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Barn & Field Cars

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"Cars In Barns" and Field Cars By Zed Zedoman November 2005 Here are some pictures of the back yard of my friend Sherwood 's house in Salem, NY.  Zed Zedoman.
"Cars In Barns" and Field Cars By Vince Caterina November 2005
"Cars In Barns" and Field Cars By Zed Zedoman October 2005Here are some pictures of cars in fields.  They are behind an abandoned garage in Stillwater Falls, NY.  
"Cars In Barns" and Field Cars By Richard “Too Low” Haas September 2005
Thought you would like these pictures taken near Rome, NY.  I believe the town is Holland Patent, NY. We were on our way to Old Forge, NY and my wife spotted them in a field along the road.
"Cars In Barns” and Field Cars Sam Flower’s 1939 Hupmobile Skylark July 2005
My Vacation By Bob DeCarlo July 2005
Hunting "Car Treasure" along I-90   Pictures by  Jack Lawford
September 2002  Pictures By Bob Lawford
June 2002 Windy Hills, MN  Photos by Mark Luke