HushMat, introduced to North American automobile manufacturers in 1989, has become a leader in sound absorption and vibration damping materials formulated to eliminate road and engine noise, structural vibrations, and mobile electronic systems.

HushMat has mastered the complex technology in the automotive acoustics, sealing and thermal insulation categories with advanced product technology that requires:
*No surface preparation,
*No acetone or alcohol wash
*No heat guns
*Easily conforms to contoured surfaces
*Reduces install time by over the time of competitive brands


Ground up restoration By NW CARS using
Hushmat sound absorption and vibration damping materials


First note that this is a car that we are conducting a ground up restoration on and although we have completely disassembled and soda blasted this vehicle, it is not necessary in order to install Hushmat in your vehicle

For our purposes, the floor pans and related interior areas were stripped to bare metal by way of soda blasting. We then sealed the panels with an etching primer followed by undercoating the pans top and bottom with a rubberized undercoating,

sandwiching the metal in rubber. After several days of cure time for the rubberized undercoating was covered with the Hushmat products. Here’s the procedure:

Remove the interior of the car and clean all areas where you plan to apply the Hushmat sound deadener. Scrapers and wire brushes may be helpful here. A drill or grinder with a wire wheel attachment may also be used.

Picture6 Picture7

Here we have cleaned and undercoated the pans with a rubberized undercoating. This step is not necessary in order to use the Hushmat products, it was merely a choice of this particular customer.


To begin, make sure the surface area is clean. Here we used a slightly dampened cloth to wipe down the surface.

And then once clean and dry, you can begin fitting up your Hushmat pads. To begin with, you will want to test fit and trim as necessary. Lay out sections of Hushmat mocking up the installation – LEAVE THE PAPER BACKING ON DURING THIS PROCESS. Once you have the section of Hushmat trimmed and fitting the way that you want, go ahead and peel off the paper backing exposing the adhesive and start sticking the Hushmat pad down, moving from one corner across the pad. Apply light pressure until you have the Hushmat pad in place, then using a roller, plastic spreader your hand or just about any tool, smooth and ‘roll’ down the Hushmat product following all of the shapes and contours of your panel.

Picture10 Picture11 Picture12
Picture13 Picture14 Picture15

Anything with a smooth surface really can be used to assist you in sticking down your Hushmat. We simply matched up things that fit the contours closely.

Don’t forget to open up your holes for things like seat belts, seats, and console mounting. It’s very easy with the Hushmat, simply press around the hole or threaded boss with your finger or a tool, use a hard object such as a screw driver and just “clean out” the hole. The Hushmat removes easily from the void of the hole or threaded boss.

Picture20 Picture21

Here is a section of the front toe-board/firewall and front floor pan covered in the Hushmat product. Note that you can cover just the broadest areas as in the picture to the left, or do as we did on this project and fill in all of the small areas with Hushmat


We also used the Hushmat to cover the passenger compartment side of the wheel wells


And we used the Hushmat on the inside of the quarter panels- on the quarter panel skin –(before we reinstalled the quarter glass assemblies)As well as on the insides of the doors

Picture28 Picture30

For behind the headliner we used the thicker Hushmat foam padding and applied it to the roof skin.


Be sure and press the Hushmat down across the panel, here we are using an inexpensive small wooden roller.


After sticking the Hushmat in place, trim off the excess


And there you have it

Tuck the edges


For our purpose, we used the black Hushmat for the trunk area as this will then be texture coated and painted in the factory speckle paint. However for many the Hushmat might finish off the trunk area just fine.

Picture37 Picture38 Picture39

We have used a variety of insulating and sound deadening materials over the years, both spray-on and self adhesive, and we have never been so pleased with the performance and the overall installation as we are with the Hushmat products.

We have, and shall continue to, promote the Hushmat line.

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For more information on Hushmat sound absorption and vibration damping materials call 913-599-2600 or visit www.hushmat.com

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