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Barn & Field Cars

Reader Stan Kidwell has seen these rods around Boise, ID. "I don't know if these really fit in the Barn and Field Car Section, but thought readers might find them interesting. The unmodified pickup is a daily driver, but the street rod hasn't been moved for quite a while."  
These trucks and cars are not two miles from where I was born and raised and now live. They have been sitting there hidden from view since back in the late '60's and I never knew it until a couple of years ago. The owner has since sold part of them. Sure is a shame that they have gotten to the shape they are in.
Posted February 6, 2013 - We found this Phaeton on the back corner of our farm in DeWitt County TX with 1940 tags.
(Posted January 16, 2013) 1970 Nova parked in 1979 and left untouched for almost 25 years
Hello all, You never know what you are going to see along Route 66 . These picture were taken in Oklahoma. As you can see they are all for sale. Enjoy-- Dale Satterlee
Attached are photos taken as a friend and I toured the Iowa countryside looking for original abandoned cars and trucks. We intend to cover additional areas around central Iowa in the coming weeks. Clem Sevde, Norwalk, IA
While out in Oklahoma my brother and  I came upon 15 acres of "Oklahoma Tin" right in the middle of a industrial area. The man has been collecting since age 12. The spot has been there for 50 years. Enjoy the pictures.  Dale Satterlee --Roving Reporter -- Western Kentucky
The Iron Invasion occupied the McHenry county fairgrounds in Woodstock, Illinois this last weekend. There were 686 Registered cars 1965 or older. Also bands, pin-up contest and a slew of quality venders. Many artists were in residence. It was cold but that didn't seem to slow anyone down.
As I was looking for a unique COE cab over engine cab to build a cool hot rod/chopper hauler I received a call from a friend of mine telling me of an old Dodge Cab-Over in a barn.
Hi, saw your website, very cool pics.   I also save stuff from the crusher, I have a dozen cars from the teens and 20’s, here is a few in my backyard including a 50's model T go kart, not abandoned just cool yard art.  My name is Ken Clifford I live in Rescue, Calif.