Jim's Mothershead’s  "New Project"



More images: Cars I Own

My t-bucket and a couple of other cars I have owned. Hi, my name is Joe I live in Hermitage Pa.


More Info: Our “Family Car Club”

The two pictures showing the four cars were taken a couple of years ago but we still have all of the cars except the flamed 55 Ford truck.


1948 Simca

331CID 4 spd. 1950's, recovered from swamp and raced as "FUNNY COMPANY"  Featured in Goodwrench Magazine with Dale Earnhardt 1987. Raced Maple Grove Nostalgic "Geezers at the Grove" Sept. 2007.  Thanks Gene


This Is My 1931 Ford 5 Window Coupe

This was built in Ontario, Canada by Steve Ledbeater and was originally named,  "Boogitee". It has a Chevy 350, turbo 350 transmission with a 3 2-barrel carbs. Extended '32 front end with disc brakes all around. Steve did a super job on this car. Everyone who sees it says that this car was 'done right'. I live in Moorpark, CA and plan to enjoy driving this around So California as much as I can.  Thanks so much for including this in your Rodder's Row! Bill Shaw


More Info: 1947 Ford

My name is Frederick Combs, I live in Corinth, NY. My sons Fred and Brian have helped me build this old 1947 Ford, for show and to just plain have a lot of fun with!


For More Images: 1958 Oldsmobile

Have you driven an olds lately? I have had this car for over 13 years, and it's still not done. I'm an old timer, and I haven't seen one of these old girls in many years. Real tough to find parts for. Bob Graves Nampa Idaho


1931 Tudor

SHHH!!!!  Here is a sneak peek at Dustin Corl from Rockwell NC’s new Ultra Low traditional rod built by Sean Vesely of The Hot Rod Shop.  Dustin will debut the rod this year.  It sports a '48 Mercury Flatty,'39 Toploader, '48 Ford rear, 6" chop, 4" channel over 8" Z'd A-rails and stepped in the front 3".  Sean modified a '41 front "suicide" style, though Dustin stands 6'3" tall, it is easy to get into and drive.  The inside is 2” REAL roll and pleat done by JB's Custom upholstery in Raleigh NC.  It uses the stock fuel tank to supply to the 2 Stromberg 97’s


1964 Pontiac Lemans

All original except a few minor things, like 396 Chevy engine, turbo charger, 9" Ford rear and tubbed. A LOT OF FUN. Randy, Farmville, NC


More Images: Robert Leanzo

This started as a dare to build this from parts I had laying around by my buddy Charlie. With lots of help by Joey, this is what you get. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Big Bob. ~ 392 57 Hemi ~ 400th ~ 9” ~ 3:70 ~ 2600 lbs ~ all built in house in 10 months...


1932 Ford and 1957 Chevy

I thought I would send this picture of my 1932 ford and my friend Dennis 1957 Chevy, which he has owned for 49 years.
Ron from Kenosha, Wi


More Info: 1937 Chevy Ute

 I have attached some photos of our 37 Chev Ute that I just got back from the Painters yesterday. I would love to take it to some Hotrod events in the USA and go cruising around, it would be a blast (but I will keep dreaming).


1923 T Bucket

This a picture a picture of my friends 1923 T Bucket. It was built in the early 1960, Has a 327 Chevy Engine. He does not have an email address, So he asked me if I could put it in for him.
Owner Dave (Haars) Haarstick
Kenosha, WI


More Info: 1953 Buick Super Custom

Chopped 2-1/2", rear fenders molded, 57 Studebaker taillights, decked 51 Buick trunks, modified 56 Buick rear bumper, 55 Buick door & quarter tops........


More Info: New Years Project

Don't know if you can use this information but, thought you might get a kick out of the story.....This is how it goes.....I purchased this 1971 Glassic New Years day in northern California.....


More Info: My Rides

These are my cars past and present, my name is Dale Davidhizar, Born and raised in and around Portland, Or. Joined the Navy and ended up in Texas, at present living in Refugio, TX, near Corpus Christi. I have always been into cars, since the 50's, now at 69 I am a real car nut.


More Images: Contemporary Fiberglass Themes

Just wanted to tank you for the great pic of my Thames from the Columbus NHRA Page 10. My Buddies told Me About It. It makes my wife and me feel like we accomplished something… Doug Wilson


More Info: 1974 Lincoln MK IV Hardtop

In about 1998, plus or minus a year,  I went to Soap Lake, WA state to look at a 1974 MK IV.  Advertised as having only 72,000+ original miles on it.  Owned by an elderly couple who used it only in the summers to tow their large Airstream Trailer to any one of several favorite fishing lakes in Washington.....


More Info: Aztec Bronze Chevy II SS L79

It was almost 6years ago I first discovered this car. It was in a project state that had stalled. After talking to the owner for a while, I found out some interesting things about this car........


For More Images: Granny’s and Granddaddys Toys

Grannys’ Toy 1941 Chevy Coupe and Granddaddy’s Toy 1948 Chevy Sedan Delivery.  Harold Phillips


For More Images: My Toys

These are my toys, some of you might have seen them before. 2007 Trail Blazer SS, 1971 Chevelle SS and a 1957 Chevy... Roger Ross


For More Images: ‘34 Ford 3 Window Coupe

Hi, I am Joe Stox from Greenville NC. Here is a few pictures of my Coupe (glass car) It was designed to my specifications as a ZZ Top style Car. I have won LOTS OF TROPHYS.


For More Images: 1939 Ford 4 Door Convertible

All Henry Steel owned by Gene & Joyce Davenport. Features: 514 CI Ford Crate Motor 600-HP Custom Grill 2" chop top Fiberglass lift-off top major rear modifications, all mods are by Peter Portugal Designs, Paint & Body work By Kreations - Kevin Bradley, Upholstery by Howdie Ledbetter.


More Info: 1955 Chevy

I just wanted to show you the car that Bing traded with someone who saw his '35 on HotRodHotLine.  I also wanted to thank you for all your help.  He is really happy with his new '55 Chevy. Susan Gatewood


More Info: Tom’s Coupe

Tom who bought the car when he was in high school in 1960.


For More Images: 1951 Ford Custom

Custom top to bottom front to back. 305 -V-8,700R trans, 8" rear, Has been down about a year. This is one cool ride if you like customs. Thanks,  Mark


Shop and Rods

This is my shop and some of the rods I have built,  thanks Ray Griffith


1957 Chevy 210

Here’s A Picture Of My 57 Chevy 210. It’s Kinda Like Project X On Roids.  Barry Ribeiro


For More Images: 1964 Galaxie Tribute Car

Thought I would submit pics of my toy, a Fireball Roberts 1964 Galaxie tribute car. It is a visually accurate replica I built to honor a racing legend and NASCAR's Golden Age. The car's most recent outing was at the 2007 Golden State Nationals where it was great fun to meet and chat with folks who smile and "remember the days" after seeing my car.  Thanks! - Don Falloon


1948 Fiat Topolino

350/350, Ford 9", 6' drop front axle, 4-bar front & rear, PPG '99 Audi laser red with pearl… Jim Spotton Eastlake, Ohio


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