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Blast to the Past

I saw your "Blast From The Past" section and thought I'd add two of my own photos to the collection. The first one was taken in the driveway of the house where I grew up in Metuchen NJ, on December 18, 1974, right after I got the car back on the road again for the first time in over a year and a half.
  Home Again 40 Years Later Roger Day’s 1969 COPO Chevelle  
The attached photo of my 1950 Ford was taken in 1959. This was my first car at age 16. We found it in rough shape under a snowbank in Story Clity, Iowa. With a little tune-up to the flat head engine, a brake job, and a some fresh paint..... it was good to go.
Here's a 40 Ford Coupe that was nearly new when my friend bought it in 1955 or 56 in Sioux City, Iowa.  The lady he bought it from had someone put it up on blocks for her in 1941 after her husband passed away.  I don't remember how many miles were on it, but I remember pulling gunny sacks off of the mohair uphol
Hi guys & gals: Don't know if anyone cares about the earliest customs to come out of Idaho, but perhaps you Boiseans will get a chuckle from these:
First day out in 1974 after a 3-year build with a $450 body and a $50 frame. After 96,000 miles, the second picture shows the new rebuild of the same all-steel car as it was finished last year.
Photos taken in '61-'62. The '41 Ford Coupe was my high school ride. My brother John and I had stuffed it with a Chrysler hemi. The '51 ragtop towed it to Union Grove dragstrip, but the coupe was also my daily driver for several years
  Heres a pic of Me and my 36 3-window in 1965. Ray Schuler now ownes the coupe. John Stimac
Tommy Ivo Twin Engine Buick Dragster Was Big Star.  I Took A 33 Chevy Powered Plymouth Coupe, He Would Not Let Me Racer Because Of My Age Danny Shelton
A visit with the OCRollergirls Huntington Beach, CA