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This electric fan relay kit has a capacity of 30 Amps and will operate a single or dual fan setup. The relay will activate the electric fan if the thermostat reaches 200 degrees Fahrenheit or if the A/C compressor clutch is engaged.

1. Mount the relay under the hood in a convenient location as close to the fan as possible. Use the ” self tapping hex screw to mount the relay base. The black wire with the ring terminal pre-installed will also need to be grounded with this terminal. Make sure the area you mount this provides a clean ground for the black wire.

2. Install thermostat into a water jacket in the head or intake manifold. Unroll the PINK wire from the parts kit. Strip ” of insulation from the copper on one end. Crimp one of the female spade connectors onto this wire. Push the spade connector onto one of the male spades on the thermostat. Route the PINK wire from the thermostat to a 12 Volt ignition hot source. Cut it to length and use the blue Posi-tap to make the connection. To the right is an illustration of how to use a Posi-tap.


3. Route the GRAY/WHITE wire from the relay to the thermostat. Strip ” of insulation from the copper and crimp on the other female spade terminal. Push this onto the other male spade terminal on the thermostat.

4. Route the GREEN/WHITE wire to the A/C compressor clutch. Use the yellow Posi 2 tap to connect this GREEN/WHITE wire to the 12 Volt power wire that activates the A/C compressor clutch.

5. Use the other two self tapping hex head screws to mount the circuit breaker as close as possible to whichever power source (battery or large terminal on the starter solenoid) you are using for the fan relay.

6. Route the red wire labeled <TO BATTERY/CONSTANT HOT> from the relay to the threaded silver lug of the circuit breaker. Cut to length and install using one of the yellow ring terminals. Take the remaining length of red wire you cut and connect the threaded copper lug on the circuit breaker to the battery source.

7. Route the red wire labeled <TO ELECTRIC FAN> from the relay to the power wire on the electric fan. Take the other wire from the fan and connect it to ground. If you are using two smaller fans splice this wire to both of the power wires coming from the fans.


Painless Performance Limited Warranty and Return Policy

Chassis harnesses and fuel injection harnesses are covered under a lifetime warranty. All other products manufactured and/or sold by Painless Performance are warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use. Painless Performance will repair or replace defective products without charge during the first 12 months from the purchase date. No products will be considered for warranty without a copy of the purchase receipt showing the sellers name, address and date of purchase. You must return the product to the dealer you purchased it from to initiate warranty procedures.

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