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Hey, My name is Justin Smith and I am from Scranton, SC. I am 24 years old and I own a 1929 Ford Pickup of which I have "Rat Rodded" out. I have been around cars my entire life from drag racing a Junior Dragster when I was 7 till now, when I spend every waking moment turning a wrench on one. My Dad has instilled in me a great work ethic and I now have gotten my own done that I can work on myself. My Dad and I have done 3 total Body Off Resto's, including a 70 Chevelle 454/4 Speed LS5. We just finished a 72 Vette for my Mom, and I guess you could say my Rat Rod... ha-ha. My Dad as of now owns a 1955 Chevy Bel-Air Pro Touring, A 650 hp 1973 Split-Bumper Camaro, Our 72 Vette, I also own a 71 Chevy Pickup (which I hit 3 deer with about a month ago), and my 29 Ford Rat. My Dad and I eat, sleep and breathe old cars and it would be really cool to see my rat rod posted on your website. We have sold/ bought 4 cars through your website and thoroughly enjoy the time that you guys put into your site. Now onto my Rat.... Self- Proclaimed "PO BOYS ROD SHOP".... It’s a 29 Ford, chopped 6 inches with a 57 Chevy hood as the top of the cab. The truck has been channeled 4 inches and shortened 6 inches. It has a small block 327 as the power with non-baffled "Zoomie" headers. ITS L-O-U-D!!! The interior or lack of consists of an Oldsmobile steering column and Steering wheel...license plates all throughout the inside, street signs as the door panels. It ahs 59 Caddy taillights, new speedway headlamps. It has a Turbo 350 Tranny and runs great. The truck sits on a custom 2x3 box tubing. It was "Zed" 4 inches in the front and 14 out back. Although it doesn’t look like it, everything on the car is brand new and it runs out perfect! This car turns so many heads that it’s not funny. When parked beside my Dad's 120K dollar 55, 9 out of 10 people will look at mine and not even see his. (Ha-ha!!)...   Even though a lot of people ask me, I drive this truck a ton. I get so many looks and smiles and "thumbs up" than you can shake a stick at. Anyways, I would love to get my Rat posted on yall's website and it would be an honor for it to be posted on there as well. I just want to say to keep on keepin up the good work on such a great site and I hope to hear back from you all.   Justin Smith...Scranton, SC

rat rod 1

rat rod 2

rat rod 3






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