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Barn & Field Cars

I knew the original and know it’s the real deal. Sure hope it gets restored someday, what a neat car! - Dave Frederick
It was left there 45 plus years ago after being wrecked... Ken Wilson
1955 Chevy 3100 pickup all original!!!!! Oklahoma City Oklahoma Found by Reid Rutledge
This is the rarest one I have ever come across in all the years I have searched in barns and farm fields for the Chevrolet that was left behind. This story starts with a simple phone call on a 1959 Chevrolet el Camino that was for sale that was a unique story in itself.
1963 Dodge Dart GT I found in Tucson, Az. 33,000 original miles. Seats and carpet are also from 1963. No tears or worn spots on the interior. Padded dash has cracks but other than that, I'm buying it from the first owner.
This old truck is in Alberta Canada, the owners are now getting on in years and looking to find a buyer for this truck. I think it was made in the 1920s by a company that General Motors owned at the time. Wes Werkman
Found in the woods in Washington State. Everything is there including rusting away parts. - Edward Saldano
A 1984 Oldsmobile 9Pass Custom Cruiser Station Wagon needs a good new Home . Sitting outside the Barn in the FLorida Sun and Rain and Tree Sap. Interior Smells Bad - Stained Seats- rain water filled 3rd rear seat foot area pan . Not Running > Small Block #307 cuin V/8 > TURBO* Manufactured by The G.M.C.
1969 corvette. Has been in the back of my garage since 1979. 427 big block, 4-speed, factory sidepipes, stereo radio, no other options. 69,000 original miles. I am secomd owner. Got remarried in '79 and wife said it was too scary. Put it in garage and covered. Has not seen daylight since. - Dan Wise
There are about 50 cars here mostly early mustangs, a couple of Fairlanes, 1 Buick GS convertible that has the top up and looks pretty good. It is a shame the mustangs are in all ranges of condition and sadly going down hill! The 49 Buick Super is in another pasture, looks like it has been sitting a while.