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Blast to the Past

These pics are taken of the "Trendero" a '57 Ford Ranchero built by Trend Automotive in '61 in Lyons, IL. It went through three color changes from Candy Flake, to Yellow Pearl ('62 Car Craft Magazine) to last Candy Flake.
This is OUR first car. This photo was taken in August 1957 with my steady date at the time. I bought the '51 Mercury in the photo in 1956 for $425. A premium price at the time.
Here's some shots of my '32 Vistoria chopped three inches and also my '32 Ford roadster high-boy, these shots were taken in Kansas City, MO., in 1947. These two cars helped get hotrodding going after WWII in KC. I spent the next 50 years in the auto body business and retired in '97.
In The Year 1973 I found these in an old shoe box while we were unpacking. Keep in mind I took these at the ripe old age of 12.
If this doesn't look like something from "Rebel without a Cause" I don't know what does...the one on the right is Our Fearless Leader Jack in his "Mr Cool" Days....The car on the right is his first car...a '49 Ford Convertible which he sold for $10...Jack lived on an island in Maine an
This is Ray's FIRST car...a cool little '31 Roadster...this picture was taken in 1949 and Ray paid a whopping $15 for the car. The #3 Cylinder had a 3/16" groove in it but Ray couldn't afford to resleeve it, so it burned oil like mad.
This picture was taken in 1955. I found this '35 Ford in a field in the small town I grew up in, in California. It was in bad shape when I bought it. The '39 flathead was lying on the ground with all the parts in cardboard boxes. I rebuilt the car and motor in High School auto shop.
The B/W picture taken in '49 in Corpus Christi, TX, is my husband Bob with his '40 Ford. He's had many '40 Fords since that picture. Color picture taken in 2002 with our '40 Ford in Corpus Christi, TX. We married in 1952 and our love for '40 Fords continues.
Had this '55 Chevy at age 17, and it was already my fifth car!!! I got a $60 Model A Ford at age 12, then traded up. This one had three-two's, a race cam, a hurst on the floor, and it left most of it's rubber on the college campus drive. Good memories!!!
This wasn't my first old car, but it was cool looking even though it was only a body with a chassis (no drivetrain / glass / interior, etc.). The project never got finished (as usual) and now it's gone to California.