Check out these pictures from our Good Old Days.....
If you have a picture of your first car, or some other cool old picture you'd like to share... you can just attach it to an email to us along with 40 or so words about the car, picture, etc.


John Stimac ~ Wisconsin Here is a pic of me and my 1936 3-Window in 1965. Ray Schuler now owns the Coupe.Click here for Story

Stan Aksamit ~ Goodyear, AZ My first car, at 19, was a '51 Mercury 4 door. When I bought it, it had a side-draft carb. After the engine blew, I found out that it had a 3/4 race '53 flathead. The 3-2's were removed prior to sale. It was pretty quick before that. I shaved the hood, deck, back doors, installed a '53 Chevy grill and painted it Imperial burgundy. The second car was a '54 Ford, nosed, decked, doors shaved, lowered, in all, 58 holes filled. Those were the good old days in Cicero, IL.Click here for Story

Don Sutherland, Lothian, Md. This is a picture of my first car. It was early in 1966, I was 15, when I purchased this 1953 Ford for $35. It already had a rebuilt flathead V-8 from Sears. It also sported a '54 DeSoto grill, '56 Olds taillights, '56 Ford wheel covers, de-chromed hood & deck and more than a few primer spots. Refrigerator white with three on the tree. "Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear"!! Click here for Story

Fuzzy Fuerholzer ~ Peru, IL Back in the 60s a few enterprising hot rodders decided to take drag racing to the next level. One obscure visionary was Ron Pelligrini of Berwyn, Illinois. At the time Ron claimed his Super Mustang was the worlds first tube chassis, fiberglass body Funny Car. Click here for Story

Merle Balke ~ Kentwood, MI Hi, looks like Dick Fuerholzer's pics that are in the Special section were taken about the same time as my Barris Shop photo. Mine was taken in June of '57, when I spent the summer with my aunt and uncle who lived in Whittier, CA. Click Here For Image

Truly Rare" '50 Radical Buick These pics are of "Truly Rare" a 1950 Radical Buick built by Gene Howard of Bloomington, Illinois in the late '50's. Gene sold the car in '65 and we have never seen it since. The car remains the same today except when Gene last had it, it had no steering wheel, it was stick steered (Tiler Wheel). I accidentally came upon it on the east coast. These pics were taken of it in Sept '04, the gentleman that has it also has many other customs. Gene Howard still lives in Bloomington and was surprised to hear that it's still around. Dick "Fuzzy" Fuerholzer Click Here For Image

Dick "Fuzzy" Fuerholzer ~ Peru, IL These pics are taken of the "Trendero" a '57 Ford Ranchero built by Trend Automotive in '61 in Lyons, IL. It went through three color changes from Candy Flake, to Yellow Pearl ('62 Car Craft Magazine) to last Candy Flake. It was built by Dave Puhl and John Malik, last shown at the New York Worlds Fair in '65 after that they closed the shop and it disappeared. I found it in Sept '04 in Florida, these are pics of it as it sits today. We are making plans to try to put it in the Darryl Starbird Rod and Custom Hall of Fame. The older custom crowd will like these, this is my time and I own and love customs. Click Here For Image

Bill & Eileen Maher ~ Westfield, NJ This is OUR first car. This photo was taken in August 1957 with my steady date at the time. I bought the '51 Mercury in the photo in 1956 for $425. A premium price at the time. After the photo I added a '47 Olds grill and completed nose, deck, removed the front fender trim and painted it a Buick maroon. Had the flathead with dual carbs, milled heads, Mallory ignition, stick with OD. That almost 4,000 LB car could not get out of it's own way. I sold it in 1959 and swore I would buy another down the road. That day came in 2000 some 41 years later when we did buy another '51 Merc shown in the second picture with my same steady girl. This one was a few more bucks than the first one but is just as much fun. Click Here For Image

Chuck Newlan ~ Neosho, MO Here's some shots of my '32 Vistoria chopped three inches and also my '32 Ford roadster high-boy, these shots were taken in Kansas City, MO., in 1947. These two cars helped get hotrodding going after WWII in KC. I spent the next 50 years in the auto body business and retired in '97. I still enjoy the hobby but can't do much building anymore so I will have to leave it up to you younger folks. Over the years I have had thirteen '32 Fords that were running and not counting the ones that weren't. Happy Rodding, Chuck Newlan. Click Here For Image

Beech Bend Raceway ~ Bowling Green, KY In The Year 1973  I found these in an old shoe box while we were unpacking. Keep in mind I took these at the ripe old age of 12. I don't really remember an exact date, but do remember there were two funny cars doing exhibition runs on that particular Sunday. Click Here For Story

Our Fearless Leader.... If this doesn't look like something from "Rebel without a Cause" I don't know what does...the one on the right is Our Fearless Leader Jack in his "Mr Cool" Days....The car on the right is his first car...a '49 Ford Convertible which he sold for $10...Jack lived on an island in Maine and this car had a leaky radiator...No Problem...he carried a bucket with him and just ran down to the shore for a bucket of sea water to fill it up when it ran out!! Really.....he did!! We found this car again as you see it here on a trip back to Maine in the 70's...Jack offered the guy considerably more than the $10 he sold it for but couldn't make a deal!! Click Here For Image

