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Blast to the Past

  Bill Horton’s ”Jezebelle” A Chrysler Powered 1940 Ford Coupe
James Dean Show  Fairmount, Indiana 1980
Mid South Nationals-1987 Macon County Fairgrounds Decatur,  Illinois Featured Wolfman Jack and Chubby Checker Photos by Ray Ballard  
Here is evidence that I really used to work on hot rods. It is me holding the camshaft from the flathead V8 from my 34 Ford. This was taken by Ted Bennett from Burbank HS about 1955. Gil - was that the '34 that I bought from you ?? Time flies !!
Here are some pictures of my high school rod in 1963. 1931 Ford Coupe with 1955 Olds 324 engine and cast iron hydro. 50 Olds rear. Ross steering box. $29.95 Earl Scheib taxi yellow paint job.  Jim Patric.
Somebody sent us this video and we thought many of you could relate to it!    
My name is David Perry; I live in San Lorenzo, California. 
Have You Seen This Roadster? FOUND
Found and recovered by Larry Tarantolo, the 1932 Ford Roadster, Edelbrock Special 2B which ran 146 mph in 1952, check out the old photos of it, along with the program, and yes, Gene Winfield, master metal crafter, painter, and race driver sitting in it last
  Video: US 30 Dragstrip in 1964