1941 Studebaker Champion Coupe
Stolen Approximately 2am Thursday January 7, 2010


1941 Studebaker Champion Coupe ....

I have wanted this car for a long time, and worked hard to get it. I finally bought it last Tuesday, and it was stolen the next night. I had it a little over 24 hours.  I had plans for this car.  Studebaker clubs have told me this is a very rare Coupe. Studebaker called this car the "Double Dater" because of the rear bench seat.   I wanted to do this car right.  I haven't found another one of these for sale nationwide.  
My 1941 Studebaker Champion Coupe Was Stolen right out of my friend’s driveway. I have a sentimental connection to this vehicle. 
The Neighbors heard a Winch and Doors slamming approximately 2am on the Morning of January 7, 2010.

Neighbors also came forward with information that a WHITE PICKUP TRUCK with OPEN CAR TRAILER was backed into the driveway Wednesday night,  Jan 6th, at 6:30 PM.
This is a rare car. If you see a car that looks like this around town ...It Is Probably It ... There Are No Others Around Here Like It.
I worked very hard to pull the money together to buy this car... I borrowed from my family. 


I spent all my money buying it, but I’m offering a $1000 Reward !

Please If you know anything that might help me find this car Please Contact Me

Barry 805-218-3658
[email protected]


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