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FOUND... Help - 1932 Ford 5 Window "B"

FOUND ... ** NOTE **  A Heart Felt Thank-you to all !  Someone called to say they wished to return my 32.  Many e-mails in support and spreading the word helped someone to do the correct thing...  I have to arrange a pick-up of the 32 still but I trust all will be well.                       Cheers. >>>  S.Innes...    (for you Dad)

 1932 Ford 5 Window "B"  

This car was removed recently by several people from my Father's property.. He passed away recently.

  Anyone who might have taken a photo of this car on the back of a truck on the Fraser Hwy headed East towards Langley PLEASE forward me your photo(s) and information. On and about May this year.

   This is a rare car and many people know of the car in question and the story.  No Questions Asked. Just return it so I can build A Hot Rod in My Dad's Memory...

Cheers and Thank you , Steven Ronald Innes                                      

[email protected]

*** NOTE**  I don't have an actual picture of the car  
(Red primer, unfinished)  

***I do have a description of the truck from a witness but would like to collaborate info