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Blast to the Past

MSRA's "Back to the Fifties" event will celebrate 40 years of hot rods and community this summer in St. Paul, MN.  In tribute to the event, we will be reposting excerpts from a series of articles that appeared in the MSRA LineChaser magazine in 2012 documenting the history of the event.  Thanks to Bud Bloomquist for compiling the articles in the first place, to Gary Magner for facilitating them, to all the contributors and to Graphics Design Inc. for providing us files in the proper format.
Those moments that inspired us to pursue our dreams occur when we least expect it.  Here’s a collection of moments that have inspired our reader’s to pursue their “Hot Rod Dreams” of owning, driving, racing, and working on these remarkable vehicles. Thank you to everyone who submitted an inspiration  
Legends of the Valley Words & Photos by Chadly Johnson  
Posted February 7, 2013 - Put on Your Deerstalker and Get Out Your Magnifying Glass, We’ve Got a Mystery to Solve
There’s no proof that these muscle car stamps by Los Angeles artist Tom Fritz will make your letters get to their destinations faster, but they certainly can’t hurt.  Frit
Here are a few pics of a 1952 Cadillac hearse that we built at Chassis Masters in Edmonton Alberta Canada in 1962.  The owner was Herman Leske and he was a body man and painted it purple.
The Founding of SEMA By Bill Neumann  
On the 50th anniversary of the James Bond movie here is his Aston Martin at a Madison Wisconsin car show, Dec. 1965. From James Whistleman
This film is from the 50's and made by the NHRA. For many of us, this is more a road of our youth. The music makes it seem like life is really simple and innocent. Interesting too, no parachutes were used back then.  
More Photos From Covington, GA Drag Strip 1959 and My 51 Ford Vic Very Fast Hardtop (1957) I Was Fourteen Years Old Danny Shelton