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Barn & Field Cars

My wife and I were taking a round about way home on 9/13/11 in Sheboygan Co Wisconsin when we happened to find what looked like an abandoned junk yard, as their were no signs around any where, so I took these pictures. I thought someone would enjoy as much as I enjoy all the pictures and stories from other car buffs.
An old Nash hidden behind warehouse & others ~Eureka Springs, Arkansas ... ~ Eric Studer
I thought someone might be interested in some old car parts.  They are mostly Model-T, Model-A, some early Chevy and Dodge (teens to early 30's).  This was a junkyard for many years and is over grown with blackberry bushes.  Everything you see is for sale!
Got a chance to see these in yard in Colorado......... Bob Kennedy
A '48 Lincoln Continental Coupe found in an old body shop in New Mexico. Brought in for paint & body around 1977, owner died before most work was started, family had no interest. I have recovered the car and cleaned it up.  Ford 352 motor, Warner T89B with overdrive. Wayne Mikosz
Hello everyone, On a mid-week Wednsday a friend of mine (Ronnie Scruggs ) and I took a road trip over some of the countys in Western Kentucky to see what we could fined hidden away. We were told of a farm in Christian Co. that had some surprises. We hope you all enjoy the Pictures as much a we did finding them.
I thought I would send these to you to place on your website. This is a 1966 Pontiac Beaumont convertible sitting in a yard a couple blocks away from my place in Melville, Canada. I has no engine and needs some work. The car has been there for about 4 years now and i dont know what the owner has planned for it.  Thanks.
Barn Find (Or Better Termed Left For Neglect). Car (50’s Mercury) Has Been In The Same Location In Kent, Ct For At Least 20 years. Probably Was A Good Running Auto When It Was Parked. Dick Lindsey
The old mining town of Black Diamond, WA holds a festival on Labor Day. This includes a parade, arts, crafts and food booths and a car show on the grass at the local Eagles Aerie.  The car show spills over onto the grounds of the property next door.
Wanted to share my find in Milton Ontario Canada, from the street you would have never known these cars are in existence, from 1948 to mid 1990's tons of cars, I would say 1000 for sure just sitting and decaying. Found trim and bumpers from the 50's gleaming as if they just got dipped.