Ray Schuler ~ Elkhart, IN This is Ray's FIRST car...a cool little '31 Roadster...this picture was taken in 1949 and Ray paid a whopping $15 for the car. The #3 Cylinder had a 3/16" groove in it but Ray couldn't afford to resleeve it, so it burned oil like mad. Oil mileage was 14 miles to the quart!! Click Here For Image

Ray Dufford ~ Loveland, CO This picture was taken in 1955. I found this '35 Ford in a field in the small town I grew up in, in California. It was in bad shape when I bought it. The '39 flathead was lying on the ground with all the parts in cardboard boxes. I rebuilt the car and motor in High School auto shop. I think the car was originally built in the late '40's. I rebuilt the motor with a J.C. Whitney rebuild kit. I painted it Yellow primer. I had about $200 total in the car. It was a fun car the last half of my senior year. Click Here For Image

Bob Clawson ~ Corpus Christi, TX  The B/W picture taken in '49 in Corpus Christi, TX, is my husband Bob with his '40 Ford. He's had many '40 Fords since that picture. Color picture taken in 2002 with our '40 Ford in Corpus Christi, TX. We married in 1952 and our love for '40 Fords continues. Street Rod Family, Bob & Barbara Clawson. Click Here For Image

Alan Page ~ Golden, CO Had this '55 Chevy at age 17, and it was already my fifth car!!! I got a $60 Model A Ford at age 12, then traded up. This one had three-two's, a race cam, a hurst on the floor, and it left most of it's rubber on the college campus drive. Good memories!!! Click Here For Image

Frank Mills ~ Richmond, VA This wasn't my first old car, but it was cool looking even though it was only a body with a chassis (no drivetrain / glass / interior, etc.). The project never got finished (as usual) and now it's gone to California. Click Here For Image

Tom Metcalf ~ Petaluma, CA Hi, I wanted to share with you a photo of my husband Tom & his '30 Model A Ford. When Tom was 16 (1957) he could not afford to buy the car for the asking price of $25! The owner called up one day and said, "if you come and get it now, you can have it." Tom did just as the guy asked....he has now had the car for 46 years!!! It is not a "show" car (but we do enter it in car shows), it's a everyday car. The photos were taken in late 1959, the Model A has been maroon with black fenders for the last 26 years....and the grandkids love being driven home from school in it!! P.S. back in the early '60's, Tom owned a "beautiful" black '35 Ford Coupe, sold it in '62 for $250 to pay the hospital bill when our son was born. Tom now owns; '31 Model A; '40 Cadillac LaSalle; '36 Ford....boys and their toys!!!! Bye for now Judy & Tom Metcalf Click Here For Image

Ross Fosbender ~ Ottawa, IL Photos taken in '61-'62. The '41 Ford Coupe was my high school ride. My brother John and I had stuffed it with a Chrysler hemi. The '51 ragtop towed it to Union Grove dragstrip, but the coupe was also my daily driver for several years. Click Here For Image

John Fosbender ~ Loudon, NH Photos taken in '61-'62. The '51 Merc, "Moby Dick" was my car and had a Caddy mill. Click Here For Image

Jack Schaffer ~ Walnut Creek, CA Jack Schaffer, from Walnut Creek, CA, ran his first car, which he built himself with his dad's help at the Old Redding, CA Dragstrip in 1956. Flattie Ford V-8 powered. Click Here For Image

Boston Area Roadsters This is a 1974 picture of a Boston Area Roadsters club rod run in Cape Cod, Mass. The BAR club still holds Rod Runs to the Cape. Thanks to Thomas McGinnity for this neat picture. Click Here For Image

Bruce Le Claire and Will O'Neil Commercial Caravan, Cincinnati, Ohio on the way to NSRA Nationals in Columbus in 1978. Bruce LeClaire from Maine and Will O'Neil from California, originally from Maine. Will is the founder of the "National Woodie Club" Thanks to Thomas McGinnity for the picture. Click Here For Image

Jacks Lost Treasures... Even when we were first married Jack was always dragging home cars... we just don't have many pictures of them....Here's a '55 Chev we had in 1966...Jack fixed it all up and painted it the stock yellow and white '55 color and a week later a big rig took the left fender off of it while I was was NOT my fault!! This '37 was only in our garage for a short time...Jack sold it for $100 in 1967....Oh, if only we had kept all those cars!! Click Here For Image

Mystery Photo Bob DeCarlo found this old picture in an old album..... we can tell who the artist is but does anyone know whose car it is???? Click Here For Image

Jack Doering Rodder Jack Doering from Elkhart, IN with his first rod, a 1933 Ford Coupe. He bought it in 1951 for $225 from a farmer who two '33's! Jack took his pick. Click Here For Image

Charlie Parinello First day out in 1974 after a 3-year build with a $450 body and a $50 frame. After 96,000 miles, the second picture shows the new rebuild of the same all-steel car as it was finished last year.Click Here For Image

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