson 70.7 58 58Bug 147 SS36 36hp 1192cc Mojave CA Beaver Geezers  Stock

2010 John Weninger/Muller GPS 56 Bug 904 SS36 36hp 1192cc Lake Gairdner AU Ratmuller Racing  Stock

2010 Greg Mackie/Muller GPS 56 Bug 859 SS36 36hp 1192cc Lake Gairdner AU Ratmuller Racing  Stock

2010 Steve Muller 127.370  69 Ghia Cabrio 873 H/Pro 2300cc Lake Gairdner AU Ratmuller Racing  Dual Carb

2010 Steve Muller GPS 56 Bug 873 SS36 36hp 1192cc Lake Gairdner AU Ratmuller Racing  Stock

2010 Zach Burns 139.505 74 Ghia 2903 G/Pro 2000cc Maxton NC 

2010 Jeremy Freed 208.1 97 Golf GTi  USC/T 2981cc  Goliad TX Tony Palo Tuner  VR6 Turbo

2010 John Milner 130.837 Formula Vee X150 150 Club 2275cc Bonneville UT Dual Carb

2010 Bruce Cook 102.324 51 Bug 9567 DSS36 36hp 1493cc Maxton NC Canadian Split  Dual Carb

2010 Talor Burns 136.021 74 Ghia 2903 G/Pro 2000cc Maxton NC Dual Carb

2010 Juan Cole 72.017 63 Bug T53 SS36 1192cc Bonneville UT Herbie Beetle Ball Rally Car Stock

2010 Todd Penn 56.233 60 Pick-Up T100 T2SS36 1192cc Bonneville UT

2010 Greg Hogue  128.5 00 New Beetle _?_ __?__ 2000cc Goliad TX

2010 Keith Pedersen/Mang 186.621 80 Rabbit Pick-Up 2111G/BMMP 2000cc WC Bonneville UT T/C Turbo

2010 Brad Humenny 115.563 Canadian Buggy T70 130 Club 2332cc Bonneville UT Dual Carb

2010 Dave Manobla 79.093 63 Ghia T54 GhiaSS36 1192cc Bonneville UT Wolfsburg West Kit  Dual Carb

2010 Alex Mykyte 170.0 09 FT565(?) _?_ _?_ __?__cc WC Goliad TX

2010 Maylene McAllister 103.967 74 Bug (Aero)Burly T363 130 Club 36hp 1621cc Bonneville UT 2B Single Carb

2010 Taylor King/Kinney 69.932 71 Bug T36 SSS36 1380cc Bonneville UT 1B Single Carb

2010 Danny Chilson 196.924 Lakester 486 F/BGL 2000cc WC Bonneville UT Frame works Dragster T/C Turbo

2010 Matt Guzowski 103.089 Formula Vee T161 130 Club 1192cc Bonneville UT Road Racer  40hp 1B Carb

2010 Richard Troy 105.777 59 Ghia T143 GhiaDSS36 1600cc Bonneville UT Denzel Dual Carb

2010 Colton McAllister 101.945 74 Bug/Burly T263 NA36 1621cc Bonneville UT 2b Single Carb Post 65

2010 Gary Fergus 154.222 _?_Golf X337 150 Club __?__cc WC Bonneville UT

2010 Craig Wilson/Grannis 71.125 67 Ghia T67 GhiaSS36 1192cc Bonneville UT Stock

2010 Dan McAllister 101.525 74 Bug/Burly T163 DSS36 1621cc Bonneville UT 2B Single Carb  

2010 Mark Biondi 133.980 04 R32 Golf T1331 130 Club 3200cc WC Bonneville UT VR6

2010 Chris Lancaster 144.1 04 R32 Golf _?_ _?_ 3200cc WC Goliad TX VR6

2010 Britt Grannis 122.496 67 Ghia T60 130 Club 2276cc Bonneville UT   Dual Carb

2010 Dick Wakefield 117.693 67 Bug T5 130 Club 2275cc Bonneville UT Dual Carb

2010 Dick Beith N.T. 68 Bug F/CC Tech Only 36hp 1450cc Bonneville UT Supercharged F.I.

2010  Craig Wilson/Bruch 98.472 67 Ghia T67 GhiaDSS36 1582cc Bonneville UT Dual Carb/Bruchrasa

2010 Rick Winder 87.648 83 Rabbit Pick-UP 479 G/DT 1500cc WC Bonneville UT Turbo Diesel

2010 Gabe Adams 158.948 04 R32 Golf X557 150 Club 3200cc WC Bonneville UT 4WD  Turbo TC

