NOTE: Please read instructions thoroughly before beginning installation
NOTE: There are no changes necessary to replace a Holley carburetor.

To Replace a Ford or Carter Carburetor:

1. Install the carburetor and new flange gasket furnished in the package. Tighten the mounting nuts evenly.
2. Replace the choke hot air tube and ferrule with the tube and ferrule furnished in the package. Reuse the choke tube asbestos insulator sock. Re-bend the distributor vacuum line to fit.

Fuel Line Conversion:

1. The Carter fuel line is about 6 inches longer. This length can be used up by pulling the fuel line forward toward the radiator. Be careful not to engage the fan.
2. For Ford carburetor conversions, straighten the bend at “A” (see Fig. 1), then twist 180, so that the end of line “B” can enter the Holley carburetor from the left side.


Carburetor Linkage Adjustments on a Mercury:

1. On a Carter replacement, disconnect the carburetor rod from the bellcrank bracket and reverse stud on the carburetor rod to enter the right side of the bellcrank bracket (see Fig. 2). It is necessary to use the left hand throttle rod retainer to refasten the rod (included in package).


All Automatic Transmission Applications:

1. Install the dashpot bracket to the throttle body on the throttle lever side using the screw furnished in the package.
2. Remove the dashpot from the carburetor being replaced. If the dashpot is functional (if not, a new one should be purchased), install on the replacement carburetor.

Automatic Transmission Carburetor Linkage Adjustment:

1. Disconnect the throttle rod from the bellcrank and insert a gauge pin (1/4” drill rod) through the gauging holes.
2. Adjust the length of the carburetor rod, so that the carburetor lever is held against its curb idle stop.
3. Lengthen the rod by one turn on the trunnion. Remove the gauge pin and check the alignment of the holes.
4. The pin must move freely. Reconnect the throttle rod and check the kick-down, as well as the full wide-open position.
5. If the transmission requires adjustment, refer to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Dashpot Adjustment:

1. This adjustment should be made only after idle speed and mixture adjustments are satisfactory.
2. Adjust the dashpot clearance .060” - .090” between the dashpot lever and the dashpot plunger. This is done with the dashpot plunger fully depressed, with the choke fully open and the throttle at curb idle (closed) position.
3. The 3 1/2” long air cleaner stud must be used (except for Thunderbird, which used 2 5/8” stud). This change is necessary to prevent damage to the hood of the car.


1. Remove the old flange gasket. Clean the manifold surfaces thoroughly. Use are to prevent dirt, pieces of gasket, etc. from entering the manifold.
2. When reworking the connecting lines, make all bends with a large enough radius to prevent kinks and ensure that they are free of all dirt and chips before connecting to the carburetor.
3. Check to see that the throttle plates open fully and close completely when operating the accelerator pedal.
4. Check to see that the choke operates freely.
5. Upon starting the engine, check for leaks.
6. After the engine has reached operating temperature, make the proper idle adjustments.
7. When reinstalling the air cleaner, check that the gasket is in place and the air cleaner is firmly seated.

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