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Barn & Field Cars

Here are more garage find pictures. 1935 Ford thanks to Bill Ketch of K & B Street Rods Photos taken by Alfonso Porfido
Anyone who has worked with early “Bodies by Fisher” knows that they are held together with wood framing. I recently re-discovered this 1934 Cadillac dual side mount sedan still attached to the “Fisher tree” waiting for someone to harvest it.
Photo were taken in Boonton, NJ old Packard. Thanks Alfonso Porfido  
Here are a few shots I found driving from Bassano Alberta To Calgary Alberta hard to see because of the tree's but let me tell you there are between 50 to 100 cars trucks fire trucks you name it sitting around with a huge not for sale sign and private property sign to no tress passing.  I respect the fact this guy doesn't want people around, My problem with who ever is putting vehicles here and
Parked in 1980 1965 Corvette 2 Owner Car Jeff Berry
1940 Ford … This was taken in the early sixties about 8 miles outside Atlanta. In the late seventies it was moved to the basement of the new house built on the property. I have gone by twice a year for a long time.  The unmarried daughter now lives there she is in her eighties.
  Attached photos of 1971 Buick GS Convertible on a farm west of Cumming, Iowa. Clem W. Sevde Norwalk, Iowa  
  This Model A has been sitting in a farm field near Indianola, Iowa for many years. Photo was taken several year ago, and the car is still there. Clem W. Sevde Norwalk, Iowa