2010 Kim Slaughter 70.914 58 Bug T58 DSS36 1192cc Bonneville UT Wolfsburg West Kit  Dual Carb

2010 Bill Smith 71.314 56 Ghia T777 GhiaSS36 1192cc Bonneville UT Stock

2010 Rob Olsen 122.127 _?_Golf T49 130 Club __?__cc WC Bonneville UT

2010 Kevin Winder 145.910 Streamliner 1479 F/DS 2996cc WC Bonneville UT Dual Engine Turbo Diesel

2010 April Froak 59.149 57 Bug/McCoombs T2008 SS36 1192cc Bonneville UT Stock

2010 Jerry Avis 72.035 65 Bug (Aero) T124 130 Club 1192cc Bonneville UT Stock

2010 Justin McAllister 99.370 74 Bug/Burly T63 SSS36 1621cc Bonneville UT 1B Single Carb

2010 Britt Grannis 91.584 67 Ghia/Troy T60 GhiaDSS36 1498cc Bonneville UT  Okrasa  Dual Carb

2010 Dave McCoombs 88.898 57 Bug/Bruch T57 DSS36 1582cc Bonneville UT  Bruchrasa  Dual Carb

2010 Loui Arnold 136.053 88 Golf GTi T332 130 Club __?__cc WC Bonneville UT Supercharged

2010 Brett Morry 172.76 04 R32TT Golf 32 __?__ __?__cc WC Goliad TX 

2010 Kevin Melancon 140.5 04 R32 Golf? Satterfi 37 USC __?__cc WC Goliad TX 

2010 Jim Bradshaw 161.245 70 Ghia/Monreal 57 H/BGA 1497cc WC Bonneville UT Old Volks Home Rabbit Turbo

2010 Mark Olson/Stahl N.T 65 Bug (with spoiler) 380 F/FALT 2914cc Bonneville UT  Type 4  Fuel Injection

2010 Talor Burns 133.801 74 Ghia 2903 G/PRO 2000cc Bonneville UT  Dual Carb 

2010 Zach Burns 142.632 74 Ghia 2903 G/PRO 2000cc Bonneville UT Dual Carb

2010 Colton McAllister 103.723 74 Bug/Burly (Aero) T263 130 Club 1621cc Bonneville UT 2B Single Carb

2010 Joey Marstall 138.967 _?_Golf T337 130 Club __?__cc WC Bonneville UT

2010 Justin McCallister 99.650 74 Bug/Burly T63 DSS36 1621cc Bonneville UT 2B Single Carb

2010 Kevin Pedersen/Mang 162.910 80 Rabbit Pick-Up 2111 G/BMMP 2000cc WC   El Mirage CA

2010 Barbara Chilson 101.603 Lakester 486 F/BGL 2000ccWC Bonneville UT  Frame works Dragster T/C Turbo

2011 Richard Meaden 227.080 11 Skoda 461 G/PS __?__ Bonneville UT

2011 Charles Findlay      Rainout 70 T3 Fastback 9715 /Pro __?__ Lake Gairdner AU

2011 Jenny Wu           Rainout 11 Golf R32 1052 E/Pro __?__ Lake Gairdner AU

2011 James Stanford      Rainout 11 Amarok Pick Up 1053 P/Ute 1400cc Lake Gairdner AU

2011 James Stanford      Rainout 11 Transporter T5 1053 G/Pro __?__ Lake Gairdner AU

2011 James Stanford      Rainout 11 Polo GTi 1053 H/PS __?__ Lake Gairdner AU

2011 Karl Gehling        Rainout 11 Golf R32 1057 E/Pro __?__ Lake Gairdner AU

2011 Talor Burns 136.055 74 Ghia 2903 G/FMS 2000cc Maxton NC  Dual Carb

2011 Dan Chilson 175.538 Lakester 486 F/FL 2000cc El Mirage Ca  Frame works Dragster Fuel Injection

2011 Keith Pedersen/Mang 168.916 80 Rabbit Pick-Up 2111 G/BMMP 2000cc  El Mirage CA Turbo

2011 Larry Gregg 107.266 66 Ghia T15 130 Club 1915cc Bonneville UT  Dual Kadron

2011 Justin McCallister 127.480 74 Bug/Bug T363 130 Club 2332c Bonneville UT  Dual Weber

2011 Gabe Adams 160.047 04 Golf R32 X57 150 Club 3200cc VR6 Bonneville UT  Turbo

2011 Dan Chilson 203.443 Lakester 486 G/BGL 2000cc WC Bonneville UT  211.043 out the back door Turbo

