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Barn & Field Cars

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Thought you might be interested in these pics of a large amount of cars & trucks arranged in a semicircle near Crawfordville, Florida.  According to the locals, each of these vehicles was bought new, spent their life on a ranch in the area, and then retired to this lot as a tourist attract
Recent finds in the Kent, Cornwall and Millerton, NY area. 1954 Ford rack body truck restored a few years back and then just parked out in the weather. 1955 Buick sedan parked near the Post Office in Millerton, NY. Two Renault Le Cars have a few branches on them from the October snow storm.   Dick Lindsey (Richard Lindsey) Kent, CT
I just found this hot rod custom sitting out back of a body shop.  Now I say hot rod custom, I bought the car and found the original owner, and he tells me he put a Hi Po 348 in it and it was fast.  I plan a full restoration and hope you Enjoy some photos.  Found car in Sparks, NV.   Thank yo
South West Treasure ...   Jack and Mary Ann took a trip to Texas to pick up a car they bought on the internet ....
Here is a great Volvo coupe field car in Eureka Springs Arkansas. It breaks my heart to see such a beautifully designed car rusting away, I hope it can be saved. Eric Studer
Recently, a friend was cleaning out his barn and asked if I knew of someone interested in an old Oldsmobile.  I was not looking for another project but was curious because I did not know that he owned anything other than Corvettes.  This 1962 Starfire Coupe was his high school car and wanted to get rid of it.  When he said high school
AMX near Eureka Springs Arkansas. Thought you'd enjoy, car sits in front yard of old house on main highway, it’s been there for years ... Eric Studer
Jeff Berry Sent us some pictures of a barn find... Hope you enjoy
If you are ever in Medicine hat.  Here are pictures of 80 acres of cars, from the 20's to present.  Thanx, Patrick Jarvis