Shop Tour of
Rickies Rods
Delavan, WI
February 2005
Pics by Dick Fuerholzer
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Hi All
     Here’s some pics of Rickies Rods in Delavan, WI.  Lots of interesting things going on.  He also has a show car display company and display items, check out the Rat Fink eight feet tall, painted by Jimmy Flintstone and the life size car hops.   He also has Betty Boop, Elvis, Marilyn, and the Blues Brothers.  Hope you all enjoy the shop tour!!!  Dick “Fuzzy” Fuerholzer!!!

Fuzzy with Rat Fink by Jimmy Flintstone!

Hey, check out this 8 foot Rat Fink painted by Jimmy Flintstone!

Fuzzy with Rat Fink by Jimmy Flintstone!

Hey, check it out, this is an 8 foot Rat Fink & it’s
painted by Jimmy Flintstone!





























Life size Car Hops!

Life size Car Hops!  Neat aren’t they?!!

This was totally COOOOOL!!!  Well guys and gals, that’s all we have for you!!!
We hope you all enjoyed the tour with “Fuzzy” as much as we did!!!
THANKS Dick “Fuzzy” for taking and sending us these COOOOOL pics so
we could share them with everyone out there, we appreciate it!!!




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