2011 Dick Wakefield 118.510 67 Bug T51 130 Club 2275cc Bonneville UT  Dual Carb

2011 Craig Wilson 84.442 67 Ghia T67 130 Club 1600cc S/P Bonneville UT

2011 Dan Durie 75.277 58 Beetle T60 SS36 1192cc Bonneville UT  Stone Stock

2011 Zach Burns 144.752 74 Ghia 2903 G/PRO 1915cc Bonneville UT  Dual Carb

2011 Richard Luna 119.207 67 VolksRod T1967 130 Club 2275cc Bonneville UT

2011 John Finn 110.906 84 Rabbit X8383150 Club 2000cc Bonneville UT  Turbo

2011 Gene Dannan 59.709 54 Bug T54 DSS36 1192cc Bonneville UT  Wolfsburg West

2011 Bill Smith 73.572 56 Ghia T777  SS36CGhia 1192cc Bonneville UT  Stone Stock

2011 Bob Stahl 146.237 65 Bug 380 F/FALT 2914cc Bonneville UT  Type 4 Fuel Injection

2011 Scot Harig 109.051 68 Bug T4 130 Club  ? cc Bonneville UT  Turbo 2bbl

2011 Andrew Augustain 137.036 04 Golf R32 T57 130 Club 3200cc Bonneville UT     Turbo

2011 Juan Cole 75.534 Herbie Bug T53 SS36 1192cc Bonneville UT

2011 Dick Beith NA 68 Bug Streamliner 3601 H/FCC 1450cc Bonneville UT  Handling Run only Fuel Injected

2011 John Dahlstrom 97.171 ? Buggy T122 130 Club ? Bonneville UT

2011 Kevin Winder 149.182 Streamliner 1479 FDS 2000cc Diesel Bonneville UT 147.909 2 way avg  Turbo

2011 Warren Grannis 93.180 67 Ghia T711 130 Club 2332cc Bonneville UT  Dual Carb

2011 Richard Troy 92.808 59 Ghia/Denzel T143 SS36 Ghia 1621cc Bonneville UT Dual Carb

2011 Ralph Dotson 71.480 66 Bug T77 SS36 1192cc Bonneville UT  Stone Stock

2011 Craig Wilson/WW 84.442 67 Ghia T67DSS36 Ghia 1285cc Bonneville UT Wolfsburg West

2011 Tom Bruch/Anderson 126.236 66 Bug T903 NA36 1378cc Bonneville UT Turbo

2011 John Milner 134.707 Formula V X150 150 Club 2275cc Bonneville UT Dual Carb

2011 Greg Silkenson 102.630 70 Ghia T701 130 Club 1776cc Bonneville UT Dual Carb

2011 Lloyd Silacci 98..721 70 VW-Porsche 914 984 G/BFMS 2000cc Bonneville UT  4 Turbo-Dual Carb

2011 Norma Fergus 134.511 __?__Golf R32 T337 130 Club 3200cc VR6 Bonneville UT  Turbo

2011 Rick Winder 103.075 84 Rabbit P.U. 479 G/DT 2000cc Diesel Bonneville UT  Turbo

2011 Matthew Kenney 67.909 57 Bus T8 DSS36Bus 1485cc Bonneville UT 2bbl Zenith

2011 Britt Grannis 139.756 67 Ghia T70 130 Club 2332cc Bonneville UT Dual Carb

2011 Karl Barnett 107.777 65 Bug T48 130 Club 1585cc Bonneville UT  96.8 Best � mile drag speed (13.93 seconds) SSS 1bbl 

2011 Dan Kingery 91.516 81 Dasher Wagon T6802130 Club 1500cc Bonneville UT Vege Turbo

2011 Ronnie Fietelsen 68.851 60 T2 Pick Up T58 DSS36Bus 1192cc Bonneville UT Wolfsburg West

2011 Bill Hatfield 108.324 99 Bug (Mexican) T20 DSS36 1621cc Bonneville UT  Dual Carb

2011 Chris Adams 137.499 04 Golf R32 T59 130Club 3200cc Bonneville UT  Turbo

2011 Larry Mocnick 75.105 65 Bug (Cheetle) T11 “1” Club 1192cc Bonneville UT  Super Stock Single

2011 Tom Simon/Grannis 138.520 67 Ghia T701 130Club 2332cc Bonneville UT

2011 Keith Pedersen/Mang 195.582 80 Rabbit P.U. 2111 BMMP 2000cc Bonneville UT 194.520 2 way avg record  Turbo

