Self Canceling Turn Signal System
January 2005 Tech Article


Lighting Systems:  Self Canceling Turn Signals

Adjustable run time 20sec - 2min. max. Manual cancel for lane change. Uses standard 12 volt automotive flasher. Fits all fuse panels, 12 volt neg. ground systems. Signals canceled by time. No relays required. Easy to install. 4 - way Hazard Flashers. Brake circuit separation. Attractive toggle switches. Also available in mini push button. Front and rear indicators. Side to side cancellation.


Installing the Hotronics SCTS-10 Self Canceling Turn Signal System

The Hotronics SCTS-10 is a full feature 12 volt, electronic turn signal system equipped with all the functions of a modern day column. Intended for use as a stand-alone unit in vehicles that have columns not originally equipped with signals.

The SCTS-10 features include: Auto-Cancel time programs with adjustable run times of 20 sec. To 2 min max. Has built-in brake circuit separation and independent front and rear indicator circuits with side-to-side cancellation features.

Also included are emergency 4 way flashers & manual over-ride for lane changes.

It even handles Halogen bulbs, (10 amps per side) and requires NO relays to wire.

The SCTS-10 is Universal and works with all 12-volt negative ground fuse panels and wiring systems regardless of MFG.

The SCTS-10 operates from a single momentary L-R toggle switch that is spring loaded to return to the center. Neutral position after activation and cancels with the time program elapses.

(Two momentary push buttons may be substituted for the L-R activation toggle switch.)

The SCTS-10 activates from very low milliamp inputs, triggered from the activation switch.

Triggering from these very small electronic signals means the SCTS-10 can even be operated from a remote control key fob, expanding activation locations, possibilities and options if desired. (Remote controls are optional and not included).

Once a side has been activated, it runs for the time program the user has set.

The adjustments are accessed thru holes in the end of the box. L & R have their own programs. The second toggle switch supplied, is for the emergency 4 way flashers and also incorporates the over-ride cancel features.

Like the activation switch, the 4 ways / over-ride switch is a 3 position switch, center position again being neutral. The 4-way switch is manually placed into 4 way and manually pulled out of 4 ways, the opposite of 4 ways, is a momentary to cancel the program for a lane change, or to over-ride the timer at any time.

The SCTS-10 also has, brake circuit separation, so when you step on the brake and have a signal applied, one side blinks and the other side stays lit.

The Hotronic SCTS-10 correctly separates rear indicator circuits from the front, for proper dashboard blinkers and front turn signal circuits, and also contains a convenient side-to-side cancellation feature that allows for switching directions.

Should you activate a direction and change your mind to go the other direction.

Simply flip the activation toggle to the opposite side and the SCTS-10 will cancel one side and start the other.

Time programs adjust from a minimum 20 sec. to max. 2 minutes. Switches, flasher and fuse come completely per-wired, making the SCTS-10 a snap to install.

Follow the directions. Disconnect the battery before beginning installation.

Select a location to mount the electronics box away from leaking windshields, gaskets or seals, always away from water. Switches can be mounted under the lip of the dash or at any convenient place you may wish. (Arm rests, door panels, consoles etc).

The SCTS-10 is a stand-alone unit and should never be connected to a factory column mounted turn signal switch. Itís intended for columns not equipped with switches.

If the vehicle you are installing the turn signal system into has the brake wires tired together at the back of the vehicle, those wires will need to be separated and become independent circuits at this time.

For new construction or rewired systems this has been done for you and usually terminates at a connector near the column placement, which will also house the brake, and front indicator light circuits making it convenient, to install most of the SCTS-10 right there also.

So we will start and connect the L&R rear signals to the SCTS-10 rear L&R wires, and then connect the L&R front and dash indicator light wires to the SCTS-10 front L&R wires (see wiring chart).

The next wire is the brake wire that comes from the brake switch that gets current only when the brake pedal is pressed. Hotronics SCTS-10 will do the separation of the brake and signal circuits. Connect the SCTS-10 brake wire to the pedal switch wire.

If you are planning on the third brake light for the vehicle that wire will also tie to the Hotronics brake wire. We want the 3rd brake light not to blink from being tired to the rear line. So connect it at the brake switch so it will work independent of the signals.

Next we will connect the 3 remaining wires that are Hot, Keyed ON and Ground.

Once the installation is complete be sure all connections are insulated and protected.

Mount the switches using care to not crush the back of the switch or bend or short out the switch terminals.

Check over ALL your connections, wiring location and protection one last time.

Reconnect the battery and lets test the system.

Step on the brake and check the brake lights, now let off the brakes and engage the emergency 4 way flashers, check the front, dash and rear lights for activation and be sure all circuits are flashing. If not go back and check wiring. Return the 4-way toggle to the neutral center position.

Turn on the key and activate the directional toggle switch, if you activate a side and opposite side flashes, rotate the activation switch so the toggle activates toward the correct direction or carefully switch the wires on the back of the toggles switch

Gently adjust the time programs for each side as desired and go play!

Note; If the battery is low, start the engine, to bring the voltage to 12 volts or higher.

Battery chargers are not filtered CD sources and give off an AC sine wave that will damage electronic semi-conductors or give erratic undesirable operation. Always have a battery in the system and then if needed place a charger on the battery, however never a charge on its own! Be smart avoid costly mistakes!

Be sure battery connections are clean and tight.


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