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Cool Craft: The radiators that Cool Craft Components sell come in 3 different base core designs along with add-on options to offer the most comprehensive line of drop-in replacement radiators on the market.  Click Here...June 26, 2009

Coker Tire: Bias Ply Versus Radial Tires. What is the difference between the two? The main difference lies in the tire's construction. The basic carcass of all tires is made up of layers of rubber permeated fabric. Click Here...June 26, 2009

Al’s Liner: The Ultimate automotive coating MADE EASY. Al's Liner can be applied in various fashions and can have the chemical ratio altered to achieve various textures. Below are our recommendations to achieve the textures and thickness you desire. Click Here...June 25, 2009

Alan Grove Components: has specialized in fabricated specialty vehicle components for many years.  Our mounting brackets are crafted from steel plate and represent our commitment to quality.  All welding is T.I.G. and all edges are smoothly finished.  Our brackets are guaranteed to fit and include all the necessary bolts, nuts, spacers, hardware, belt-length recommendations and "easy to follow" illustrated instructions for simple installation.  Dimension requirements for our brackets are provided within each bracket description on this web site.  Please refer to these before ordering.  Your satisfaction continues to be our goal. Click Here...June 25, 2009

Zigs Street Rods: Brake Line Kit Plumbing Diagram and Installation Notes Click Here...June 12, 2009

Painless Performance: Dual Activation Fan Relay With 200° on 180° Off Thermostat Installation Instructions Click Here...June 12, 2009

Holley: Service Carburetor 0-1848-1 Installation & Adjustment Instructions 199R7106 Click Here...June 5, 2009

Dynamat: Xtreme Door Kit Installation: These installation instructions will guide you through the proper installation of the Dynamat Xtreme Door Kit. Click Here...June 5, 2009

Dynamat is a thin, flexible, easy to cut and mold sheet that actually stops noise causing resonance and vibration, by using visco-elastic qualities that promote vibro-acoustic energy conversion. In short, that means noise becomes silent energy..Check out how easy it is to install. Click Here

HushMat, introduced to North American automobile manufacturers in 1989, has become a leader in sound absorption and vibration damping materials formulated to eliminate road and engine noise, structural vibrations, and mobile electronic systems. Click Here

Over 28 years of Street Rodding and as a wire harness business owner, I have overheard and been in many conversations with friends and customers regarding the best placement of the vehicle’s master disconnect switch. Ron Francis Wiring Click Here

Over these past 33 years I have been asked many times what I thought of installing the fuse box in the rear of the car which I will refer to as the trunk. There are many reasons some of which make good sense until you consider the consequences. Ron Francis Wiring Click Here

One of the few areas left in street rod building that the home builder doesn’t venture into is the upholstery portion of the car. Bob Juliano brought this to our attention several months ago, and agreed to do a series of articles on how this job can be done at home. Since Bob operates a trim shop, it was only natural that he offer a kit for the backyard builder. If your rod is ready for a top insert, follow along as Bob installs a new insert on a chopped deuce Vickey. Click Here

You spent a bundle on disc brakes. You also upgraded your suspension, drive train, wheels, tires, and your interior. You had the body straightened, and painted it bright red. It’s time to head out for the show, and bring home a big trophy—right? WRONG!!! That old beast steers like a log wagon, and wanders all over the road. But, you don’t know anything about fixing that old drag link steering, and even if you did, the original parts are expensive to replace, and your show winner probably won’t drive any better anyway. UNISTEER has the answer for you. Click Here

We’ve all heard the stories. I bought this great new restored car and took it in for a little bit of minor improvement and it ended up costing me thousands. Or, this car looked great in the pictures but turned out to be nothing like what was suggested. Well, Classic Restoration Enterprises President, Melvin Benzaquen has become many enthusiasts first call for restoration services or to assess a possible new purchase. Having been there, he offers the following tips mixed with examples from his real life experiences to help keep you on the right track. Click Here

Ron Francis Wiring sent us this tech article on socket repair. Your original sockets can be looking pretty bad, and a simple clean up may not be the answer, since the socket inserts are usually worn, sloppy and corroded. Click Here

All bulbs must be changed to 12 volt. RON FRANCIS WIRING has bulbs available in higher candle­power for brighter and safer illumination. We carry most applications for exterior lights. This includes SUPER BRITE HEADLIGHT BULBS for vehicles older than 1940. Click Here

Let's take a look at a B&M Racing's HoleShot converter construction starting with the engine side and working our way back toward the transmission.. Click Here

Looking to get into the collector car hobby? Ready to venture out and buy your first collector car, but not sure of precisely what to look for? Well, thanks to American Collectors Insurance, a collector vehicle industry leader and innovator since 1976, you can relax and enjoy your purchase by keeping these tips in mind. Click Here

Ron Francis wiring sent us this Tech Article on Ground Wiring. If you don't want to run ground wires for these items you had best make sure they have a clean unpainted, un-corroded ground. Alternator, Horn (s), Gauge (s), Headlight switch,and some wiper switches. Click Here

Barry Grant sent us a Tech Article on The Demon Idle-Eze, an indispensable tuning aid for matching camshafts to carburetors. The Idle-Eze™, a new patent-pending concept from Barry Grant's carburetor manufacturing division, Demon Carburetion of Dahlonega, Georgia, provides the simple solution. Click Here

Royal Purple Helps Forgo Frosty Frustration with instructions on properly preparing your car for winter is simple and doesn’t require a lot of time or technical expertise. The payback in reduced risk of a preventable breakdown and improved performance is well worth the minimal effort. Click Here

Jules Mazza of the The Car Shop NJ shows the process involved in installing a complete Vintage Air system in a 1950 Mercury. This is an interesting article with lots of great pictures of the install. Click Here

Where to put the fuse panel and where it should go. Let’s be realistic here guys and gals. Certain vehicle components need to be in a certain location with no excuses. I'll get into trouble here but the engine is always in the front. Sorry Corvairs I think yours should be up front too. All of the items I mentioned above and including gauges need to be up front and have a perfectly good reason to be in front of the driver too. My Humble opinion is that the wiring needs to be in front also. Click Here

Firewall connectors came into being about 1955 or so when the big three realized they were in need of a better way to add accessories to their vehicles yet not slow production time hand wiring the cars and trucks. At, Ron Frances Wiring, their first thought is why use something that has little purpose if you are custom wiring the car...Click Here.

Installing the latest LED taillights can bring problems but Hotronics Products has an excellent tech article that will take the mystery out of the process with it's Signal Flashers.... Click Here.

Vacuum Insulated Cryogenics, Plasma films and Heat barriers might sound like science fiction, but they’re facts of life at Hekimian Racing Engines. For more on this article from Gregg Hekimian Click Here.

Thinking about Air Ride Suspension for your car or truck ? Chassis Tech shows you the basics of Air Ride suspension in this informative tech article Check this out.

Hotronics Products provided us with this tech article on installing Self Cancelling Turn Signals on your rod Check this out.

Charles Fox sent us a very interesting article on Refrigerant Replacement. HC12a Versus R13Ha System. Check this out.


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