2011 Doug Adler/Frank Klos 147.4 Streamliner 6556 DDS 5000cc V10 WC Mojave, CA Double Eagle Turbo Diesel

2011 Bruce Cook 89.678 67 Bug 9567 HFRS DSS36 ? 36hp Maxton NC Dual Carb

2011 Cody Cook 94.528 67 Bug 9567 HFRS DSS36 ? 36hp Maxton NC Dual Carb

2011 Elbert Efird 93.274 67 Bug 9567 HFRS DSS36 ? 36hp Maxton NC Dual Carb

2011 Dan Chilson 175.854 Lakester 485 GBGL 2000cc WC   El Mirage CA  Frame works Dragster

2011 Doug Adler/Frank Klos NA Streamliner 6556 DDS 5000cc V10 WC     El Mirage CA  Double Eagle Handling run only Turbo Diesel


2012 Steve Muller/Muller ? 57 T2 Kombi __?__ F/MS 2800cc T4 Lake Gairdner AU Team Ratmuller Dual 51.5 Webers

2012 Greg Mackie/Muller ? 56 Bug SS36 H/PRO 1192cc Lake Gairdner AU Team Ratmuller Stone Stock 36

2012 Steve Muller/Muller ? 69 Ghia Cabrio __?__ F/MS 2800cc T4 Lake Gairdner AU Team Ratmuller Dual 51.5 Webers

2012 Greg Mackie/Muller ? 75 Bug DSS36H/PRO __?__cc 36 Lake Gairdner AU  Team Ratmuller

2012 Steve Muller/Muller ? 2011 Golf R Sedan G/Pro-G/MS 2000cc W/C Lake Gairdner AU Team Ratmuller

2012 Doug Adler/Frank Klos ? Streamliner ? 5000cc V10  El Mirage CA  Double Eagle  Turbo Diesel

2012 Todd Penn/Ratmuller ? 73 Super Beetle ? ? Australia

2012 Burly Burlile/Ratmuller ? 73 Super Beetle ? ? Australia


I found two additional speeds set by VW's in 2011. They have been added to the final page (23) of the history list. Burly  Burlile

2011 Britt Grannis 139.756 67 Ghia T70 130 Club 2332cc Bonneville UT  Dual Carb

2011 Karl Barnett 107.777 65 Bug T48 130 Club 1585cc Bonneville UT  96.8 Best ¼ mile drag speed(13.93 seconds) SSS 1bbl   

2011 Dan Kingery 91.516 81 Dasher Wagon T6802130 Club 1500cc Bonneville UT  Vege Turbo

2011 Ronnie Fietelsen 68.851 60 T2 Pick Up T58 DSS36Bus 1192cc Bonneville UT Wolfsburg West

2011 Bill Hatfield 108.324 99 Bug (Mexican) T20 DSS36 1621cc Bonneville UT Dual Carb

2011 Chris Adams 137.499 04 Golf R32 T59 130Club 3200cc Bonneville UT Turbo

2011 Larry Mocnick 75.105 65 Bug(Cheetle) T11 1 Club 1192cc Bonneville UT Super Stock Single

2011 Tom Simon/Grannis 138.520 67 Ghia T701 130Club 2332cc Bonneville UT

2011 Keith Pedersen/Mang 195.582 80 Rabbit P.U. 2111 BMMP 2000cc Bonneville UT 194.520 2 way avg record  Turbo

2011 Doug Adler/Frank Klos 147.4 Streamliner 6556 DDS 5000cc V10 WC Mojave, CA Double Eagle  Turbo Diesel

2011 Bruce Cook 89.678 67 Bug 9567 HFRS DSS36 ? 36hp Maxton NC Dual Carb

2011 Cody Cook 94.528 67 Bug 9567 HFRS DSS36 ? 36hp Maxton NC Dual Carb

2011 Elbert Efird 93.274 67 Bug 9567 HFRS DSS36 ? 36hp Maxton NC Dual Carb

2011 Dan Chilson 175.854 Lakester 485 GBGL 2000cc WC    El Mirage CA       Frame works Dragster

2011 Doug Adler/Frank Klos NA Streamliner 6556 DDS 5000cc V10 WC     El Mirage CA Double Eagle Handling run only Turbo Diesel

 ADDENDUM is below:

2011 Brett Morry 171.6 04 Golf R32TT 32 3200cc VR6 WC Goliad TX

2011 Kevin Melancon 138.6 04 Golf R32 37 3200cc VR6 WC Goliad TX







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